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Posted: 12/20/2013
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Dovecot Oy Dovecot achieves breakthrough price of 1$ per mailbox on Windows Azure

Dovecot, the most popular and well known open source IMAP/POP3 server is available as a MaaS, “Mail as a Service” offering, hosted on Windows Azure. Dovecot has, according to the openemailsurvey.org, 2,7 million installations and a 53% worldwide market share of publicly accessible IMAP servers. Dovecot is partnering with Open-Xchange to offer the OX App Suite front-end as a hosted Webmail and customer engagement platform on Windows Azure.

Dovecot Mail as a Service is a turnkey mail solution managed by Dovecot. The Service is targeted to Telcos and ISPs, which are interested in moving their email services to the cloud to save significant cost annually.
The fully elastic system allows deployment of millions of mailboxes on-demand with automatic up and down scaling of the system to optimize the operational cost.

The Dovecot Mail as a Service offers a breakthrough prize level of less than one dollar per mailbox per annum including Windows Azure hosting, Dovecot Mails as a Service backend, Open-Xchange OX App Suite and anti-virus and anti-spam features.

This is one more milestone, and a very important one, in our relationship with Dovecot and other open source projects and communities across the globe.

Dovecot already published Object storage support for Azure, which is available as a plugin for Dovecot Pro, enabling customers to store their Email data to the cloud, and uses Azure’s Blob feature, which enables standards-based, cross-platform access to storage in the cloud. Dovecot estimates that mail storage needs at ISPs grow at 40% per year – making this a strong solution for cost savings in that area.

Windows Azure is enabling customers and users, including those using open source software, increase their service availability while decreasing operational costs. Open source support is enabled from the infrastructure, with VM Depot offering hundreds of Linux based images for easy deployment, to platform, with Azure Web Sites enabling fast deployment of enterprise Web applications using technologies such as PHP, Node.JS and git. Azure not only enables cloud CPU resources, but also databases, authentication, integration, tables and storage.

Markku Kenttä, Dovecot CEO and Co-founder, says: „Microsoft is engaged and responsive partner able to help us grow our business. The Windows Azure platform is a remarkable display of openness in it's support of innovative open source platforms“.

Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange adds: “Dovecot is the Open-Source IMAP Server Back-End of choice for Open-Xchange; we have deployed several multi-million-user Email Services already with Dovecot, and the Mail as a Service offering running on Azure will bring lot of benefits to our customers in form of cost savings, high availability and optimized TCO.

Pasi Mäkinen, Platform Strategy Lead of Microsoft Finland, says: „We are thrilled that Dovecot has chosen Azure as their platform for the Mail as a Service offering. Our goal is to help Dovecot and their Customers in their transition to the Cloud, and to help them grow their business without having to worry about capacity“.

For more information

For more information on Dovecot Mail as a Service, contact Mr. Mikko Linnamäki (Co-Founder, mikko@dovecot.fi).

For more information on Microsoft startup programs, visit the web site http://www.microsoft.com/bizspark/. For more information on local startup programs, contact Mrs. Tarja Jernström (Partner Business Evangelist, tarjer@microsoft.com).

For more information on Microsoft openness efforts, visit the web site www.microsoft.com/openness. For more information on local Microsoft openness activities, contact Pasi Mäkinen (Platform Strategy Manager, pasi.makinen@microsoft.com).
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