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Posted: 6/28/2012
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The City of New York developed two different sweepstakes events and sweepstakes sites to harness the excitement of the citizens of New York City during the 2012 Super Bowl. They needed to create two landing pages where citizens could register for a chance to receive tickets to the Giants victory ceremony and post Super Bowl parade events. The sweepstakes necessitated being responsive to acquiring the data on millions of citizen participants registering through the website during the 2 hour contest. DoITT harnessed the power of Azure to create the sites and manage the enormous response from the public. As a result of the success of hosting these sweepstakes with Azure, the city’s been looking for new opportunities to use Azure and the power of the cloud as a solution to giving them an edge in working with citizens, and making government run more efficiently.

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Solution Overview

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Office 365

Vertical Industries
Local Government Agencies

United States