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Posted: 2/7/2013
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Core Partner Broadens Customer Reach with Management Solution in the Cloud

Core is a Microsoft Gold Partner specialising in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365. As one of the first Microsoft Cloud Partners, it could immediately see the benefits of offering Windows Intune. Through cloud services, the firm can expand its customer base and give small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access to cost-effective IT support previously available only to larger companies.

Business Needs

Core has more than 20 years’ experience helping companies make the most of their IT investments. It also helps clients manage their PCs and mobile devices, partly as a business in its own right and partly to provide a platform for SharePoint deployments.

The company embraced the opportunity to become a Windows Intune Partner. The cloud-based tool allows clients to simplify their PC management and provide a solid foundation for SharePoint deployments. Jacqueline Smith, Marketing Manager,

Core, says: “Mobile device management in the cloud with Windows Intune means a very quick deployment, and with Microsoft System Center integration we have a path to the wider Microsoft product set.”

Windows Intune makes it easier for companies to support mobile users with mobile device management. Key to this is the support it offers for tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Previously, Core would have to create a custom platform to manage Windows laptops and desktops, but it was starting to face a recurring client question: ‘My chief financial officer and chief information officer have iPad devices—what do I do with them?’ “Windows Intune provides the answer,” says Smith.


Windows Intune provides a subscription-based IT management tool without the upfront cost of an on-premises system. “It’s fantastic,” says Smith. “Windows Intune can broaden our customer base without any risk.”

Windows Intune has been critical for Core in delivering Office 365 and SharePoint to SMEs. “It provides an entry point for any business without a central management system,” says Smith. The subscription service is also a great way for small businesses to stay up-to-date with their Microsoft software.

Core offers a per-user price to suit each client’s business needs, and often Windows Intune comes as part of that managed service contract. Around 65 per cent of Core customers that have Microsoft Office 365 also have Windows Intune.

Windows Intune enhances the support services that Core can provide to larger companies that have multiple users outside the firewall. “Windows Intune is the mobile device management offering,” says Smith. With Windows Intune, Core can deliver a comprehensive management service, helping businesses benefit from Microsoft Office 365 and cloud computing—supporting flexible, remote working on any device using an Internet connection.


Core works continuously to build lasting relationships with its customers, and Windows Intune has become an important part of the company’s business model, helping it to expand its customer base and stay ahead of competitors in a challenging market.

Bigger customer base. “We can now provide a managed desktop service to much smaller clients,” says Smith. Windows Intune has allowed Core to extend its offering to smaller businesses with a cost-effective model for delivering IT support that was previously an option only for larger companies.

Coherent support service. “Windows Intune and Microsoft System Center integrate into one console,” says Smith. For Core—as a company whose managed services revenue is growing—this will mean more time and energy can be dedicated to supporting the client.

New product deployment channel. If a customer has Windows Intune, it means Core or the client can roll out patches and upgrades, and manage migrations more easily. Because the platform is ready at all times, Core can continue to meet the software and support needs that develop as its clients grow.

Competitive edge. With Windows Intune, Core can remain competitive in a market where more small businesses are seeing the benefits of migrating to the cloud—and where companies of all sizes are beginning to embrace the mobile device management trend. Windows Intune makes it easy for Core to take advantage of these trends, supporting its core business and reaching out to new customers.

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Microsoft Gold Partner Core provides consultancy, development, and support for a range of Microsoft products, including Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft System Center, and Microsoft Online Services.

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