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Posted: 2/24/2011
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David A. Noyes & Company Financial Services Firm Reduces Costs by $25,000 with Cloud-Based PC Management

Keeping data secure is crucial for Chicago-based financial services firm David A. Noyes & Company. Because some of the company’s 150 employees work remotely, the firm’s IT professionals were seeking better and easier ways to enhance security and manage employee PCs—regardless of whether users were connected to the corporate network or not. The company deployed Windows Intune and reduced IT costs by approximately U.S.$50,000 annually.

Business Needs
Security tops the list of IT priorities for financial services firm David A. Noyes & Company. Strict regulatory and compliance protocols—in addition to the company’s dedication to keeping customer data safe and secure—require constant protection of company-managed PCs. This includes monitoring email, safeguarding against malicious software (malware) and Internet threats, and ensuring all PCs have the latest technology updates.

The company’s IT professionals found that they spent more time than they would like managing updates and monitoring webmail for potential security threats. As Chris Aivaliotis, Manager of Information Technology at David A. Noyes & Company, points out, “We’re always looking for better ways to support our employees and enhance security without increasing the costs or time required to do so.”

Also, the IT team used a third-party tool to remotely log on to each remote employee’s PC and help diagnose issues, but the team lacked ways to send out updates that would resolve problems. As a result, the firm’s IT professionals would have to travel to mobile employees’ work sites to help address and resolve issues. This required spending thousands of dollars annually to cover the costs of travel expenses—and this still left PCs at risk should a security update be issued between visits. “If we don’t have the right security in place to prevent the download of unauthorized and malicious software, we can face fines, so security is absolutely essential,” Aivaliotis explains.

The IT team had been looking for a PC management solution to help simplify PC management, reduce downtime and support costs, as well as provide better protection of the company’s IT infrastructure.

* We will be able to cut costs by at least $500 per remote PC annually with Windows Intune because we can resolve issues with remote assistance—regardless of where employees are located. *

Chris Aivaliotis
IT Manager, David A. Noyes & Company

“We have been searching for ways to move some of our IT infrastructure to the cloud by using services from Microsoft for email and conferencing,” Aivaliotis says. “Windows Intune aligns perfectly with that vision.”

Windows Intune is a cloud-based PC management solution that the company’s IT professionals use to centrally manage PCs, monitor security, and administer updates from virtually anywhere—whether they, or the employees, are working in the office or on the road.

With the remote assistance capabilities of Windows Intune, the IT team can take control of remote PCs, determine the issue, and use the Windows Intune administrative console to send out updates. The company also uses the malware protection included with Windows Intune, which is built on the same Microsoft Malware Protection Engine used by Microsoft Forefront Protection Suite and Microsoft Security Essentials, to better protect employee PCs.

The IT team now uses Windows Intune to create standard policies to configure security updates, malware protection, and firewall policies—and these can be added, deleted, or modified from a single page. Plus, these policies can be managed from simple web-based configurations to reduce complexity and drive consistency.

By deploying Windows Intune, David A. Noyes employees expect to gain the following benefits:

Reduced Costs, Better Support for a Mobile Workforce
One of the key benefits for the IT team is the fact that Windows Intune provides management and security in a single subscription—eliminating the need to purchase and manage multiple tools for PC management and antimalware products.

The company also estimates that using the remote assistance capabilities of Windows Intune will reduce PC costs by at least U.S.$25,000 a year. “I cannot stress how crucial it is to be able to help employees remotely,” says Aivaliotis. “We will be able to cut costs by at least $500 per remote PC annually with Windows Intune because we can resolve issues with remote assistance—regardless of where employees are located.”

Tightened Security
The IT team has applied the malware protection included with Windows Intune to better protect employees. “Windows Intune gives us more transparency into our IT environment, so we can see—in real time—which PCs have received updates and whether a virus or spyware has been detected,” Aivaliotis says. “Windows Intune blocks attacks and helps ensure PCs remain usable. We can drill down into each issue and identify any threats before they seriously impact our business.”

Simplified IT Operations, Improved Reporting Tools
The IT team uses Windows Intune to simplify IT operations. “I’m impressed by how easy Windows Intune is to use in terms of creating and setting security policies,” says Aivaliotis. “More importantly, I can assign these policies to any Windows Intune–managed PC, so even employees who work remotely receive the same level of support as they would if they were working in the office.”

With Windows Intune, the IT team can run reports to identify installed software applications—which helps maintain compliance standards. “Windows Intune gives us the reporting tools we need to see what programs employees are running on their PCs,” says Aivaliotis. “From a compliance standpoint, that is critical. We can keep PCs better protected, and generate reports to substantiate that.”

Increased Performance
The IT team uses Windows Intune to reduce time spent managing and protecting employee PCs. As a result, the team can proactively detect issues and stay on top of security threats before they cause irreparable damage—and downtime—for the business.

“Windows Intune provides the insights we need—when and where we need it,” Aivaliotis says. “It’s easy to use, provides alerts in real time, and enables us to manage PCs regardless of their location. We’re saving time and are better able to stay on top of IT issues. That means all of our company-managed PCs are running at peak performance—so employees can continue to provide the unparalleled service our customers rely on.”

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