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Posted: 7/12/2010
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ENFO ZIPPER IT Firm Offers Advanced PC Management Services, Expects $10 Million in New Revenue

ENFO ZIPPER wanted to help its customers better manage their PCs and transform its business from a consulting-based enterprise into a managed services provider. By adding Windows Intune to its IT offerings, the company can now deliver cloud-based PC management services. With new services to offer to more customers, ENFO ZIPPER expects to revolutionize its business and increase annual revenue by U.S.$10 million.

Business Needs
Based in Stockholm, Sweden, ENFO ZIPPER delivers IT solutions that help its customers increase productivity and streamline operations. The company focuses on bringing new levels of efficiency to customers with about 500 PCs.

As awareness of cloud computing services grew, ENFO ZIPPER looked for ways to harness those capabilities and transform its business from a consulting-based enterprise into a managed services provider. Specifically, ENFO ZIPPER wanted to help its customers better manage and protect their PCs. Many organizations operate with a small IT staff that has to literally run back and forth between PCs to distribute and monitor software updates.

“Most of our clients were asking, ‘How can we keep our PCs better protected? How can we be more proactive?’” notes Mikael Svennungsson, Technical Account Manager at ENFO ZIPPER. “With only one or two IT professionals onsite—and more employees working remotely than ever—it was difficult to physically check each PC for update statuses. Often, they lacked protection against malicious software altogether, and we would have to spend hours or days fixing infected PCs.”

Even companies that did have malware (malicious software) protection could not monitor the status of employee PCs when they were disconnected from the company network. “If users are not on the company network, IT can’t tell if those PCs require an update or become infected,” says Anders Grönlund, Alliance Manager at ENFO ZIPPER.
ENFO ZIPPER knew it could expand its reach to new and existing customers by integrating PC management services and cloud-computing technology with its current offerings.

When company leaders discovered Windows Intune software and services, a cloud-based PC management solution, the company seized the opportunity to add the solution to its line of services. “Windows Intune will enable us to expand our offerings and truly revolutionize our business,” says Grönlund.

* We believe we will grow our customer base by 20 percent with Windows Intune and add PC management services for 25 percent of our existing clients. *

Anders Grönlund
Alliance Manager, ENFO ZIPPER

ENFO ZIPPER now can use Windows Intune to provide its customers with a PC management solution that does not require on-site servers and ongoing maintenance. “Windows Intune really takes the complexity out of PC management,” says Svennungsson. “Even better, IT administrators can manage employee PCs regardless of their location or whether they’re connected to the company network.”

ENFO ZIPPER uses Windows Intune to provide IT administrators with real-time alerts and system reports for every Windows Intune–subscribed PC within an organization—all from a single cloud-based console. As long as users are connected to an Internet browser enabled with Microsoft Silverlight, IT professionals can help safeguard PCs from threats with protection against malicious software built on the same Microsoft Malware Protection Engine used by the Microsoft Forefront Protection Suite.

By offering Windows Intune, ENFO ZIPPER expects to increase revenue and build a competitive advantage by delivering simplified PC management.

New revenue opportunities. With Windows Intune, ENFO ZIPPER can help its customers keep their PCs running at peak performance, while building a new revenue stream. “We anticipate our revenue to grow by [U.S.]$10 million annually with Windows Intune,” says Svennungsson.

Now ENFO ZIPPER can reach new customers, provide more services to existing ones, and generate predictable, recurring revenue through monthly Windows Intune subscription fees. “We believe we will grow our customer base by 20 percent with Windows Intune and add PC management services for 25 percent of our existing clients,” says Grönlund.

IT services simplified. Because Windows Intune does not require costly server setup or training time, ENFO ZIPPER and its customers can begin remote management and safeguarding of PCs right away, and ENFO ZIPPER can easily address customer concerns regarding the costs and complexity often associated with PC management solutions.

“With Windows Intune, it’s very easy to set updates, track the progress of those updates, and manage malware,” says Svennungsson. “Windows Intune is based on Microsoft technology that’s familiar to virtually every PC user and IT professional. Whether we manage our customers’ PCs, or sell Windows Intune subscriptions to them, we know it will be easy to set up, easy to use, and provide better protection than ever before.”

ENFO ZIPPER also helps its customers simplify PC management and be more productive by offering upgrades to the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system with Windows Intune licenses. “With features such as BitLocker and multilanguage interfaces, Windows 7 Enterprise is really an essential tool for our customers’ businesses,” says Grönlund.

Better malware protection. Because in the past many of ENFO ZIPPER’s customers lacked adequate protection against malicious software, they experienced costly downtime fixing infected PCs and ensuring that viruses had not spread to other PCs. “In some cases, users are left without a PC for hours or even days at a time,” says Grönlund.

Now ENFO ZIPPER and its customers can help safeguard PCs from the latest threats easily and reliably, reducing downtime and the burden on IT staff. “I would estimate that companies can use Windows Intune to regain 50 percent of the time they spent addressing threats and resolving related issues,” says Svennungsson. “For our customers, that means they have more time to focus on building their businesses.”

Competitive advantage. ENFO ZIPPER can now provide its customers with an innovative, cloud-based PC management solution. Customers will benefit from greater productivity, while ENFO ZIPPER can exploit new opportunities for growth.

“We’re excited to be ahead of the curve by offering our customers the latest in cloud-based PC management,” says Grönlund. “Windows Intune is competitively priced, and we believe it offers best-in-class management and protection without the burden of high overhead costs.”

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Organization Size: 170 employees

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A member of the global Microsoft Partner Network, ENFO ZIPPER delivers IT solutions to government, finance, health, and industrial customers. The company employs 170 IT professionals.

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