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Posted: 4/16/2014
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Oriso Solutions Hosting Specialist Helps ISV Bring Existing Applications to the Cloud

Oriso wanted to help independent software vendors (ISVs) deliver solutions as online services, and ACCEO wanted to offer its accounting software as a service. The companies partnered to deliver ACCEO solutions using an Oriso hosted service called iGOcloud, based on Microsoft Cloud OS. As a result, ACCEO can enhance its offerings, lower costs, and compete more effectively, while Oriso broadened its market and revenue opportunities.

Business Needs
Oriso Solutions specializes in cloud computing. Based in Brossard, Quebec, the Microsoft Partner Network member hosts and manages customers’ IT networks on its own cutting-edge infrastructures. Through virtualization and hosting services, Oriso delivers desktop and server applications as a service.

With the growth of cloud computing, more businesses are turning to Oriso to replace aging operating systems with virtual desktop solutions. “Support for Windows XP is ending, so there has never been a better time to look at business productivity in the cloud with virtual desktop solutions,” says Dennis Cerasoli, SMS&P General Manager at Microsoft Canada.

To take advantage of the rising demand for virtual desktop solutions, Oriso works with independent software vendors (ISVs) to deliver their applications in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. “We want to increase our market reach as much as possible,” says Serge Delorme, Director of Strategic Partnership at Oriso Solutions. “So we are always looking for opportunities to partner with ISVs that work in many different industries.”

ACCEO Solutions is an ISV and a member of the Microsoft Partner Network based in Montreal, Quebec. It builds accounting software that helps small to midsize companies and municipal governments across Canada manage their accounting, sales, expenses, payroll, and taxes. In Quebec alone, more than 50,000 organizations use ACCEO solutions.

ACCEO built its Acomba, Acomba Construction Suite, and Acomba Professional Services Suite applications to run on the Windows and Windows Server operating systems, and licenses the solutions to be installed on terminal servers or over virtual private networks. Because the ISV’s customers are small to midsize businesses, many do not have the resources to easily deploy ACCEO solutions and often hire third parties to help. To remove this extra cost for its customers, ACCEO wanted to offer its solutions as cloud-based services, but it didn’t want to have to reconfigure its software.

“Rewriting our applications for the cloud might have cost us several million dollars and delayed our time-to-market by two or three years,” says Etienne Soucy, Product Owner at ACCEO Solutions.

In 2013, Oriso and ACCEO teamed up to deliver ACCEO accounting solutions as online services by virtualizing and hosting the applications in an Oriso cloud environment called iGOcloud, a security-enabled, scalable, multitenant environment, redundant across two datacenters.

* With Microsoft Cloud OS and iGOcloud, we can offer our customers SaaS solutions with the same interface and business logic as our locally installed software. That saves us money and differentiates us from our competitors. *

Etienne Soucy
Product Owner, ACCEO Solutions

Oriso built iGOcloud by applying the Microsoft Cloud OS vision. The company runs its environment on the Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system on servers virtualized with Hyper-V, and it uses Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 to manage the environment. Oriso considered building the iGOcloud infrastructure using VMware, but ultimately determined that Microsoft offered a more effective cloud solution. “We are convinced that Microsoft Cloud OS offers more cost-effective, flexible, and better integrated technology than VMware,” says Delorme. “And the innovations in Microsoft Cloud OS better fit our hosting and provisioning needs.”

Oriso uses the Remote Desktop Services functionality in Windows Server, together with Citrix XenApp, to virtualize the ACCEO applications. iGOcloud provides ACCEO with an automated, easy-to-use way to activate, manage, and deploy its solutions to its customers in an SaaS model, without having to rewrite the applications.

ACCEO customers can deploy the services to PCs, smartphones, and mobile devices—all with the same user interface—and access the services anywhere at any time without having to configure a network connection. The services can be deployed in about a day, and updates are automatic. The SaaS applications are the same version as the traditional software, so ACCEO customers can easily switch from an on-premises installation to the online service.

ACCEO launched the Acomba services on iGOcloud in December 2013 and customers almost immediately began adopting the SaaS solutions. “We expect a significant percentage of new and existing customers to adopt the services, and we intend to work with Oriso to offer more solutions as online services,” says Soucy.

By building iGOcloud using Microsoft Cloud OS, Oriso broadened its market and revenue opportunities and helped its strategic partner ACCEO enhance its customer offerings, lower costs, and build a competitive differentiator.

Expanded Market Opportunities
By using Microsoft Cloud OS to help ISVs deliver solutions as online services, Oriso expanded its market share both vertically and horizontally. The company has used its strategic partnership with ACCEO to reach the ISV’s large, established market across a number of different business types.

“ACCEO is one of the largest software developers in Quebec, and its solutions adapt to many types of businesses,” says Delorme. “We’re using Microsoft Cloud OS to reach across a broad horizontal market and seize an opportunity to increase our revenue.”

An Enhanced Customer Offering
Customers can now easily adopt ACCEO accounting solutions without having to hire third parties or increase the size of on-premises infrastructures. By paying a monthly subscription fee for the managed services, they avoid high up-front software licensing and ongoing maintenance costs, and their solutions are always up-to-date. They can adopt the services quickly and can access them from anywhere on any device.

“Now our customers can use our solutions from the office, from home, or on a business trip,” says Soucy. “And instead of taking weeks to deploy a solution, they can be set up and running in less than 24 hours.”

Lower Costs and a Competitive Advantage
ACCEO can offer its customers a cost-effective way to access its solutions online, without spending millions of dollars to rewrite its software, and it reduced its time-to-market by several years. Because it can automatically update the online services, ACCEO no longer has to support multiple versions of its solutions, and because the ISV’s SaaS applications are the same as its locally installed applications, its sales teams and technical support agents don’t have to learn new software.

“With Microsoft Cloud OS and iGOcloud, we can offer our customers SaaS solutions with the same interface and business logic as our locally installed software,” says Soucy. “That saves us money and differentiates us from our competitors.”

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 22 employees

Organization Profile

Based in Brossard, Quebec, Oriso Solutions hosts and manages its customers’ applications and IT networks on its own cutting-edge private-cloud infrastructures.

Software and Services
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Microsoft System Center 2012 R2

Vertical Industries
IT Services



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