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Microsoft Office 2010 provides new features and improvements that help IT administrators configure, validate, deploy, and protect their Office installations, as well as offer new services to end users. Microsoft has introduced new security controls to help IT professionals implement a layered defense against security threats without diminishing productivity. New Microsoft Office Web Apps enable your end users to view, share, and work on documents with others across personal computers, mobile phones, and the Web.

Office 2010 Preview


The practical productivity platform for phone, browser and PC


Microsoft Office Web Apps give you deployment flexibility and offer a consistent experience across PC, phone and browser. View numbers, formulas, charts and layouts in high-quality fidelity. The ability to run on multiple browsers and the trustworthy round tripping that preserves formatting helps reduce support calls to IT.


Microsoft has made improvements in the core security to protect your documents in Microsoft Office 2010. This includes encryption, data protection, enterprise management, and collaboration between two enterprises. Results speak for themselves, vulnerabilities have decreased even when attacks have increased.


Planners and tools for Microsoft Office 2010 give you an end-to-end picture so that you can easily communicate with your end users and manage the complexity of your migration to Office 2010. The new tools will scan your files, and identify add-ins and applications across your environment for compatibility and migration.


Microsoft Project 2010 offers flexibility and choice for individuals, teams and the enterprise

Scalable & connected platform

Built on Microsoft SharePoint 2010, choose a flexible and powerful work management solution that integrates, extends, and scales for the enterprise.

Enhanced collaboration & reporting

Enhance productivity using a sophisticated yet easy to use tool with built in reporting and powerful collaboration capabilities.

Unified project & portfolio management (PPM)

Select the right projects, optimize scarce resources and manage costs with unified project and portfolio management.

Simple and intuitive user experience

From a simple and intuitive user experience - plan, schedule and successfully complete important work.


Visio 2010 lets you communicate complex information, systems and processes with ease


The dramatically improved user experience and enhanced tools in Microsoft Visio 2010 enable you to illustrate your company’s IT processes in clear, understandable, and compelling ways that will support business growth and operational efficiency.


Microsoft Visio 2010 makes rich data analysis and integration simpler than ever before, allowing you to analyze complex information, linking data, systems, and processes with visuals that reveal insights and important trends.


Microsoft Visio 2010 enables you to communicate and share complex IT systems information more effectively to promote compliance, efficiency, and teamwork.


SharePoint 2010 helps IT Professionals harness the potential of web-based collaboration


Microsoft SharePoint 2010 can help to increase IT professionals' productivity by improving the administrative experience and giving administrators deeper operational insight.

Features include a new streamlined Central Administration Web site, new capabilities to manage and monitor the SharePoint farm, and Microsoft Windows PowerShell support.


Microsoft SharePoint 2010 provides a scalable unified infrastructure. It offers better control over server resources, which can improve processes such as performance and management of large lists and data management and protection using high availability.

A scalable services architecture allows you to effectively manage and centralize services like Search, My Sites, and Taxonomy. These service applications can be managed through Central Administration and also can be managed and scripted by Microsoft Windows PowerShell. Because the architecture is extensible, third-party companies can build and add services to platform.


With a quick and simple installation and configuration process, Microsoft SharePoint 2010 provides a flexible deployment experience. The upgrade from SharePoint 2007 is smooth and predictable. New functionality allows you to manage how others use SharePoint.

For example, you can safely allow site administrators to upload custom user code with Sandboxed Solutions. You also have more governance controls: If you want to maintain a centralized SharePoint deployment instead of taking a more decentralized approach, you can block those deployments through Group Policy or track them with AD marker support.