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Publikováno: 7/1/2009
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Hidrau Torque Latin America Tractors Parts Distributor Sees Productivity Increase with New OS


Established 1981, Hidrau Torque, San Paulo, Brazil, is the largest independent distributor of tractor replacement parts in Latin America. With an inventory of 15,000 items, it serves hundreds of dealers scattered all over the Brazilian territory with a focus on availability, sustainable sales and high quality products at competitive prices. The distributor handles over 25 thousand items warehoused in a five thousand square meter facility. The operation is designed and operated to provide the highest levels of service through standardized receiving, storage, segregation, checking and shipping processes. Hidrau Torque’s main challenge is how to improve productivity. As critical customer and operational information gets spread throughout the network, more time is consumed finding the right documents. Further, navigating through the volume of files that support each order consumes valuable time. As a result, costs rise. Hidrau Torque is turning to new technology for a solution.


* Because of the overall speed of the Windows 7 machines and the ability to more quickly handle information, call order time is reduced by 20 percent. We are doing more with the same people. *
Adilson Fernando,
IT Manager Hidrau Torque
Hidrau Torque is starting to discover several Windows 7 Professional features like Aero Interface, Bluetooth Pairing, Taskbar Customization along with fast boot and resume capabilities that are having a positive impact on productivity.

Bluetooth Pairing
Enables simplified Bluetooth connections for a variety of Hidrau Torque devices. Aero Interface Features like Snap, Peek, Shake and Hover are part of the Aero Interface of Windows 7. All enable Hidrau Torque users to manipulate desktop documents more easily.

Taskbar Customization
Jump Lists and Pinning features allow Hidrau Torque users to customize the taskbar to have applications, files and recent documents immediately available on their desktop. Location Aware Printing This feature identifies and recalls the default printer for each network Hidrau Torque users move between.

Network Connection Wizard
Moving from the airport, home, coffee shop and office networks is now easier with Network Connection Wizard that automatically identifies and assists available connections.

Federated Search
This enhanced search feature allows deeper, more comprehensive searches for Hidrau Torque users. Because it can search at the command and control panel levels, users can also use Federated Search to self-discover new features and capabilities.

Trigger Start Services
This new technology in Windows 7 Professional more efficiently manages computer tasks making a variety of services available on demand. The result is that Hidrau Torque users experience quicker response times at startup, resume and shutdown. The overall performance of a computer is enhanced as well. Synch Center This feature is designed to help Hidrau Torque users synch their smart phones with their computers and network share drives.


Faster OS Increases Productivity 5 Percent
According to Adilson Fernando, IT Manager, Hidrau Torque, “Faster Boot and resume times on Windows 7 machines are saving about one hour per day across our 25 PCs, increasing overall productivity by 5 percent.” “We are reinvesting the extra time into customer relationships and sales support. Quality products and customer care are the two competitive advantages we value most,” continued Adilson.

Faster OS Reduces Call Handling Time by 20 Percent
“Because of the overall speed of the Windows 7 machines and the ability to more quickly handle information,” said Adilson, “call order time is reduced by 20 percent. We are doing more with the same people.”

Battery Life Extended 30 Percent
Sales and marketing people are the Hidrau Torque employees that need the mobility of a laptop. Extended battery life is important according to Adilson, “The Battery Power Management feature allows our sales people to work at least 30 percent longer on their laptops—it means they can be more productivity.”

Faster Connections
With an older operating system like Windows XP, connecting to available LAN, VPN or broadband wireless networks and associated printers could be difficult and time-consuming. Windows 7 is helping solve that problem. Said Adilson, “Location Aware Printing and Network Connection Wizard help our mobile users to connect and print more seamlessly in other company offices. We no longer have to rely on tech support to get connected.”

Faster File Navigation
Being the largest tractor distributor in Latin America, Hidrau Torque processes thousands of supporting documents that include emails, word files, spreadsheets, and other operational documents. Windows 7 is speeding up the workflow according to Adilson. “Juggling product documents, price lists and stock availability reports is now significantly easier with Jump Lists, Pinning and Aero Interface features like Snap, Peek and Hover. These features speed up our workflow and help increase personal productivity.”

Faster, Deeper Searching
“Federated Search helps us find documents regardless of where they are located on the network. It also helps team members to find computer management features even if we don’t know the right name. For example, search for “resolution” locates the monitor resolution control or typing in “dim” gets us to the battery power management feature.”

Windows 7
Faster and more reliable: Windows 7 will help your organization use information technology to gain a competitive advantage in today’s new world of work. Your people will be able to be more productive. You will be able to support your mobile work force with better access to shared data and collaboration tools. And your IT staff will have better tools and technologies to enhance corporate IT security, data protection, and more efficient deployment and management. For more information about Windows 7, go to: www.microsoft.com/windows/business

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Established 1981, Hidrau Torque, San Paulo, Brazil, is the largest independent distributor of tractor replacement parts in Latin America. It has 50 employees and 25 PCs.

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The distributor is looking for technology that can provide additional security and productivity.


Migrating to Windows 7 Professional is proving to significantly speed-up Hidrau Torque computers, document handling and searching. The result is an increase in productivity.

  • Faster OS Increases Productivity 5 Percent
  • Faster OS Reduces Call Handling Time by 20 Percent
  • Battery Life Extended 30 Percent
  • Faster File Navigation
  • Faster, Deeper Searching

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