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  • Service Pack 1 for Visio Viewer 2010 (KB2460065) 32-bit Edition - Čeština

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      • Note: IT professionals should refer to the IT professional resources section.

        Installation instructions
        If you have Microsoft Visio Viewer 2010, 32-bit Edition, do one of the following:

        • Use Microsoft Update (recommended). Microsoft Update consolidates updates provided by Windows Update and Office Update into one location and enables you to choose automatic delivery and installation of high-priority updates.

        • Install Service Pack for Visio Viewer 2010 (KB2460065) 32-bit Edition. To do this, follow these steps:
          1. Download the .exe file by clicking on the Download button at the top of the page, and then save the file to your hard disk drive.
          2. It is recommended that you quit any programs you are running.

          3. In Windows Explorer, double-click the .exe file that you saved to your hard disk drive, and follow the instructions on the screen.

        IT professional resources
        IT professionals working in managed environments can find complete resources for deploying Office updates in an organization on the Office System Suites and Programs TechCenter.

        The download for this update is available by clicking on the Download button at the top of the page. You can double-click the executable package to begin installation, or extract the patch files (MSP files) by using a command line. The command line and instructions are included in the Knowledge Base article Command line switches for Microsoft Self-Extractor packages (KB912203).

        See the Microsoft Knowledge Base article Description of the Service Pack for Visio Viewer 2010 (KB2460065) 32-bit Edition for further information about this update.

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