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  • What is hosted business e-mail?
    Hosted business e-mail is an e-mail-based collaborative communications solution built on Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office Outlook supplied by a hosting provider. Hosted business e-mail enables your organization to:

    Share e-mail, calendar and contact information — always available and synchronized.
    Easily access information anywhere from a variety of devices from any location.
    Enjoy peace of mind knowing experts are managing your e-mail system.
  • What are hosted business collaboration tools?
    Hosted business collaboration tools enables project teams to collaborate and share information within their organization, with partners and with customers by accessing the powerful functionality of Microsoft SharePoint, without deploying and maintaining it in-house.

    Share and manage all of a team's information — such as documents, schedules, contact information and project data in a single environment.
    Easily communicate by e-mail and instant messaging.
    Peace of mind knowing experts are maintaining and updating your systems.
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