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Small business owners are adopting Microsoft Communication Services to serve their growing business. This page features resources and examples of how companies just like yours are using hosted Microsoft technologies to meet their business needs and stay ahead of the competition.

We know that you every good business decision is an informed decision. We’ve complied some of the most FAQs to address your questions.

Business Questions

1. Wouldn't I be able to better protect my messaging solution by keeping it in-house?
The experts who offer Microsoft Communication Services help to keep your e-mail system secure by assessing evolving security threats and providing data loss protection with automated back-ups and disaster-recovery services. You can also help to protect your confidential data with advanced security features such as required password access and remote over-the-air data wipe in the event of a lost or stolen device.

2. My current solution is free or less expensive. Why spend more just for e-mail?
Hosted Exchange is the better way to share e-mail, calendar and contact information and get more done. Your employees can have "anywhere access" to e-mail. Customers can benefit from greater information sharing and collaboration. And your business is always online so you can improve connectivity, without increasing your IT staff.

3. What if I can't access my computer when I'm traveling? How do I stay in touch?
Mobile devices can connect conveniently to your hosted e-mail so even if you're without your laptop, you're still connected.

IT Questions

1. I've heard response times and download times for e-mail and attachments in a hosted environment are quite slow?
There is very little difference between a messaging solution you manage yourself and one that is hosted because both use a DSL, cable or dedicated Internet line. More importantly, if you have any mobile employees, they can access the hosted messaging solution through any broadband connection, regardless of location.

2. I'm worried about customer service and timely follow-up. What happens if something goes wrong? My business can't survive without e-mail!
Your organization will benefit from 24/7 service support and an e-mail system managed by dedicated experts who are responsible for maintaining your application and data.

3. Do I purchase this hosted solution through Microsoft?
No. Microsoft hosted service are purchased through hosting partners who offer a range of products and price plans determined by your business needs.

Tried & Tested

More and more small businesses are cutting costs and reducing IT hassle. Read the testimonies of some local businesses who have already made to greater business productivity.
"Before, I'd have to schedule a meeting blind, contact each individual to check their availability and go back and forth to nail down a time that ultimately worked for everyone. Now I can simultaneously compare calendars to set up a meeting, which reduces my administrative time by at least 50 percent."

Jennifer Boyd, Administrative Manager
Company: Staser Consulting
Business Size: Small
Industry: Management Consulting
Product: Microsoft Exchange
"Microsoft partner hosted SharePoint allows flexibility to grow with our organisation. It's a per-user per month licensing so it offers a lower cost of ownership. It grows well with the business and we're constantly getting updates from our hosting provider, which keeps us up on the latest software versions."

JW Keller, President
Company: Datatune
Business Size: Midsize
Industry: Software Engineering
Product: Microsoft SharePoint
News & Reviews

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"When you combine the ever-growing power of devices and the increasing ubiquity of the Web, you come up with a sum that is greater than its parts."
Ray Ozzie,
Microsoft Chief
Software Architect
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Tried & Tested
News & Reviews
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