Working in Denmark

Working in Denmark

It’s a big thing moving to a foreign country to work. Especially if you bring your family with you. Microsoft will help making the relocation process as smooth as possible. This is why we have developed a wide range of initiatives and programs to help you with all the little things that always end up meaning so much. And yes: the Danes speak Danish, but they also speak English. In other words, speaking Danish is not a prerequisite for working here.

Download our brochure “Working and Living in Denmark” here.

Meet our expats

We have asked some of our expats to share their experiences. Meet them and hear what they have to say here.

Want to get an impression of what it is like to start a career at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen? Read this inspiring article written by one of our talented young software developers in test about his experiences during his first year at Microsoft.

Useful links

Please visit the following websites that all contain information about working and living in Denmark as well as practical help to settle successfully.
Provided by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and targeted non-Danes, this site offers a wide range of information about Danish news, history, society, culture etc.
This site is developed by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and offers extensive information about public health, culture, taxation, housing, children etc.
Developed by the Consortium for Global Talent, a joint initiative between 18 of the largest Danish and international Danish based companies that aim at attracting and retaining global professionals, this online Welcome Package offers all the practical information you need before, during and after your stay in Denmark.

International House Copenhagen
International House Copenhagen is one of the first places to visit for all international citizens in Denmark. Established as a public-private partnership and located in the center of Copenhagen, International House offers help with all the paperwork, job searching, networking and much more.
Expat in Denmark is initiated by the Danish Chamber of Commerce and is the first and largest professional network for expats in Denmark. The site is your platform to integrate into the Danish society, network and socialize with other expats.
Developed by the Agency for Digitalization in cooperation with public entities and the Consortium for Global Talent, this public information portal is targeted foreigners coming to Denmark to work or study. It focuses on practical subjects related to the public sector in Denmark.



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