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We are developers

Whatever you thought you knew about Microsoft, think again. It’s way cooler.

At Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen we're all about IT engineering. We're open source and open to learning. We basically create things from nothing. Just with code. We're very good at it, and we impact millions with it. We're creators, designers, testers and developers at heart.

We push the limits of coding while developing intelligent business solutions for customers such as Real Madrid, Delta Air Lines, Bounce Foods and many others. We empower people and organizations to achieve more. That is why we code!

Do you want awesome opportunities? You’ll get constant feedback as you develop your career in coding.

Graduate Software Engineers

Do you have analytical and business sense? You’ll get impact on the future of cloud business software.

Senior Program Managers

Can you envision the look and feel? You’ll be developing aesthetical UI related graphic elements.

Visual Designers

Are you driven by the unknown? You’ll be building creative, future cloud solutions for thousands of customers.

Software Engineers

Can you lead? You’ll get ownership of large feature areas within cloud and mobile-enabled solutions.

Senior Software Engineers

Join the leading group for software developers and keep up with the forefront of the industry.

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