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Somali students reaching out

Our campus was struck by summer heat and silence last week when 15 Somali-Danish boys, along with a group of mentors, visited Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen for a guided tour of our premises and an insight into our technologies, products and professions.

The students, between 13 and 16, were members of Somali Youth Outreach Denmark, an NGO that strives to empower Somali-Danish boys by giving them exposure to the business world and inspiring them to succeed in their future. The visit was part of a summer tour, initiated by the NGO, taking the teens not only to companies such as Microsoft, Maersk and MacDonald’s but also to the UN, a police station, the American Embassy as well as the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The motivated students showed up at our campus for breakfast and were warmly welcomed by Managing Director Charlotte Mark before Kamil Koclega, one of our Software Development Engineers, introduced them to the art of programming. Kamil was met with a lot of interest and plenty of questions. Not only about how to program Pac-Man to follow the right itinerary, but also about his personal path that led him to land a job with Microsoft.

For Microsoft, organizing an event like this serves a double purpose. It enables us to contribute positively to society while pushing for more young people to pursue a technical career. We hope to see these teens again!

Wonderful Copenhagen

Denmark may be a small and for many rather unknown country. However, the fact is that the country in general and its capital in particular ranks high in international surveys.

Most recently, the prestigious and internationally reclaimed lifestyle magazine Monocle named Copenhagen “most liveable city in the world” in 2014, making Copenhagen the first three-time winner. “Perfection is unobtainable but Copenhagen is striking one of the best deals right now”, is how the magazine put it.

Recently as well, the American Huffington Post placed Denmark on its list of “9 places you absolutely, positively must see before you die”. Choosing a picture of Nyhavn – literally New Harbor and the name of a famous piece of waterfront in Copenhagen – to go with it.

European Green Capital in 2014, on Lonely Planet’s top ten European travel destinations in 2013, home to the world’s best restaurant and to the world’s happiest people, Copenhagen seems well on its way to live up to its slogan – “Wonderful Copenhagen”.

Why don’t you come and experience for yourself what it is that Danes and foreigners alike appreciate about working and living in Copenhagen? If you’re eager to boost your European career and up for a professional and personal adventure in a great city, we may have just the right job for you. With a great company named “Most attractive workplace in Denmark” for six consecutive years!

Check out our open positions on

Spring is in the air for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Significant new capabilities in marketing, customer care and social listening have now been made globally available in 54 markets and 42 languages. The new capabilities are part of what has been named the “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring Wave” to cover a comprehensive set of important updates.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring Wave offers new capabilities that help organizations match their customers to the right products and services, engage with them in the right way at the right time, and nurture their relationships.

The release delivers a comprehensive solution that provides businesses with marketing, sales and customer care capabilities that are integrated with leading productivity applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, Yammer, Lync, Skype, SharePoint and Power BI for Office 365.

To learn more about this ambitious Microsoft Dynamics CRM roll-out and what it means for businesses around the world, read here.

Microsoft once again Most Attractive IT Workplace in Denmark

We did it again! This is the sixth year in a row, that Microsoft in Denmark (Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen together with Microsoft Denmark) is voted the Most Attractive IT Workplace in Denmark in the Ingeniøren Profil 2014 survey.

Microsoft tops the IT list again this year in the annual survey, which is carried out by the Danish magazine Ingeniøren. The survey ranks the 111 biggest engineering companies in Denmark on how attractive they are as workplaces based on a wide range of different parameters such as visibility, management, career opportunities, development and innovation, salary and benefits. The results are based on evaluations from more than 3000 engineers and engineering students.

Being the first choice for Danish engineers is a great honor. Competition is harsher than ever when it comes to attracting the best talents from Denmark and abroad, and we are very proud to have this award confirming our strong employer brand.

Find out more and dig deeper into the “Profile Magazine 2014” here.

The city of children´s dreams

The trees are plentiful and green, the sky is blue, the sun is yellow and there may even be a rainbow over a beautiful skyline of fanciful houses. This is how many of the children of Lyngby north of Copenhagen – the City of Knowledge and Microsoft in Denmark´s future hometown – see their dream city.

The children, from 0 to 3rd Grade, had been invited by the City of Knowledge and Microsoft to use their imagination in a big drawing competition– “Picture your dream city”. Judging from the many contributions, it´s clear that our future young neighbors lack neither inspiration nor vision!

Oscar from Grade 3 was the lucky winner of the draw. He looked just as happy as his colorful drawing when he was handed his prize, an Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle from Microsoft. 36 drawings from the competition were selected to be put up on the fence surrounding the construction site for our new domicile, making it all a whole lot prettier.

Watch the video from when the foundation stone was laid for our new Microsoft domicile in Denmark.

Stay tuned for more highlights from Microsoft´s co-location project in Denmark by visiting our website and following us on Facebook.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 now globally available

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, the newest update to Microsoft’s ERP solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) targeted enterprises and upper mid-market businesses, has now been made available in 36 countries across the world.

This release is a significant step for the entire industry toward the future of ERP, with apps, devices and services in the cloud as cornerstones of its new capabilities. The advancements it offers in business logic and data model, cloud and new apps, and services and devices scenarios all set the stage for continued future innovation evolving directly from the functionality being delivered today.

Take a closer look at what’s new in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 here.

Visiting Denmark’s Technical University (DTU)

Last week, a dedicated team of Microsoft employees packed a bunch of cool devices and good advice and headed for Denmark’s Technical University (DTU). Mission: to meet with students from our close university partner and encourage them to pursue their dreams and only settle for the best when going for a career in the IT industry.

Under the headline “How to land your dream tech job”, the Microsoft team occupied the DTU library for the entire day. There was a Windows space for touch and feel, a career booth for questions, several hours of on-stage presentation for inspiration, a coding challenge for competitive fun, and plenty of mingling and dialogue between potential and existing employees for the benefit of all.

Our employees talked about their own experiences landing a job with Microsoft and together with our managers and recruiters, they gave lots of useful inside tips on how to stand out successfully during the hiring process and land a job with one of the most competitive tech companies today.

It was a great day and we hope to welcome many of the students as our colleagues in the future!

Do you only settle for the best as well and curious to know what we have to offer? Check out our many career opportunities for students and graduates on It may be your first step towards a challenging and rewarding career that will take your across borders and business areas to the very top of the high tech world.

“We’re here to make apps and earn heaps of money.”

Oliver from Grade 6 is pretty clear about why he and his friends have chosen to spend some of their Easter vacation days receiving classroom tech teaching at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen rather than sleeping in at home.

Here comes a generation who clearly sees the opportunities in software development! Whatever the significance given to Olivier’s statement, the fact is that the ambitions were just as high as the enthusiasm among this year’s DigiKidz who once again transformed our campus into a living and colorful playground.

It’s the seventh consecutive year that Microsoft in Denmark organizes DigiKidz Easter Camp for kids and youngsters from surrounding schools. The camp is the result of collaboration between Microsoft and a group of dedicated public school teachers and one of several “bring your kids to work” events within Microsoft worldwide. As usual, the event was fully booked and a huge success.

This year’s camp focused on different aspects of coding. From learning the basics of coding to constructing apps/games and programming hardware. Just as the previous years, the program was an equal mix of classroom teaching, practical workshops and fun. The “students” spanned from Grade 1 to Grade 8 and according to their age, they were introduced to BeeBot-robots, Scratch programming, Lego Wedo and Lego Mindstorm. In addition, the oldest worked with games/apps programming in Touch Developer, Project Siena and Project Spark.

For many of the kids, such as Victor from Grade 2 who was busy moving around, trying to “program” his friend Noah to move forward with exactly 20 steps, or Olivia who was strongly focused together with her friend Sophie on making their Lego boat move as if caught in a storm, the best part was the robot making. Magnus from Grade 6 was “making some code” to create a changing background for his game Rocket Rumble while Felix took a well-deserved break with a Cocio in the canteen.

According to Anders, Kasper, Mads-Peter and Malte, who organized this year’s camp, “the purpose is not that the kids will be able to master advanced programming languages such as Java and PHP”.

“But by using simple modular programming they can get a basic understanding of the technology and use it for example to create their own websites, mobile robots, animations and games. Learning the basics of coding will help them understand what a fantastic tool computers are.”

Let’s hope that Oliver and his friends will keep up their interest as well as their ambition level. In the future, they may be part of the solution to the shortage of qualified labor in the software industry – and talents that we welcome back to our campus!

Watch the video from the event here:

Learn more about DigiKidz here:

Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance – matching education with business needs

Free software and support, access to the latest technologies used worldwide and competitive advantages in the job market.

That is the reality for students attending the more than 1,300 educational institutions worldwide that have chosen to become members of Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance (DynAA) in order to use Microsoft Dynamics to prepare their students for dynamic careers.

DynAA is a worldwide program that provides free Microsoft Dynamics ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) licenses and support to educational institutions who want to use Microsoft Dynamics in their teaching or research. When your institution is a member of DynAA, you’ll be able to take classes that use Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM, providing you with experience on the latest technology and preparing you for a future career.

"It’s a clear win for students but also for businesses around the world. While helping institutions pivot their curriculum towards industry requirements, students receive an education that helps them stand out within the job market. DynAA connects businesses with this rich, new talent pool of students and graduates with Microsoft Dynamics experience. In other words, we help educational institutions meet the needs of businesses worldwide by helping to prepare the next generation of business leaders”, says Katie Hasbargen, Ph.D., Program Lead for DynAA.

To learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics experience can help you get set for a dynamic future, visit the dedicated student section of the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance website

How to land your dream tech job

Curious to know what it takes to land a job with the biggest and most competitive tech companies today? Do you know what they’re looking for – and do you have what it takes?

Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen is visiting DTU on 30 April. This is your chance to meet with our managers and get insider information from our recruiters and employees on how to get a job and build a successful career in the high tech industry. Get tips and tools to make an application that stands out, get an idea of the ideal candidate profile, learn how to prepare for the interview and gain insight into what is expected from you in the recruitment process.

Students and graduate positions are at stake so don’t miss out on this opportunity. It may be your shortcut towards a challenging and rewarding career that will take your across borders and business areas to the very top of the high tech world.

For more information, program and sign up, visit our event section here.

Foundation stone laid for the future of Microsoft in Denmark

On Friday March 28, the foundation stone was laid for the new domicile of Microsoft in Denmark at an official ceremony gathering two hundred people at the construction site in Lyngby, our future hometown just north of Copenhagen.

The event took place under a clear blue spring sky and there were wide smiles, speeches, a lot of handshaking and a great atmosphere of excitement.

The co-location of Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen and Microsoft Denmark, Microsoft’s Danish subsidiary that focuses on sales, marketing and services for the Danish market, is set for 2015. With the foundation stone now laid, we’re one important step closer to fulfilling our ambition to create the workplace of the future.

The highlight of the ceremony was the filling of a time capsule with a Microsoft Surface tablet, historic materials from the municipality, the newspaper of the day and other carefully selected and symbolic items from our partners. Should our Surface surface again in a thousand years, it will be an illustration of where we were in 2014 when preparing for this important milestone for Microsoft in Denmark.

Dreaming about the future is what the children of the municipality were asked to do as well in a big drawing competition. The best illustrations of the children’s own visions of their “dream city” will ornament the fence being put up around the construction site.

The dream has just begun! Do you want to be a part of it? Make sure to check our available positions on and connect with us on Facebook.

Creating a community with software

What is the meaning of a neighborhood and what are the advantages of living in the hoods rather than in the woods?

A neighborhood is a place where people live near one another whether it’s on the 21st floor of a skyscraper in New York, a suburb of Copenhagen or a dormitory. However, living near one another doesn’t always mean interacting with each other.

How do we leverage our neighborhood in order to create a real community?

This was the challenge put to this year’s participants in European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) at Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) by Kostas Kastrinogiannis, a Senior Engineering Lead at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen.

EBEC is organized by BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) every year and gathers top engineering students from all over Europe. It was the second consecutive year that Kostas, along with a team of four dedicated Microsoft colleagues, challenged the students in the local Danish qualifying round of EBEC. Just like last year, the problem that he put to the students was inspired by real life.

“I talked to a few retired people in my neighborhood who felt “deactivated” by society. They felt they could still add value to the community, they just didn’t know how and who to help. That made me think that we don’t leverage all the potential in a neighborhood. There is so much more hidden potential in the form of skillset, experiences, energy and willingness to contribute. So I asked the students to come up with a software solution that could contribute to create a real community. Where people know each other and feel appealed to help each other.”

They were 32 tech students who all took up the challenge in teams of four. The students weren’t asked to do the actual coding for the solutions in the just three hour contest but to come up with scenarios, wireframes and architecture.

“What was important with this challenge was to highlight the amount of collaboration and brain horsepower that is required for a software team before you even start the coding. When we measure a team’s success at Microsoft today, we look at their ability to collaborate across differences in personalities and cultures”, said Kostas.

The solutions presented by the students impressed the Microsoft-team by being both creative, visually appealing and, not the least, realizable.

As for Kostas, who started himself as a college hire more than six years ago, there’s no doubt that some of these students definitely have what it takes to kick start their career with Microsoft.

At Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen we are always on the lookout for young and talented people to join us which is why we help sponsor and organize an event such as BEST.

Do you have what it takes? Explore your options with Microsoft here.

Engaging with students

Are you a student and curious to know what it takes to move from the classroom to a career with Microsoft? One way to start is to engage with us. And this is an open and ongoing invitation!

Nordic Game Jam, BEST Engineering Competition, DSE Synergy, Copenhagen Career Days, ITU Matchmaking, DSE Career Fair and Imagine Cup are just some of the student events that are in our calendar for Denmark this spring and where you’ll be sure to meet us.

In fact, at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen we’re constantly on the lookout for talented people to join us. Which is why, in addition to our ongoing collaboration with some of the best universities in Europe, we have an extensive student outreach program in Denmark.

Attending or engaging in one of these events offers you the opportunity to meet with our employees and recruiters. To ask your questions and test your technical skills. And, not the least, to start networking with us and get insider tools and tips on how to land your dream tech job.

So get away from your books for a while. Attending one of these student events may well be the first step you take towards a challenging and rewarding career.

For more information on the student events in which we participate, make sure to visit our event section on a regular basis.

Microsoft unveils new CRM capabilities

New Microsoft Dynamics CRM release delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities in marketing, customer service and sales, and includes social listening capabilities. It will be delivered to customers in the second half of 2014.

The release will help companies transform their business and meet changing customer behaviors. It adds new functionality to help marketers efficiently drive and manage their marketing campaigns; help businesses engage with and care for customers in a personalized manner on virtually any device, anywhere; and enhance capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 for more effective sales.

Breaking from typical industry practice, the update also brings social listening capabilities to every sales, service and marketing professional within an organization to empower more employees with deeper insights.

”With this new release, we are essentially changing the CRM game”, said Bob Stutz, corporate vice president, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Curious to know how? Read Bob Stutz blog post and check out the press release here.

Imagine Cup

Imagine if you had the power to make an app that could make a real difference for hundreds of millions of users. If you’re a student with a passion for software development, Microsoft invites you to try out your talent in Imagine Cup 2014.

Imagine Cup is Microsoft’s big global technology competition open for students from all over the world. For the first time, Microsoft Denmark organizes a national finale in Denmark in April 2014 leading up to the global finale in Seattle, USA, in July 2014.

This is a unique opportunity to win some big prizes but most of all to create a global network that may kick start your future career.

Check it out and register today for the Danish national finale here.

Making a difference – in India

When working for Microsoft, it’s not every day that someone tells you that you’re beautiful or asks for your autograph. However, this is exactly what happened to some of our employees when they went on a charity mission in India.

In Microsoft, every employee has the opportunity to use three workdays a year to do charity. This is what a team from Microsoft in Denmark chose to do, when they wanted to make a difference outside the office. Far outside that is. In fact, the team went all the way to Chennai in India to donate computers and teach basis IT skills in a small countryside school.

The road was bumpy in more than one way. What started out simply, quickly grew in complexity. Rules and regulations, taxes and translations, cultural differences and communication dissimilarities. The team ended up facing far more challenges than they had imagined with coordination and practical details filling up their calendars. When they finally arrived in India, they drew a long way in a bumpy bus, saw unbearable poverty through the windows, and then they worked hard in the heat from early morning to late evening.

However, it was all worth it and the team was largely compensated for their efforts by bunches of happy smiles.

“Nothing is more rewarding than helping people in need”, says Mette Pilgren. She is one of the members of the team who went out of her own comfort zone to try to create comfort for others and who, with her own words, “grew three meters” from the experience. However, it’s not just about “giving and then leaving”.

“Sustainability is such an important aspect of this”, says Mette. “We want to make sure that the school is actually left not only with computers and some basic IT skills but with something lasting. Maybe we can offer some kind of ongoing support, maybe our colleagues in India can visit from time to time or we can hand over the project to another team. These are the thoughts that we’re working on right now”.

As of today, the members of the team are back to business as usual. But they will never forget the countryside school in India.

If you want to know more about how Microsoft works to serve the needs of communities worldwide through charity, donations and a wide range of social programs, have a look here.

If you would like to join us in making a difference in more than one way, make sure to check our available jobs here.

Goddesses of technology

They love technology, they´re passionate about software development and they speak code between them. They have the talent, the skills and, not the least, the ambitions. A constantly increasing number of women claim their right to success and are powering in the IT industry today.

However, there is still some way to go before software engineering is no longer a male dominated profession.

When Bogdana Botez, a Software Development Engineer from Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, spoke to almost 140 women gathered in Bucharest a short while ago, she therefore decided to give her female public what can most be compared to a pep talk.

The women were there to attend Codess, an Engineering Forum for women sponsored by Skype that brings together IT-interested women from Europe and the US, giving them a platform to share personal and professional experiences, network and learn from one another.

“I talked to them about luck. But not the kind of luck that you’re born with, rather the luck that you make for yourself when you seize an opportunity”, she says.

As an illustration, she shows a slide with a drawn up window of opportunity. However, as she talks, the window gets smaller and smaller to end up in a corner of the slide, only accessible for the small matchstick figure through rain and via a ladder.

“Opportunities may sometimes seem small and difficult if not impossible to seize. But then you have to look closer and sometimes you have to struggle a bit. It may require that you step out of your comfort zone and take a risk. You have to participate to get lucky”, she says with a clear message to her female public.

“Women have to become more confident. Modesty is often a natural behavior for them. But the fact is, that if two people with the same level of skills apply for the same job, the confident one will almost always be chosen”, says Bogdana.

Relating back to her own personal story with Microsoft, where she started more than five years ago, Bogdana is a clear illustration to her female counterparts that there are plenty of opportunities for women in software engineering today.

“You just have to believe in yourself and dare take the opportunity when it’s there”, she says.

At MDCC we have several technology passionate women like Bogdana who have chosen to make their career with us. However, we would like to welcome more.

Do you believe in yourself and are you curious to know what opportunities Microsoft has to offer? Then check out our vacant positions on or on our dedicated global career site

More information about Codess, check out or

Microsoft Dynamics enables businesses to reimagine customer experiences

At Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, we´re passionate about developing business software solutions that have a genuine impact on people and businesses all over the world.

This may sound rather abstract but in fact it isn´t. Curious to know what differences our Microsoft Dynamics solutions make IRL? Then we invite you to have a look at this year´s Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2013 EMEA that took place in Barcelona last week.

At the conference, partners and Microsoft executives meet to present and showcase the latest Microsoft Dynamics technologies and to discuss future trends.

“We´re entering the era of the customer”, said Kirill Tatarinov, Microsoft Business Solutions Executive Vice President. He was backed by a number of participating customer companies who explained how they use Microsoft Dynamics to reimagine the way they engage with their customers.

One company that has used Microsoft Dynamics solutions to streamline their business and polish their customer experiences is Danish jewelry maker Pandora. Known for its charm bracelets, Pandora is ranked among the three largest jewelers in the world.

Learn more about how a global company as Pandora uses Microsoft Dynamics solutions in practice and what tangible difference it makes for their business here.

Read more about how Microsoft Dynamics enables businesses to reimagine customer experiences here.

And stay tuned for the latest Microsoft Dynamics strategies, interesting keynotes and more customer stories by making sure to visit our Microsoft Dynamics Newsroom.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 now available worldwide

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is a major release that offers customers an enhanced user experience, promotes end-user productivity, adds social insights and demonstrates the better together value of Microsoft technologies. This includes interoperability with Yammer, Lync and Skype, providing sales, marketing and industry professionals with whole new opportunities for customizable experiences – making business both social and personal.

The new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now available online in 42 global markets and will be available for on-premises and partner-hosted deployments on 31 October.

Learn more about this and other Microsoft Dynamics solutions by visiting our Newsroom, get insider perspectives and views from our CRM blog and stay tuned for all the updates on our Microsoft Dynamics Facebook page.

Academics rallying at MDCC

On October 28-29 our campus will welcome the 2013 European Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance Conference. Over 30 educators from all over Europe who use Microsoft Dynamics in their curriculum through the Microsoft Dynamics Academic Alliance (DynAA) program will be in attendance. The DynAA program is helping these educators introduce their students to real world technologies and prepare them for future Microsoft Dynamics related careers.

Educators will exchange knowledge and explore areas of collaboration, meet with Microsoft specialists to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics, and discover new ways to optimize the use of technology in the classroom.

“Today´s education for tomorrow´s business success” is how the DynAA team describes the value Microsoft Dynamics brings to the classroom. DynAA is a global program that supports educational institutions who want to use ERP and CRM software in the classroom. Through this program Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM software is provided at no cost for research or educational purposes. In addition, the DynAA team focuses on connecting our Microsoft Dynamics partners and customers with DynAA member institutions to facilitate mentoring and recruiting activities. DynAA members use Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions to support learning about key business processes, concepts, and theories, and as a platform for understanding Enterprise Resource Planning integrated data structure, business intelligence, and data mining.

DynAA is an essential part of Microsoft´s outreach and ongoing connections with academics worldwide. If you work with an educational institution who could be a potential DynAA member or know an interested educator who would benefit from knowing more about what DynAA has to offer, feel free to take the initiative and share the invitation.

If you have any questions about the event or would like to know more about DynAA, please contact

Launching Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2

With the recent announcement of the upcoming availability of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 in October 2013, Microsoft once again emphasizes its long-term commitment to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and its continuous efforts to enable more than 180,000 customers across the world to strengthen their businesses.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 is a major update that builds on the momentum seen from last year´s release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. It reinforces the product as a business solution that is quick to implement, easy to use and with the power to support the business ambitions of successful small and mid-sized companies throughout the world.

To learn more about the enhancements included in this latest update of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, read here.

Microsoft Dynamics C5 becomes future proof

Now there´s some very good news for the more than 80,000 mainly Danish companies that have chosen to base their administrative tasks on the financial management system Microsoft Dynamics C5.With the launch of the latest version, Microsoft Dynamics C5 2014, they´re offered not only the benefits of a well-known, simple to use, hands-on and widely proven financial system, they´re equally gaining access to the strengths of the globally more powerful business management solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

In fact, sharing the same technical platform as the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics C5 2014 will be available in Microsoft Office 365 and in the cloud via Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Dynamic C5 customers will benefit from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV network of 180,000 customers worldwide and from the billion investment that Microsoft puts every year in innovation and product development.

This is a great leap that makes the Danish-focused Microsoft Dynamics C5 future proof for all the small companies and entrepreneurs who make up the target customer base and who have opted for this solution since the first version was released on the Danish market back in 1994.

If you´re curious to read more about what the release of Microsoft Dynamics C5 2014 means to Microsoft´s Danish customers, read here (in Danish).

To stay tuned and get more information on the global Microsoft Dynamics portfolio, visit Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes business personal

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it plans to make the next version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) available in the fall of 2013.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is a major release that delivers a more personal experience to sales, marketing and customer care professionals and redefines how businesses engage with their customers. It gives people the ability to access their information on a variety of devices; introduces a new user experience enabling people to access information that is relevant to their jobs; and delivers richer contextual information that helps people have deeper insights into customers and their needs.

Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics and stay tuned for more news on coming product releases here.

An International House in Copenhagen

Arriving in a new country where you don’t speak the language and haven’t broken the cultural code yet can be a serious challenge. Even the most experienced globetrotters can get lost in administration and translation.

However, here’s some good news for international talents considering joining Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen and engaging in a new adventure in Denmark.

A newly opened International House in Copenhagen offers all foreign citizens centralized help with tax documents and residence permits, introduction courses to the Danish society, opportunities for socializing and even affordable accommodation in one of the guest rooms.

Strengthening the attraction, reception and retention of all international students, researchers and employees arriving in Copenhagen has long been a top priority for public authorities as well as private companies, including Microsoft, that have taken a wide range of joint initiatives to make Denmark a preferred country to study, work and live in.

Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen is a genuinely international center developing software products for the whole world. Every third of our employees is of another nationality than Danish and that makes us one of the most international companies in Denmark.

We therefore welcome this initiative that will contribute to strengthen our offering when attracting international talents to our development center in Denmark as well as benefit our existing foreign employees, providing them with one easy access to the Danish society.

We see International House as yet a clear illustration that Denmark aims at positioning itself strongly in the global competition for talent by offering a warm welcome to all foreign citizens in the capital.

Read more about International House Copenhagen here and on Facebook.

Microsoft once again voted Most Attractive IT Workplace

Sometimes repetition is a good thing. And it definitely is in this case. For the fifth consecutive year, we are extremely happy to share that Microsoft in Denmark (Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen together with Microsoft Denmark) is voted the Most Attractive IT Workplace in Denmark in the Ingeniøren Profil 2013 survey.

Microsoft tops the IT list again this year in the annual survey, which is carried out by the Danish magazine Ingeniøren. The survey ranks the 100 biggest engineering companies in Denmark on how attractive they are as workplaces based on a wide range of different parameters such as management, career opportunities, salary and benefits. The results are based on evaluations from about 3000 engineers and engineering students.

Being voted most popular IT workplace by Danish engineers is a great honor. Competition is harsher than ever when it comes to attracting the best talents from Denmark and abroad, and we are very proud to have this award confirming our strong employer brand.

Find out more and dig deeper into the “Profile Magazine 2013” here.

Nerding and learning

They started on Friday after classes and finished on Sunday evening. They didn’t go home to shower or freshen up. They didn’t even take a break to eat their pizzas or drink their cokes. Sleep was for the week-hearted.

This is exactly the way it’s supposed to be when the real nerds get together at Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) to game the weekend away. Says Ken Kristensen, a student worker from DTU in Ballerup who has been with Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen for the past two years. And he should know what he’s talking about as this is the third consecutive year that he’s one of the main drivers of this marathon gaming event. However, this year the stakes were higher than usual.“I was able to show up with an Xbox from Microsoft and it was great to be able to offer such a prize. It sure added to the motivation and suspense because the gamers really wanted to bring it home.”While having fun was the main purpose of the event that gathered more than 40 students, Ken acted as a serious ambassador for Microsoft at the same time.

“Most of the nerds that love gaming are actually very good at coding and would like to apply for a job with Microsoft. But many of them think that it’s too difficult and they can’t really see themselves going through the whole hiring process successfully. But then I tell them that if I can do it, so can they. I try to inspire them to just go for it by sharing my own experiences”, says Ken.

Ken’s encouragements to his fellow students are a welcome add-on to our constants efforts to attract talented and passionate students and graduates to our development center.

Do you speak code and would you like to join our international team of talents working on the software of tomorrow? Then explore your career options and check out our available positions here.

Open House = Full House

Every year, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen welcomes interested students from surrounding technical universities who head for our Open House event to hear about the career opportunities Microsoft offers across countries and business areas. So far, every year has turned out as a great success. In this light, this year’s success may not be news in itself.

What is news however is this year’s event’s all-time record attendance with no less than 109 sign-ups! We have experienced a full house before but this year we were positively overwhelmed by the number of students filling our campus on the 30th of April 2013.

The students had signed up for an afternoon of serious career boosting, inspiration, networking and fun. And, judging from their positive comments and enthusiasm, they got what they came for. Not the least thanks to a large number of our employees who had taken time off to mingle with potential future colleagues and Microsoft managers who were available for questions and interviews, making the event look like of a genuine job fair.

It wasn’t all serious business though. The students were also given the opportunity to get a touch and feel of new cool technologies and products including Windows 8 and Surface, test their coding skills in a competition to win an Xbox and Kinect and, last but not least, network with likeminded over a slice of pizza. Or maybe even taste one of the warm waffles offered by the Board of European Technical Students (BEST) who were there to inform about their organization and recruit new members. And who obviously knows that the best way to win IT students’ hearts is through their stomach.We were thrilled to be met with such an interest from the students and we hope to welcome many of the participants as our future colleagues.

It’s a vision come true

It’s a vision come true! Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen is co-locating with Microsoft Denmark, Microsoft’s Danish subsidiary that focuses on sales and marketing. Together, our ambition is to create no less than the workplace of the future and we believe we have found the ideal setting for doing just that.

Our new domicile will be located in Lyngby just north of Copenhagen, a location we find very attractive in terms of easy access and a high quality social and cultural offering for our employees and guests.

Our co-location is part of our overall vision – to create a workplace where employees are supported in their different ways of thinking, working, and collaborating through a flexible, inspiring, and effective office layout made possible by the newest technologies. It’s our ambition that our new domicile will become a window into the workplace of the future.

Our co-location is set for 2015 but we’re already busy fine tuning our vision and preparing for its implementation together with our employees.

We are all incredibly excited about this. If you would like to be part of creating the workplace of the future, we invite you to take a closer look at your career opportunities and our open positions here on this site. As always, we’re on the lookout for talented people to join us. And we guarantee that you’re in for a great ride.

Microsoft game builder in for a great surprise

If Jacek Ciereszko, a software engineer at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, closes his eyes, he may be able to picture what the statistics tell him. The free version of his first game, Roman Empire for Windows 8, has been downloaded more than 200,000 times. That's more than four soccer fields filled with fans of his game.

"I try to imagine 100,000 people playing my game. It's like the entire Microsoft. I never expected that kind of success", he says.

As of mid-March, the game was ranked 26th out of 5,714 games in the Windows Store. The game's paid version has been downloaded more than 30,000 times.

In the game, users try to emulate Caesar and conquer Europe. The paid version has 32 levels, and the free version has six. Only seventeen people in the world have completed the 32 levels with maximum of stars.

At first, Jacek budgeted about three weeks to create the game. He wanted something simple, without a lot of graphics or content. He ended up spending half a year on it.

A game that starts around the year 753 BC and ends around the year 117 AD required some historical research but not too much.

"It was incremental. I would use three or four historical facts and then decide, 'Hey, I need three more'”, says Jacek.

Before Roman Empire, the closest Jacek came to creating a game was a dice application for Windows Phone. So when Roman Empire was released last November and the free version a month later, he expected nobody would show interest.

"I'm still surprised," he says.

The game's charm lies in its simplicity. Often when playing a game, people have to sit through credits, menus, and options before they get to the action. In Roman Empire, you go straight to the game with one click.

Jacek says he would like to create a new game, but Roman Empire has become so successful that he has no time. Instead, he finds himself answering queries from fans worldwide as well as working on a new levels because users ask about that all the time. A multiplayer version as well as a Windows Phone version may be in the works as well.

Marketing the game used to keep him busy early on, but no longer, he says.

"If the game is good and people like it, there's no need to do any marketing”.

And this game sure is good. With 717 reviews in total, it has an average of four stars in the Windows Store.

"Even after all the hours I spent on it, I still like to play it myself”, Jacek admits.

New Microsoft domicile in Lyngby

Close collaboration between Danica Pension, Lyngby-Taarbæk and Microsoft provides a new, spectacular residential and commercial building in Lyngby city center, which will include, among other things, Microsoft's new domicile in Denmark. The project sets new standards for residential, commercial and educational integration of urban life for the benefit of citizens.

The ambitious construction project in the heart of Lyngby is an important step in the realization of Lyngby-Taarbæk’s visions for City of Knowledge and Urban Development 2020. The project is a unique example of how businesses and municipalities together can create unique solutions that benefit both parties.

The new building will be located in the middle of Lyngby on Kanalvej, on a 16,350 sqm plot which Lyngby-Taarbæk has sold to Danica Pension as result of a tender. The Municipal Council in Lyngby-Taarbæk is unanimously pleased with the agreement with Danica Pension and looks forward to an exciting, bright and innovative building that will accommodate many attractive opportunities for local citizens, including student residences, upscale shops, grocery stores, gym, laundry facilities and more.

Mayor Søren P. Rasmussen says: "This project is an illustration of an exciting urban development linking knowledge-based companies to urban life and local study environment. In addition, it will add many new jobs to the city and create a welcoming, dynamic environment midway between the city center and the green areas. "

Deputy Mayor Simon Pihl ​​Sørensen adds: "The development of Kanalvej was already a goal in our municipal plans in 2010. This is a striking example of the city and the university becoming integrated. I hope that we already at commencement of study this year can mark this with activities that create more life in urban areas outside normal office hours as well."

Danica Pension strengthens its commitment to Lyngby

Danica Pension heads the construction in collaboration with Henning Larsen Architects, Cowi and Alectia A/S. The first sod is expected to be cut already later this year. The new building completes the center of Lyngby and creates a unique urban space with natural links between city residents, students and businesses. The area will appear bright and attractive and meet the requirements for buildings of the future.

"We have a tradition of investing in Lyngby where we belong. Already, we own Lyngby Shopping Center, and we take active part in the vision of City of Knowledge and Urban Development 2020. The total investment exceeds one billion Danish kroner. This type of property investment is attractive to our pension customers as we can realize a safe, long-term and satisfactory return, "says Peter Mering, Property Director at Danica Pension.

He continues:
"One of the determining factors behind our choice to go into such a big investment is that we, already at the planning stage, have entered a lease agreement with Microsoft. This significantly helps to ensure the project's financial foundation."

900 new jobs to Lyngby-Taarbæk
For Microsoft, the new domicile at Kanalvej is part of an overall vision to create the workplace of the future where employees are supported in their different ways of thinking, working and collaborating through a flexible office layout and use of the latest technologies. The Municipality’s ambition to position itself as a leading city of knowledge has been a key factor in Microsoft's decision to co-locate its operations and employees from their two companies in Denmark to Kanalvej in Lyngby.

"Microsoft is already highly integrated in Denmark with our 900 employees and more than 3,700 partner companies, and we look forward to becoming an integral and active part of the knowledge and university city of Lyngby-Taarbæk. Citizens can use our open café and technology area, students can use our dedicated study area for writing assignments, and we will continue to organize a variety of events that will bind us even closer to the local community and Denmark, "says Niels Soelberg, CEO of Microsoft Denmark.

Charlotte Mark, CEO of Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, continues:
"In addition to our many Danish employees, Microsoft counts hundreds of highly skilled foreign workers in Denmark who moved here either alone or with their families. In addition to a high educational level, our employees are characterized by an active and outgoing social life and are likely to be frequent users of the public space in Lyngby-Taarbæk. Also, we expect our 25-30,000 annual business guests to make frequent use of the city's hotels, restaurants, shops, cultural and sports offerings. "

Photos and illustrations of the project can be downloaded here:

Open House for Students

Do you speak code? And are you studying at a technical university and looking for a career in software development? Then you should join us for an afternoon of serious career boosting at our Open House event on 30 April.

Every year, we welcome interested students from technical universities who head for our Open House event to hear about the career opportunities Microsoft offers across countries and business areas. Student and graduate positions are at stake, so if you are serious about your career and curious to get an idea of how far you can go with Microsoft, we invite you to take your first steps by joining us for an afternoon of inspiration, networking and fun.

For more information and sign up, visit our Events section.

Highlights from Convergence 2013

Every year, Microsoft Dynamics customers and partners from all over the world gather at Convergence to get an insight into the latest Microsoft Dynamics developments and to discuss future trends on the global market for business software development. The international conference has grown to be the premier event for the Microsoft Dynamics customer and partner business community with a historic record of 11,000 people attending this year’s conference in New Orleans.

The overall theme this year was how to help companies draw the full benefit from their business software to unite with their customers and organizations.

“To realize the promises and possibilities of a world ahead, organizations must be united. Microsoft Dynamics solutions reimagine what’s possible for businesses, helping them unite to unlock innovation and creativity in people and to enable more meaningful experiences for their customers. When a business is truly united, great things happen”, said Kiril Tatarinov, President of Microsoft Business Solutions.

For more highlights from this year’s Convergence including an outline of the Microsoft Dynamics roadmap, Kirill Tatarinov’s opening speech, keynotes from top international executives and a range of customer stories and insight blog posts, please visit the Microsoft Dynamics newsroom here.

Three December releases for Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft has had an unprecedented period of product launches and December is no exception for Microsoft Dynamics that finishes off the year on a very busy note, launching significant updates to no less than three of its core business solutions.Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 was made generally available on 1 December, expanding the availability of the solution to 11 new markets and bringing unmatched global reach, stronger business capabilities and tailored enhancements for key industry sectors.Later this month, the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 and the roll-out of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM December 2012 service update will add to the Microsoft Dynamics offering, delivering new capabilities and value to help customers transform their businesses.Read the full press release here and stay tuned on Microsoft Dynamics highlights by visiting our online newsroom
Engaging with local talent
For a development center depending strongly on talent, it is absolutely critical to be top of mind of engineering students and graduates. This is why Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen maintains close ties with universities in Denmark as well as abroad. And why, earlier this month and together with the Danish Microsoft subsidiary, we went on a campus truck roadshow to the two major technical universities in Denmark, the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) and Denmark’s Technical University (DTU).Our mission was to let the students discover our world – without having to leave their own. And with more than 1000 students visiting us in our gigantic Windows 8 truck it is fair to say mission accomplished. The students met with our role models who, based on their personal experiences, inspired to a career with Microsoft. In between presentations and serious dialogue they experienced the latest gadgets such as tablets and touch devices and tested themselves and their friends on our coding challenges.We were amazed by the level of interest and the great talent among the students, and we will look forward to staying connected and hopefully welcoming some of the visitors in our truck as our new colleagues sometime in the future.
Microsoft Dynamics AX expands its global reach
Last year, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 launched worldwide in 25 countries. From December 1, the availability of the solution will be expanded to 11 new markets, bringing unmatched global reach. In addition, the new release contains innovations that take industry capabilities to a whole new level.To get a taste of the new features of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 and a deeper understanding of their value for a wide range of businesses across the world, stay tuned on our Microsoft Dynamics blog.
Join us on Facebook
Want to stay connected with Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen? Stay tuned on highlights, upcoming events and access previous TechTalks on our new Facebook page. Just follow this link or look us up under “Microsoft Development Center CPH”.Like us and we’ll keep you in the loop!
Living and working in Denmark at Microsoft: The story of a 1 year-old developer in test
By Vlad PrecupBefore graduating from university I was looking for an international experience: an experience where I could boost my technical and soft skills and where I could interact with and learn from people that have different nationalities and points of view. When I found this in Denmark at Microsoft, I realized this was the perfect match. In the following article I will give you a glimpse of this experience, because I really think it is worth sharing it. What is Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC)? How is the work atmosphere there? What is an SDET and what makes it one of the best jobs out there? Why Denmark? If you are asking any of these questions, then continue reading the article.I am Vlad Precup, former lead of the Microsoft Student Partners UTCN team in Cluj-Napoca and I am currently working at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen as an SDET. I graduated from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in 2011, after a four-year bachelor degree in Computer Science. My current focus is broadening my software engineering and .NET technical skills while delivering high-quality .NET-based applications.Last month was a special one for me. It was the month when I celebrated 1 year since I joined Microsoft. A little more than one year ago, after a round of three 1 hour interviews with senior people from the organization, it was announced by my current managers that I was going to work in their team as an SDET. Before actually working, I had no idea what this role was all about, so I could only guess. But during this last year I learnt what SDET means, and I will share this meaning with you.SDET stands for Software Development Engineer in Test. Usually in small companies you don’t see these roles and if they do have them they are often doing manual testing. However, in Microsoft, the test discipline is not only about manual verification, it’s also about finding ways to push quality upstream to prevent bugs from being introduced and help the whole engineering team become more efficient in developing high quality software. Testing also means ensuring that the development of new features / fixing of bugs do not introduce new code defects in the existing product codebase, or if this happens, they are quickly detected and fixed. This is usually ensured by a robust code checking system based on automated test runs. Testing means ensuring that the product is behaving normally in a stress environment, or it fulfills its performance criteria. Testing means thinking about all the possible usage scenarios and uncovering "holes" that nobody thought about before. Testing means so many other things. An SDET's role offers very much variety. And this is what makes this role awesome! From writing acceptance tests to thinking of the most suitable ways to test the product from different perspectives (for example stress or performance), from analyzing bugs, the code which caused them and their root cause to inspecting and reviewing development code in order to ensure that there is enough test coverage on the affected feature, or to even writing or debugging development code: everything can fall under the responsibility of SDETs.Now that you know what I am doing, let's talk about the people here and how they are working together in order to deliver a high-quality product. From the process point of view, all the teams are doing SCRUM and it's working really well. Thanks to SCRUM, all the dependencies between teams in our organization are reacted upon in an "agile" manner. Don't forget that in such a big organization with so many development teams, there are also many dependencies to be addressed and solved. So besides strong technical skills, a good candidate for an engineering position in MDCC also has the ability to communicate and influence effectively. It is a totally different environment than in small development projects, where there may be small teams which have few dependencies, since each individual team handles a totally different project.Usually every development team in Microsoft is organized as a triad having the following components: Test, Development, and Program Management. However the SCRUM process blurs the lines between these disciplines, by encouraging all the team members to learn each other's roles and responsibilities in order to apply them whenever it is needed.Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen is the home of many such teams. This site is focused on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software systems development, namely Microsoft Dynamics. MDCC itself develops components of Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics C5. These are different products targeted at businesses in different sizes and particularities. In a few words, for those of you who are not familiar with the ERP term, the Microsoft Dynamics products are software systems aimed at managing virtually any business out there, from warehouses and factories to pharmacies and even small accounting companies.Since my role is part of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV product, I am going to focus on it. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV organization is divided in feature teams, each of which is focused on one area of the product. For example, the team that I have been part of for the last year (the Web Client Team) is focused on the development of two browser-based clients of the ERP system: a JavaScript- and HTML-based one and a Microsoft Sharepoint-based one. These two clients are basically two different "flavors" of the same product. Each of them has been designed to be used in certain contexts.Briefly, from a technical point of view, both browser-based clients are built using .NET technologies and are heavily based on HTML dynamic generation and JavaScript execution. For data exchange the clients use AJAX and for communication with the server they use WCF.Before going further to the second part of the article, I would also like to share some of the “outside working hours” activities that we had here at Microsoft. During the last year, we had events such as the Career Week, where during an entire week we could attend different open discussions with professionals either from our organization or even from outside it (such as Skype or Windows Azure) who told us their success stories. This was a really motivating and energizing event. Another event is the Company Day. It is the day when the entire campus becomes a huge playground where we have different kinds of team activities, from building a 50 meter floating bridge to assembling wooden carts in order to race with them.In a few words, the MDCC atmosphere is truly great. But perhaps now you are wondering how is outside it. Before traveling to Denmark, although I was really happy that my international experience dream finally came true, I also felt the fear of the unknown, the fear of living on my own in a foreign country. Later I finally realized not only that my fears were ill-founded, but that living in a country like Denmark is, like working here, a really wonderful experience.Coming here, I saw a totally different culture, with a totally different lifestyle than the one I've been accustomed to. If you would ask me to describe Denmark using only a few words, I would choose: family, friends, nature, healthy food and lifestyle. I have noticed that the Danes enjoy most of their free time with their families and friends. They cherish nature and take great care of it and last but not least, they adopt a very healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food and doing lots of sports. Perhaps you've heard about the Danish biking culture by now, since it is appreciated not only in Europe, but in the entire world (see the copenhagenization phenomenon). All this in the context of a very evolved and robust (yet sometimes hard to understand) welfare state. It is no wonder to me that Denmark has been chosen the country with the happiest people on the planet.Although Microsoft is an American company, its Danish Development Center is well-integrated into the Danish atmosphere. Having its site in a park-like setting, with two small lakes and lots of forest trees which host various birds during the entire year, it creates a story-like atmosphere. Plus, it is situated only fifteen minutes from the seaside, so whenever you feel the need to relax, it is easy to reach the Øresund Sea. Of course, if the weather allows you.Now that I've taken you through the Life of an SDET at MDCC tour, I would like to conclude by stating that for me the last year has been rather a revelatory one. It was the year in which I finally got to really apply and even further develop the solid engineering theory learned during my studies. But coming to think about it, I gained much more practical knowledge and experience than during the entire studying period. Besides the fact that I took part in almost all the phases in the development lifecycle of a product, I developed my technical skills (software design and engineering, software security, software testing, Windows OS internals, CLR, memory management and many more) while interacting with and learning from many smart and capable people. It was and is an experience which motivates me to continually grow and develop my knowledge in order to become a truly experienced professional. And don’t forget that we could someday be colleagues:
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Now Available
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 has now been made generally available in 15 countries including Denmark.For nearly 30 years, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has provided more than 94,000 diverse businesses in over 160 countries with the business system they need to grow and improve their profitability. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 is the most significant release yet of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV family and includes deep investments in new capabilities and improvements to make it easy to use and quick and cost-effective to implement.Read the full news announcement here and learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics NAV products here.
Dimensions of Diversity
On 26th of September 2012, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC), in partnership with Consortium for Global Talent (CGT) and in collaboration with the Confederation for Danish Industries (DI) and the Danish Chamber of Commerce (DE), organized a conference under the theme: Dimensions of Diversity.There were different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds as well as different perspectives, opinions and thoughts. But all shared the same belief: That diversity is beneficial for us all as individuals, companies and Denmark as a nation and that we should work together to promote a multifaceted society.Set in a beautiful historic decor in the center of Copenhagen, the conference received much attention, drawing a full house and a waiting list. Business top executives as well as employees from Danish and Danish based international companies gathered to hear different personalities share their views on diversity. The US Ambassador to Denmark, Laurie S. Fulton, talked passionately about her personal commitment to ensure women’s rights and about women as a key to growth and welfare. The ambassador was followed by a range of speakers including Charlotte Mark, Managing Director for Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, directors for DI and DE, the CEO for CGT, a neuroscientist, a Ph.D. focusing on diversity as a driver for innovation, not the least, the Danish Minister for Economic Affairs and the Interior, Margrethe Vestager.For the audience, it was not all about listening though. Everyone was asked to group with someone different from themself to discuss how to promote the value of diversity. It resulted in a series of questions to the Minister who managed to answer a lot of them during her wrap-up and promised to consider carefully the recommendations given to her afterwards in future Government policies.We have ample reasons to be satisfied with this diversity initiative. It was clear that there is a common understanding between industry and the political world that we need to embrace and to promote diversity in Denmark – for the benefit of our society, businesses and our individual development.
In Proud Company
“Geek and Proud”. That’s what it said on the colorful t-shirts of the employees from Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen who participated in this year’s Copenhagen Pride parade.Copenhagen Pride is an annual festival that offers activities where diversity and specifically gay rights are at the center of attention. It ends with a large, festive and colorful parade that over the years has succeeded in positioning itself as an institution in Denmark, gathering not only LGBT people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) but also business representatives and politicians who wish to show their support of diversity.To highlight the reach of the festival, Denmark’s leading business paper, Berlingske, noted in a headline: “Politicians, Microsoft and Bollywood were there as well”.Once again, our participation was employee driven by the LGBT team at Microsoft and once again it turned out as a huge success. Approximately 40 MDCC employees took part in the parade that gathered more than 15,000 participants and many thousands of spectators. Microsoft in Denmark was also one of the sponsors of the event with our logo being exposed at the City Square of Copenhagen during the week.The benefits from this event are tangible. Internally, we experience a lot of engagement not only from our LGBT employees but across the company. Externally, we are always proud to participate in initiatives aiming at raising awareness of the importance and benefits of diversity.
Welcome to Denmark
It’s a big thing moving to a new country to work – especially if you bring your family with you. Fortunately, there is extensive help to get if you choose to settle in Denmark. Not only has MDCC developed a wide range of internal programs to make you and your family feel welcome, we are also involved in numerous partnership initiatives aiming at making your relocation as smooth as possible.One initiative that will surely help you get the most out of your stay in Denmark is the online Welcome Package developed by the Consortium for Global Talent (GCT). CGT is a joint initiative between 18 of the largest Danish and international Danish based companies, including MDCC, that aim at attracting and retaining global professionals by making Denmark one of the best countries to work and live in.The Welcome Package is a comprehensive website that offers all the practical information you need to know before, during and after your stay in Denmark. In addition, it has a search function and an extensive useful links selection.Access the Welcome Package here and surf through a wealth of relevant facts. We doubt that you will find any question that you may have about working and living Denmark unanswered!
Getting up close and personal with our customers
Ensuring that our products are constantly up to date with our customers’ needs is a critical success factor for Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen. And the best way to understand the opportunities and challenges that our customers are facing is to experience their businesses first-hand.“Customer Day is a very important activity for us. If you are like me and work in engineering, you are used to seeing only a part of the picture. Customer Day helps us see the product that we work on through the eyes of the customer”, says Dirk Junghanns who works as a Software Development Engineer in Test in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV team.Mogens Nielsen agrees: “We need to come down from our ivory tower from time to time to get a feeling with our customers. What drives them, why do they buy our products?”Mogens works as a Senior Lead in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV team. On May 15, and as part of Customer Day 2012, Mogens, together with 4 colleagues, left their desks and ventured out to visit a local customer – and to get a touch of reality. They were offered a tour of the company, an introduction to their market, an overview of their activities, a nice lunch as well as an insight into the practical use of an industry specific Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution with focus on both its strengths and potential improvement areas.“We got a clear illustration of the importance of simplicity. Many of the end-users at the company that we visited had no particular IT-knowledge and yet our solution was integrated part of their daily work routine”, says Mogens.Mogens and Dirk were far from alone to opt for a customer visit rather than “just another day at the office”. All in all, 197 Microsoft employees went out on Customer Day 2012 to pay visits to customers all over Denmark.“The purpose of the event was to bridge the gap between customer and developer, to share experiences, listen to customers’ stories and to learn about their successes and challenges in using our products to support their daily business”, says Lisa Tam, Executive Assistant and this year’s organizer of Customer Day.With 39 partners supporting the project and 40 customers participating, it is fair to conclude that the event was a success.“It was a great opportunity to validate some of our assumptions and to enter into a dialogue about possible improvement areas. We definitely came home a lot wiser and with new ideas”, says Mogens.
Celebrating 10 fantastic years in Denmark!
In May 2012, it was exactly ten years since Microsoft announced the acquisition of the Danish IT company Navision and created what is today Microsoft’s biggest development center in Europe and one of the most international companies in Denmark.At MDCC, we marked our big 1-0 on the 22nd of May together with the people who have played or play a part in our Danish history: customers, partners, friends from the industry and the international business community in Denmark, collaboration partners from universities and organizations as well as representatives from the political world. We had a full house and our campus was buzzing with energy!Our big day started with an opening speech by the American Ambassador to Denmark, Laurie S. Fulton followed by the Danish Minister for Trade and Investment, Pia Olsen Dyhr, who, with reference to our Microsoft Dynamics brand, talked about the meaning of the word “dynamics”. More than just the name of our brand, “dynamics” can be used to describe Microsoft’s business in Denmark, the Minister said.After that Kirill Tatarinov, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Business Solutions, shared his personal perspectives when looking back and ahead on Microsoft’s adventure in Denmark and Andrew Blake, Distinguished Scientist and Managing Director of Microsoft Research Cambridge talked about the exciting possibilities within the future of technology.Leaving the celebrations for a while, the participants then got into serious business when attending different tracks with various focus. One track, gathering Microsoft Dynamics partners, looked at the future of business applications, another on the Northern region as an IT-powerhouse, while a third roundtable gathering notably Morten Østergaard, the Danish Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education as well as top execs from the industry organizations, the political world and the universities focused on how to create “A national talent strategy for Denmark”.The external morning program was packed – and so was the internal afternoon program when our colleagues took over the campus for some serious celebration.Turning ten is a big thing and was definitely worth celebrating with an event to be remembered. And at MDCC, we look forward to our next decade in Denmark!
Microsoft stays on top
Keeping a strong profile among engineers is a critical success factor for Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen. To maintain our leading position on the global market and to be constantly in the technological forefront, we need to be able to attract the very best talents from Denmark and abroad.We are therefore extremely happy that Microsoft in Denmark, consisting of our development center as well as the Danish subsidiary Microsoft Denmark, has been put in a solid first place as the most attractive IT workplace in Denmark in the prestigious image survey “Profil 2012”. In this year’s annual survey carried out by the Danish magazine Ingeniøren, about 3.000 members of the Danish Engineering Association (IDA) have been asked to rate 111 Danish engineering companies based on a number of parameters such as management, career opportunities, salary and benefits.We are very proud of having kept our first place on the IT-list for the fourth consecutive year. In addition, in this year’s survey, Microsoft in Denmark has climbed four places and is rated number 20 on the general list of engineering companies in Denmark. As such, we are, as Ingeniøren observes, the only IT-company in the upper third of the general list with the next IT-company coming in as number 44.“Distinguishing ourselves and consolidating our position as the undisputed most popular IT workplace among Danish engineers is a great honor – as well as a great responsibility”, says PR & Brand Manager Linda Duncan Wendelboe. “Keeping a strong profile demands constant focus on promoting all that Microsoft has to offer in terms of challenging career opportunities beyond borders and flexible working conditions. And competition today is harsh when it comes to attracting the best talents from Denmark and abroad, keeping us constantly upbeat”.Find out more and dig deeper into the “Profile Magazine 2012” here.
Open for curiosity
They listened, mingled and queued up for the coding challenge to test their coding skills. And over pizza and cold drinks, they asked a lot of questions about what it is like to work at Microsoft. This year’s Open House event at MDCC stayed true to the tradition and turned out to be a great success with the last passionates leaving our campus long time after the session closed.On April 17, 75 students from technical universities had accepted our invitation to visit MDCC, meet with our management and employees, hear about our products and technologies – and, not the least, get an idea of future potential career opportunities with Microsoft’s biggest development center in Europe. And so they did.“What we were pleased to notice at this year’s event in particular was the high level of engagement of the participants. They were very interested and asked a lot of questions. The students seemed dedicated to setting a clear direction for their career and I’m sure that we’ll hear from quite a few of them again”, says PR & Brand Manager Linda Duncan Wendelboe.Particular interesting for the students were our two role models, Aida and Javier, both former Open House attendants themselves. Javier is last year’s winner of the coding challenge and is now employed as a Student Worker. Aida attended a similar event more than 10 years ago and today works as a Senior Program Manager. They were both there to share how their own MDCC Open House experience turned out to be the first step in their career and, judging from the curiosity among the students, their stories served as great inspiration.Before the end of this month, interested students are invited to hand in their CV to the MDCC Staffing team. The most suitable will then be contacted for an interview and if everything fits into place some of the most motivated and curious students from this year’s Open House event may start a career with MDCC. Just like Javier and Aida did.Curiosity may have killed the cat. At MDCC it is, on the contrary, seen as a virtue and an important reason why we look forward to keep on opening our doors for students from across the country and abroad.
To make a short story long
“We’re making a short film. But it’s actually very long”. Sofie, Christine, Martin and Sigurd were among 110 kids and youngsters who chose to spend the recent Easter Holidays at Microsoft’s development center in Vedbæk in order to learn how to make a movie with the use of a laptop and other digital tools. The group chose to make a story about two naughty kids who went to work with their parents. And apparently they found it hard to limit their imagination and keep their story short.This is the fifth consecutive year that Microsoft organizes Easter Camp and just as the previous years the event was a huge success among kids and youngsters from schools in the area. This year, the task given to the “students” was to make their own television channel. On the third and last day of the camp, after a lot of hard work, Channel DigiKidz finally launched successfully and on time with a complete program schedule made up of broadcasts entirely produced by and for kids and youngsters.It wasn’t all blood, sweat and tears though and no need to feel sorry for the students who had sacrificed their holiday in order to learn more about the opportunities of IT and gain insight into various digital tools. In fact, the Easter Camp program was an equal mix of classroom teaching, various workshops, practical problem solving and Kinect, Xbox , airhockey, foosball as well as outdoor basket, football and volley practicing. Not to forget the outside Easter egg hunt and other events that made the campus appear more like an after-school care than a software development center.“It’s really great. You meet new friends. And there’s free Cocio and Coca Cola which is really cool as well”, said Sigurd, a repeater from last year’s camp.Managing Director for Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC), Charlotte Mark, recognizes Sigurd’s positive attitude from her own two boys who attended Easter Camp as well.“It was exciting to experience their enthusiasm”, she says. “There was just so much energy – right from the morning at home where they asked when to leave and until we got here where everybody was running around in the hallways with cameras and recording equipment”.However, Easter Camp is not only about offering fun and free Cocios. It is the result of collaboration between Microsoft and a group of dedicated public school teachers. The initiative is part of Microsoft’s program DigiKidz aiming at making coming generations see the opportunities in IT and inspiring more students to choose a scientific education.“To make a long story short, these kids and youngsters may be our talents of tomorrow”, says Charlotte Mark, hoping to see the IT interested kids and youngsters again next year.
Let’s get physical
“Speaking code” is usually a natural prerequisite when solving a challenge in the world of software programming. However, a group of students at Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) recently took a whole new approach when they fought their way through the European BEST Engineering Contest (EBEC) and brought home the first price. By doing what could mostly be compared to yoga-exercises.“They actually didn’t present us with the actual programming which may be a bit unusual in a software engineering contest. But we were totally taken back by their creativity and radically different approach”, says Mogens Nielsen. In addition to his job as a Software Development Engineer Lead at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC), he recently helped organize the Danish part of the BEST Engineering Contest together with DTU.The European BEST Engineering Contest is an annual engineering competition organized by the pan-European student organization BEST that is present in more than 30 countries, has more than 3000 members and reaches out to approximately one million students. The winning DTU-team will continue to the regional finale in Stockholm in April and, if they manage to “yoga their way” through this one as well, they may end up at the grand finale in Zagreb in August.The task formulated by MDCC and presented to the Danish engineering students this year was to design and demonstrate the possibility of a non-touch calculator based on Microsoft’s Kinect Sensor that allows a developer to detect the position, posture and voice of a user. Hence the yoga-like gestures from the winning team who chose to make their user communicate with the calculator from a couple of meters’ distance through a virtual “wheel”. When putting their hand forward and turning the virtual “wheel” to e.g. “one”, they received the equivalent sound response.“They fully understood the premises of this challenge and managed to turn them into an opportunity, notably by opening up for use of their solution by visually impaired. What they came up with was radically different and a very good idea”, says Mogens Nielsen who was impressed by both the seriousness and the enthusiasm demonstrated by all of this year’s 32 contestants.It’s the second consecutive year that MDCC sponsors and helps organize the BEST Engineering Contest at DTU, providing the students with the possibility to work on a real case using real tools.“It’s not only fun”, says Benjamin Johansen, a DTU-student himself who, as the main driver and organizer of the Danish part of the contest, has put many hours and a lot of hard work into the event. “It’s an opportunity for us to get a touch of the “real world” and a better idea of our career opportunities”.For MDCC, it’s an opportunity to show potential employees that software programming is so much more than “just” writing code. And that “big gestures” can sometimes bring you a long way.For more information about BEST:
Visit from the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen
As one of the most international companies in the Copenhagen region, it is an absolute top priority for Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) that our many foreign employees find it attractive to work and live in the Danish capital. This is why we aim at constantly informing existing and potential employees about what Copenhagen has to offer. Why we take active part in a range of initiatives aiming at promoting Copenhagen abroad. And why we focus on maintaining a close dialogue with the people who have a say when it comes to making it easy for our international employees to settle and integrate in the Danish capital.Meeting with the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, in January, was an important step in this direction. The Lord Mayor, who visited the development center with key members of his staff, met with Charlotte Mark, Managing Director of MDCC, and representatives for our employees. He listened, asked a lot of questions and engaged in an interesting debate about what it takes to make Copenhagen attractive for international talents.We appreciate the chance to give input on how we can make Copenhagen even more attractive for international talents in the future and look forward to continue the dialogue going forward.
Women at Microsoft - make it your way
The old cliché about IT being a man’s world should long be dead and buried. If this isn’t already the case, and if you keep thinking that software development is only for (male) nerds, then we strongly invite you to meet eight tech-savvy women at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen who have chosen to turn their passion for technology into an exciting and challenging career with Microsoft’s biggest development center in Europe.Together, they have written a small book about how they have made it their way with Microsoft. The book is meant as inspiration for women with an appetite for a challenging career and aims at illustrating that, contrary to yet another cliché, personal and professional ambitions are indeed reconcilable.Read what some of our women employees have to say here. Who knows, they may inspire you to join them and make it your way with Microsoft.
Playing it for real
When we first saw him hanging in the lamppost right in the middle of the large water basin, we thought that he might be testing the online game that he was working on In Real Life – or that he had taken a misunderstood approach to cloud computing. But that was before we realized that he was just spending the coffee break exercising his parcour skills. Fortunately, Steen Zou, one of 20 school interns during this year’s IT Internship Week at MDCC, managed to jump safely back to the shore and continue the lessons in game programming with his fellow students. Last week, MDCC’s campus was buzzing with activity as the development center, for the third consecutive year and as part of a national initiative of the Danish IT Industry Association, opened its doors to IT-interested ninth graders from surrounding schools. Many of them already had an idea of what they were getting themselves into, as their parents work for Microsoft, but some were total newcomers to the world of IT in general and software programming in particular. They all showed the same enthusiasm though, when they were offered a hands-on introduction to Kodu, a Microsoft developed programming tool targeted young people, and afterwards given the opportunity to develop their own online game. “It’s cool”, “I never thought learning could be that fun”, “I’ll definitely download Kodu when I get home”, “I will seriously consider a career within IT” were just some of the comments along with: “It’s a bit hard to find your way around the campus”, “the coffee machine is just perfect”, “the shuttle bus works really well” and “great food and thumbs up for the free soft drinks”. “I wish though that we had done a bit more C# and C++”, one student said, illustrating that they may be teenagers, but they may also be the technical talents that MDCC will be welcoming in a few years for the start of a long career in software programming. After two playful days spent game programming at MDCC, the students visited the Technical University of Denmark before moving on to the Danish sub where they were given an introduction to marketing and commercialization of software products and asked to solve a real business case. It’s not known whether Steen Zou continued practicing his parcour skill in these two other places. In any case, he is always welcome back, along with his fellow students, to explore the MDCC campus.
Highly educated immigrants make Denmark richer
A new study shows that highly educated foreigners in Denmark do not only help strengthen the competitiveness of business  - they also give a nice profit to the public purse: A highly educated immigrant with accompanying family gives an average yearly profit of a quarter million DKK. On average, the highly educated foreigners make use of fewer social and health care services, are rarely in contact with the justice system and pay more taxes than the Danes. - Our ability to attract and retain foreign talent is an important competitive factor for Danish businesses. With this study we want to illustrate why it is so important to attract the most talented foreigners. This also applies in the current situation with low growth and rising unemployment as the foreign talents contribute to create growth and new jobs in Denmark, says DI's CEO Karsten Dybvad. He points out that despite the current crisis and growing unemployment in Denmark, even among highly educated, the demographic trend will lead to fewer people in the workforce to support more people outside the workforce in the coming years. The new report is co-funded by Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen and DI and carried out by Copenhagen Business School (CBS) under the leadership of Professor Jan Rose Skaksen. The study shows that: An average highly educated immigrant with accompanying family stays in Denmark for 8 years and contributes with around DKK 1.9 million to the public purse. An average highly educated immigrant without accompanying family stays in Denmark for 6 years and contributes with around DKK 900,000 to the public purse. And the average immigrant under the preferential expert taxation scheme without accompanying family stays in Denmark for 3 years and contributes with around DKK 650,000 to the public purse. - This study clearly confirms what we experience in our daily life at Microsoft: That the people we attract to Denmark are socioeconomically advantaged. We have highly educated employees from more than 40 different nationalities who strengthen our business professionally, financially and personally while showing a great interest in integrating in Denmark, says Charlotte Mark, Managing Director of Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen. She hopes the study will help increase the Danish population's awareness of the highly educated immigration’s positive impact on the Danish society. Read the whole survey at (available in Danish only). For more information contakt: Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen: Charlotte Mark, Managing Director, tel. +45 29 22 99 13, or Linda Wendelboe, PR & Brand Manager, tel. + 45 29 22 98 78, DI: Steen Nielsen, Head of Salary and Labor Market Policy, tel. +45 33 77 33 18, CBS: Jan Rose Skaksen, Professor Ph.d., tel. +45 38 15 25 82,
Microsoft – the World’s Best Multinational Workplace
Great Place to Work Institute has announced that Microsoft is the World’s Best Multinational Workplace. This was announced through Fortune Magazine and the prestigious global award was handed over at a gala awards ceremony taking place at the New York Stock Exchange on the 27th of October. The World’s Best Multinational Workplaces List is the first integrated look at survey data from employees and managers from thousands of companies across six continents; making it the world’s largest annual study of workplace excellence. The ranking marks the first time Great Place to Work presents the top 25 global companies to work for and is based on measures such as trust, pride and camaraderie in the workplace.   About Great Place to Work Great Place to Work® Institute is a global research, consulting and training firm that serves businesses, non-profits and government agencies in 45 countries on all six continents. To qualify for the World’s Best Multinational Workplaces List, companies must have appeared on at least five national Great Place to Work lists, have at least 5,000 employees worldwide, and at least 40 percent (or 5,000 members) of their global workforce must work outside of the company's home country.
Go camping with IT
You don’t need a tent to join the University of Århus’ IT camp 2011 from the 17th to the 19th of October. And you don’t need to be a nerd either. In fact, what you do need is to be a Danish speaking young woman between 15 and 19 who is curious to know more about the diversity of opportunities offered by an IT-education.   At MDCC we’re constantly looking for more talented women to join our team which is why we’re one of the sponsors of this “IT-camp for women” in Århus. If you fit the description below, or know someone who does, we strongly encourage you to visit for more information. Who knows, it may be your first step into an exciting career in software development!
Uganda Energizers
Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen is well known for openly embracing all cultures and we are often referred to as a showcase of diversity. However, when the traditional coffee break was recently replaced with African singing and dancing it was an eye opening experience even for our most multicultural employees. To Mateusz Osojca, an international exchange student from Poland who works as a Software Development Engineer in Test, introducing Ugandan Youth Red Cross workers to the use of Word, PowerPoint and Excel turned out to be much more than a one-way classroom teaching experience. “When we all got a bit tired we asked if we should grab a coffee. But they said coffee was too strong for them and asked us if we would try a “Uganda Energizer” instead. And then they started singing and dancing.” “The first time it felt a little awkward but already on the second day of teaching we had gotten used to their “Uganda Energizers”. And honestly, it was much more efficient than a coffee break.” Mateusz Osojca is one of six Microsoft employees who recently decided to spend their three annual voluntary work days on a program with the Danish Youth Red Cross and their Ugandan counterpart. As part of this educational program that is now on its third consecutive year, Microsoft employees teach Ugandan Red Cross workers basic IT skills. In exchange they get an experience out of the ordinary without even leaving the office. “Since I finished high school I have always planned to do charity work in Africa. But rather than me going there, the opportunity came to me as part of my job. That’s really great. I spent three fantastic days and got six new Ugandan friends.” Just like Mateusz Osojca, all employees at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen are given the opportunity to donate three work days annually to take active part in local charity work. In addition to working for the Danish Red Cross, Microsoft employees have for instance volunteered for Save the Children, the Aids Foundation and Copenhagen Pride. “When you participate in events like this you feel part of the world around you. It’s so rewarding and I highly recommend it”, says Mateusz Osojca before heading back to the coffee machine – while keeping in his mind the benefits from African singing and dancing.
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Launches Worldwide
Modern, “powerfully simple” enterprise resource planning solution delivers true business value to customers. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is now available to customers around the world in 25 countries and 23 languages. Kicking off a series of more than 100 global launch events celebrating the general availability of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, CEO Steve Ballmer and Microsoft Business Solutions President Kirill Tatarinov joined industry experts, customers and partners to share how technology innovations enable companies to be more agile, breaking down the barriers and limitations of outdated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. “Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is a new generation of business applications. It’s the ERP solution that sets customers free and puts them in control of their business,” Ballmer said. “Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 helps companies be more agile, simplify decision-making and succeed in any environment.” The flexible architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, which includes built-in capabilities for multiple industries and geographic regions, lets people make quick and easy changes to processes and personal experiences to fulfill the shifting needs of their business, no matter how complex the organization. The simplicity of the Microsoft Dynamics RoleTailored experience gives people across the company the information they need to do their job, access to the Microsoft productivity tools they use every day, and built-in, contextual business intelligence, empowering better decisions. And because Windows Azure-based cloud services, such as Rapid Start, Site, Payment and Commerce services, are directly accessible from within Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, companies can immediately realize the benefits of public cloud services from within their private cloud or on-premises deployment. “When the CEO tells me about his new business idea and how he wants it done in two weeks, I know I can do it in one week with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012,” said Rif Kiamil, chief information officer of JJ Food Services Ltd., a U.K.-based food service distribution company. “Microsoft has really thought about what ERP should be.” As enterprise organizations recognize the limitations of legacy ERP solutions to enable their dynamic businesses, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 serves as a highly scalable, yet cost-effective, solution for their operations, subsidiaries or divisions to maintain a competitive edge, while retaining their legacy investment to cover administrative ERP needs at the corporate level. At the same time, large and midsize companies are looking to Microsoft as a safe haven from current ERP vendors that may not offer clear product road maps or commitment to long-term innovation. One such customer is the City of Redmond, which chose to replace its JD Edwards system because it couldn’t support the city’s operations, was hard to use and caused concerns about continued support. The City of Redmond implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, significantly improving operations, user satisfaction and efficiency. City employees are now provided with transparent, relevant and rich information so that they can provide innovative services to their citizens. To help businesses transition to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 more easily, Microsoft will offer a range of incentives. The first of those is a 50 percent license discount on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 for eligible customers with valid Lawson S3 or M3 licenses who make the switch. In addition, qualifying partners can receive a revenue credit for each Lawson-certified consultant that obtains Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 certification. These offers are valid from Sept. 8, 2011, until June 22, 2012. Customers and partners can learn more at While all customers and partners benefit from the prebuilt industry capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, global independent software vendors, such as Aldata, Ferranti, Harris and LexisNexis, take things a step further, embracing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 as the core foundation they offer to customers, complemented with their own unique solutions across a wide range of verticals and industries, such as retail, utilities, professional services and legal services, to name a few. More information about Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, a replay of the opening keynote webcast and information about local launch events can be found at
The Microsoft Dynamics ERP team can be followed on Twitter at @MSFTDynamicsERP and by using the hashtag #AX2012.
Drum Roll Please… Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is now on the market!
For months we’ve been sharing details about the upcoming release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, the newest version of our ERP solution for global organizations that is “Powerfully Simple.” Earlier this year at Convergence 2011, we revealed the final release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 was expected to be generally available in August 2011. Today, August 1, we are pleased to announce the wait is officially over: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is now generally available in 25 countries and 23 languages, with more country roll-outs planned in the coming months. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is “Powerfully Simple” because it has been designed to empower people to anticipate and embrace change, enabling businesses of all sizes to thrive and grow. Through our early adoption programs we already have evidence from customers and partners on the incredible value they are realizing from this latest version. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 delivers: A powerful foundation of prebuilt industry capabilities and comprehensive, core ERP functionality for financial, human resources and operations management. It supports more than 40 roles within an organization from the shop floor to the top floor in both commercial businesses and public sector organizations. One of our Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 customers, Hydra-Power Systems is primarily a national distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, but the company also manufactures custom hydraulic manifolds and power units and offers installation and training services. “Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 provides us with so many new capabilities that are critical for Hydra-Power, so we customize less and remain much closer to the solution’s standard functionality,” explains Bob Jablonski, operations manager at Hydra-Power Systems. A new level of agility through a set of tools like our Unified Natural Models, which serve as a library of business processes that reflect real-world situations. The Royal Canadian Mint looked at other leading ERP solutions but wanted something that could deliver the maximum value to them, the shortest implementation time, the best TCO while letting them manage their infrastructure without “an army of consultants.” As CIO Greg Smith put it, “For us, it’s all about agility – if we can’t deliver in weeks, what used to take months, we’re holding back the business.” Simplicity across the board, allowing amazing flexibility in configuration and customization while lowering total cost of ownership to our customers. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is focused on making every process for both IT administrators and end users simpler, easier and more intuitive. One example of the simplicity of the product in action is at Ferranti Computer Systems, a Microsoft Dynamics AX ISV: Local partners who implement Ferranti’s MECOMS business application for utilities companies will improve time to value by up to 30 percent and be able to spend less time on deployments, allowing them to focus more on unique customer requirements. Earlier this month at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, we took simplicity a HUGE step further and announced Microsoft Dynamics ERP RapidStart Services. RapidStart Services, build on the Windows Azure platform, is designed to decrease the time-to-value of ERP deployments by simplifying the configuration of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 to meet customer requirements through a simple questionnaire based approach to guiding system setup. With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, deploying, configuring and managing a mission critical business application in your organization has never been easier. To learn more about this powerfully simple ERP solution that is a game-changer, check out our Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 launch website, or contact your local partner representative to find a launch event near you. Looking for a partner? There are hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 certified partners ready to help—get in touch with one by visiting the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace. To help celebrate this great new product and learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 can help your organization, we invite you to register now to join Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, and Kirill Tatarinov, President of Microsoft Business Solutions at the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Virtual Launch Event on September 8, 2011. In addition to Steve and Kirill, you’ll hear directly from Microsoft executives, customers and Gartner ERP analyst Nigel Montgomery about how the innovations in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 can immediately benefit your organization. Following the webcast, 35+ on-demand sessions will take you inside the product and focus on our key industries, integration, technical architecture, and business ROI.
New head of Microsoft Dynamics AX development
He’s new to the Microsoft Dynamics AX team but a well known figure at MDCC where he has been working since Microsoft bought the Danish IT-company Navision. Kim Ibfelt is Danish and has been working on what is today known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV since 1999. Most lately as Director of Program Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and part of the MDCC Leadership Team. As of per 1st of May and after more than ten years working on the legacy of Navision, Kim Ibfelt has taken the great leap to Microsoft Dynamics AX where he has been appointed Product Unit Manager for Supply Chain Management. This internal career jump within the MDCC Leadership Team makes Kim Ibfelt responsible for the Danish-based development of Microsoft Dynamics AX for the global market. According to an old saying, you should never change horses in midstream. So what makes one of the most senior Navision-profiles at MDCC change product team? “My career move is a good example of what we internally call “cross group pollination”. In practice this means that rather than working isolated in their own “box”, people within Microsoft are encouraged to move across the organization, spreading knowledge, inspiring each other and acquiring new expertise. Not only does this translate into some exciting career opportunities, like the one I grabbed, it also creates a dynamic work environment and, not the least, it leads to innovation and growth”, says Kim Ibfelt.In his new position, Kim Ibfelt replaces British Richard Barnwell who, after finishing his contract with MDCC, is continuing his career with Microsoft in the USA. Kim Ibfelt looks forward to digging into a new product and a new organization within MDCC. And to all the new challenges brought along by his position as responsible for the further development of one of Microsoft’s biggest business solutions investments.”Microsoft has significant development potential on the global market for software based business solutions. With our latest product, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 that’s being launched globally later this year, we introduce a whole new generation of ERP. And at the same time we enter into a new league where we are ready to target big international customers. I look forward to being part of the development in the near future where I believe that we will see a change of game rules on the global ERP-market”, says Kim Ibfelt.
Microsoft in Vedbaek the sweetheart of engineers
“The sweetheart in Vedbæk has the whole package”. This is how the Danish magazine Ingeniøren sums up the results of its annual image survey 2011 that puts Microsoft in Denmark in a solid first place as the most attractive IT-workplace in Denmark. For the third consecutive year, that is.More than 3100 engineers and engineering students took part in the image survey this year and were asked to rate the 111 biggest engineering workplaces in Denmark on a range of criteria such as salaries and benefits, communication and visibility, management and career opportunities.“Neither the students nor the graduates have any doubt: Microsoft in Denmark, with its development center in Vedbæk and its headquarters in Hellerup, scores top marks on almost all parameters in the image survey”, the magazine concludes.For Microsoft’s biggest development center in Europe, this award is of the highest importance. “As an international development center based in Denmark, building a strong Danish profile is essential to us and we are incredibly pleased about this result. It means a lot to us that Danish engineers and engineering students have a consistently high opinion of Microsoft in Denmark. It is critical for us that we are able to attract the best talents from all over the world and we see this award as a sign that even more Danish skilled engineers may consider making at career with us in the future. That is extremely positive as we believe we have a lot to offer in terms of interesting and challenging career opportunities”, says Charlotte Mark, Managing Director, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC).Find out more and dig deeper into the “Profile Magazine 2011” here.
Full house!
At MDCC we speak code and we’re always on the lookout for talented people who share our language and our passion for developing software.This is why we regularly open our doors for interested students from the technical universities in the region. We are always overwhelmed by the talent and the interest that we’re met with. And, to say it mildly, this year’s Open House event was no exception.On 26 April, no less than 125 students accepted our invitation to visit our campus, meet with our management and employees, hear about our products and technologies – and, not the least, get an idea of future potential career opportunities with Microsoft’s biggest development center in Europe. They exceeded our expectations by far not only in terms of number but also in terms of passion for our business. The traditional coding challenge, where students are asked to solve a number of problems in the shortest possible time, was the main attraction with students constantly queuing up for an opportunity to “break the code” – and to walk away with an Xbox and Kinect. There was lots of asking questions, eating pizzas and mingling during the afternoon. The students’ enthusiasm turned the event into a successful combination of business and pleasure with the last passionates missing the return bus and leaving our campus with money for the taxi. The participating students were all invited to send in their CV’s as the first step in a screening process that, hopefully, will lead us to welcoming some of them as our colleagues in the near future. We look forward to repeating the Open House event next year.
Breaking the ice in Copenhagen
Kgs. Nytorv is a majestic and beautiful square in Copenhagen where the Danes go ice skating in the winter and eat ice cream in the summer. However, when employees from Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) gathered there on a cold and foggy Saturday in January, they did neither. Rather, they engaged themselves in a heated discussion in one of the legendary wine bars on the square. Theme of the day? History and culture. The employees – newcomers, experienced expats as well as a handful of Danes – had just been touring the old historic center of Copenhagen as part of the latest initiative of the development center aimed at bringing its employees closer together. At MDCC, every third employee is of another nationality than Danish making the development center one of the most international companies in Denmark. “Key to making our many international talents feel at home in Denmark is to help them break the ice – with each other as well as with the Danes. This is why we offer a range of programs and initiatives to help our international employees not only to integrate easily at work but also to enjoy a rich social life outside office hours”, says Charlotte Mark, Managing Director for MDCC. The tour was the first in a series of explorative city tours, each with a different theme, aimed at introducing MDCC employees and their families to the “coolness” of Copenhagen – and we are not talking temperatures here but design, culture, architecture, history, shopping, food, fashion and much more. For this first historical dive into the Danish capital, the participants were split up in smaller groups and introduced to all the landmarks of the old city center, from Vor Frue Kirke through the Latin Quarter and past the old Copenhagen University to Kgs. Nytorv between Strøget and Nyhavn. Discovering the history and the cultural particularities of the Danish capital in small groups made networking and connecting across nationalities easy as it provided a natural and informal platform for cultural exchange. Conversation just flows easier when there’s something to talk about – and it doesn’t all have to be about software. The winter may be cold in Copenhagen. However, through this initiative the MDCC employees succeeded in breaking the ice and got themselves warmed up for getting to know Copenhagen – as well as their colleagues – better.
What a release!
2010 ended on a high for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV team. Having put all their efforts into ensuring the release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 , they could finally celebrate a well deserved New Year after shipping the product simultaneously in 42 countries in December – an outstanding achievement that is well worth a champagne toast! Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 is the latest set of functionalities for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, an ERP solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) tailored for midsize organizations with specialized and locally relevant business needs. The new set of functionalities focuses in particular on increased CRM integration (Customer Relations Management) and online payment services. Developed in response to customer feedback, these latest enhancements will help improve business productivity in midsize businesses across the world. “This release is a perfect illustration of the cross-team work that characterizes our Microsoft organization”, says Daniel Brown, General Manager for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. “A release, such as this one, is always the result of a great team effort involving software development engineers, researchers, designers, program managers, testers, marketing and sales people – not only from MDCC but from across the company. This is particularly true when we release simultaneously in 42 countries – an unprecedented broad release. When all these people, drawing on their different backgrounds and expertise, succeed in landing a product like the one we have just released, this is when we can truly say: Mission accomplished”. Today, the employees involved in the final release of 2010 are all back to work. They may not be working at exactly the same pace as before, but they are surely busy again, preparing for the next releases. In fact, time never stands still when working with software development and the next three big launches of Microsoft Dynamics NAV are already programmed and communicated to partners. Time to deliver – again and again.
Gartner says good for it - again
For the second year running, leading analyst firm Gartner Inc. has positioned Microsoft Dynamics AX in the “Leaders Quadrant” of the “Magic Quadrant for ERP for Product-Centric Midmarket Companies”. In the same report, which this year evaluated global enterprise resource planning (ERP) products specifically tailored for companies with 100 to 999 employees, and with annual revenue between $50 million and $1 billion, Microsoft Dynamics NAV is recognized as a “Niche Player”.

Microsoft Dynamics is Microsoft’s line of ERP solutions for the global market. While Microsoft Dynamics NAV is targeted at midsize organizations with specialized and locally relevant business needs, Microsoft Dynamics AX supports global midsize and larger organizations operating in multiple locations, as well as organizations looking for a single ERP solution to manage subsidiaries, divisions and branch entities while maintaining a separate headquarters solution.

The “Magic Quadrant” is a research tool developed by Gartner Inc. in order to provide IT-decision makers with an overview of a specific market’s competing technology providers at a specific time. Providers are positioned, and visually presented, in four different quadrants according to their respective strengths and challenges: Challengers, Leaders, Niche Players and Visionaries.

In its report, Gartner Inc. notably attributes the positioning of Microsoft Dynamics AX as a Leader to its ability to execute which is “proven by a long track record and above-average growth rates in the midmarket”.

“We believe being recognized as a Leader demonstrates our commitment to enabling dynamic businesses,” said Crispin Read, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Product Management Group, at Microsoft. “Our focus on simplicity, value and agility is key to maintaining our position as a leader in the ERP industry.”

In the same report, Gartner Inc. says about Microsoft Dynamics NAV: “Dynamics NAV has a high brand awareness that is constantly expanding beyond its home markets in EMEA. The partner ecosystem provides a wide variety of individual solutions that serve the specific customer needs”.

To read the Gartner Inc. report and for more information on the “Magic Quadrant” research tool:

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics solutions, please visit
Cultivating teenage talent
When in front of a computer, they often tend to get stuck for hours navigating through status updates on Facebook. However, when 27 teenagers recently worked their way through a one week’s internship at Microsoft, there was no time for facebooking but for a lot of focused work. The internship was part of the national week of “IT Work Experience” organized every year by the Danish IT Industry Association, and the ninth graders came from all over the country. Some had travelled a long way to get a taste of what it’s like to work at Microsoft and all showed great motivation and interest in what they were being taught. The teenagers started out their week here at MDCC where Mogens Nielsen and André Lamego gave a hands-on introduction to programming through “Kodu”; a programming tool developed by Microsoft Research and specifically targeted young people. They then visited the Technical University of Denmark before moving on to the Danish subsidiary to learn more about marketing and commercialization of software products. “We wanted to give them a broad introduction to as many aspects of software development as possible in order to raise their awareness of all the interesting career opportunities that we and the IT industry have to offer”, says Charlotte Mark, Managing Director. And explains why opening its doors to youngsters is part of the strategy of MDCC. “The constant access to talent is critical to MDCC and it is of great concern to us that not enough young people in Denmark today seem interested in pursuing a career within IT. As one of the leading IT companies, we believe we should take part of the responsibility. We therefore use any occasion to introduce young people to all the opportunities within our profession and to share our passion for software development with them. There is definitely a lot of interest and talent out there. However, if we want access to highly skilled IT specialists in Denmark in the future, we must make sure that this talent is cultivated.” Inspiring future talents to turn towards an IT education has long been high on MDCC’s agenda. And is the reason why MDCC offers this internship once a year and has undertaken a series of initiatives such as Digigirlz, a program aimed at raising interest for IT among teenage girls, as well as Digikidz, aimed at doing the same but among even younger boys and girls. Judging from the work presented by the teenagers attending this recent internship, there is no doubt that they have the potential for a promising career. “If only some of these teenagers choose one day to realize their potential by working with software development, our mission is accomplished”, says Charlotte Mark.
Make it work for your partner as well
As an expatriate, when accepting an offer at MDCC, you are not only embracing a new career opportunity. You are equally saying yes to a whole new adventure that may involve your entire family and give you all an experience for life. In order for an expatriation to be successful, it is essential that your accompanying family settles well in Denmark – and that your accompanying partner enjoys just as a rewarding experience as you do. For a large part of expat partners, key to a fulfilling experience in Denmark involves working. And now there’s good news for willing working partners! Work in Denmark, the official website for international recruitment, has launched a free-of-charge job network called Partner Link for accompanying partners of global professionals who wish to work while in Denmark. Via the Partner Link, the spouse or partner is actively guided through the entire job seeking process and in all the relevant aspects hereof – including writing resumes and job applications for the Danish job market. And there is even more good news! In fact, it is worth noting that Denmark has a structural demand for highly qualified labour and that career opportunities are rather good. You should also know that Danish families rarely rely on one single income and that extensive child care facilities make it possible for both partners to work even with small children. Not the least, you should be aware that most Danish companies value worklife balance, making it possible to pursue a rewarding career without compromising on your family life. If you’re interested in knowing more about how you can make it work for your accompanying partner while exploring your career opportunities with MDCC, please visit the Living in Denmark section on our career website. In this section on our career site, we also link to a bunch of useful information websites such as where you can read more about the Partner Link network. If you’re an accompanying partner and already ready to pick up work in Denmark, we invite you to fill in the job template available for download here. Regardless of where you are from and how far you are in the process of engaging in a new adventure, this will help you to make it work in Denmark.
The talented returnees
They left Denmark to explore their opportunities and gain valuable experience abroad. And they return to MDCC for the exact same reasons. Ambitious and talented “returnees” are an extremely attractive target group for MDCC in our constant efforts to attract the best talents from all over the world. In order to raise awareness of the opportunities that MDCC has to offer talented “returnees”, we recently invited “expat Danes” working for Microsoft in Redmond to an informal meeting with the Danish Leadership Team during a visit to the American headquarters. Ten “expats” showed up to get an introduction to MDCC and an idea of what it’s like to work for one of the most international companies in Denmark. They asked a bunch of questions, showed great interest in the career opportunities – and got a welcome taste of the Danish beers brought along for the occasion. Time and conversation flew as the potential top candidates discussed individual plans and common opportunities with the Danish Leadership Team – a few even made it clear that they would definitely consider pursuing their career with MDCC. When they do, they will join other talented “returnees” at MDCC. One of them is Program Manager David Probst. David is Danish, started his career at Navision in 2001 and has been with Microsoft ever since. A couple of years ago, his ambitions and taste for adventure brought him to the headquarters in Redmond where he spent some challenging and instructive years before returning to MDCC. “In Redmond, I spent some exciting years in the fast lane. I didn’t return to Denmark to slow down though. Speed is also high at MDCC – I’m constantly challenged and get a kick by working in an area where the growth potential for Microsoft is enormous”, says David. And he is no isolated case. Søren Abildgaard was recently appointed as Principal Development Manager at MDCC. He came back to Denmark after more than ten years spent in the USA working for Autodesk, one of Microsoft’s biggest ISV-partners (Independent Software Vendors). “In the American work culture, as I experienced it working as a VP for Autodesk, the sky is the limit for your ambitions. It’s perfectly legitimate to strive for the top. It’s even accepted to be unrealistic and take chances – in fact, this is how you succeed. Today, I have returned to Denmark because I find this same culture at MDCC. Here’s room for risk taking, huge ambitions and creativity”, he says. Charlotte Mark, Managing Director for MDCC, is confident that reaching out to Danish top profiles abroad will make even more talented “expat Danes” realize that “returning” doesn’t mean “retiring”. “MDCC actually has a lot to offer Danish, as well as Scandinavian, top talents who wish to return to live in Denmark – while giving their career a boost at the same time. Based on the positive feedback that we received during our recent visit to Redmond, I’m confident that MDCC will welcome even more ambitious and talented “returnees” in the future”, she says.
Talent knows no handicap
He takes up a little more office space, requires his own parking space and a ramp at the door. Per Rasmussen is 29 years old. He has got muscular dystrophy and is bound to his wheel chair. However, that’s not the point here. The point is that he is an extremely skilled software development engineer in test, working at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) – and passionate about his job.When Per presented himself and his story recently at a career event held at Microsoft in Denmark, in collaboration with Disabled People’s Organizations Denmark (DPOD), he was asked by someone in the audience if he had ever felt treated differently in Microsoft because of his handicap. “That’s a good question” he answered. “I have never really thought about that”.Microsoft in Denmark had invited people with disabilities for a visit and presentation of career opportunities. 70 people (including sign language interpreters but excluding guide dogs) showed up at the event, surpassing our most optimistic expectations and turning it into an extreme success. With the only downside being a logistic that didn’t completely match up. Whereas we learned a lot from this event and identified areas for improvement regarding logistics, there are still no plans for particular hiring policies for people with disabilities at Microsoft in Denmark. “Our answer to this must be that we focus exclusively on talent and professional competencies when we hire people. As part of our diversity policy, we employ people regardless of nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation – as well as physical abilities. Once we have found the right talent, we consider how we can ensure the best working conditions for all. Microsoft has all the resources, the technology and the tools that it takes to make everyone feel and perform at their best – and to overcome any potential challenges in this regards”, says Site HR Manager for MDCC, Lone Damsgaard.The key message is clear. It’s the talent that counts – and talent knows no handicap. This message seemed to be well received among the many participants. Within just a couple of days after the event, the staffing team had already received several phone calls and emails from interested potential candidates – and made one hire. “I hope this event has made it clear that having a disability is not incompatible with pursuing an ambitious career”, says Per.
Buddy talk
They’re all three in it for different reasons. But when they meet for drinks in downtown Copenhagen after work, they totally agree that they have fun. Anne Gerssen, Hans Have and Ali Cetinbulut are buddies – formally as active participants in MDCC’s internal “Buddy Program” and informally as “we-meet-at-least-once-a-week-outside-work”-buddies. “The Buddy program” is an employee initiated offer to newcomers at MDCC. As part of the program, new colleagues are given the opportunity to hook up with an employee, a “buddy” who will guide them through their first work period and assist with all kinds of issues related to being new to MDCC/Microsoft – and often even to Denmark. When Ali, who is initially from Turkey, relocated from Redmond to MDCC earlier this year, he immediately decided to join “the Buddy Program”. “When you take up a new position you need to prove yourself and this requires a lot of resources. In addition, when you’re on totally unknown territory and need to find your way around not only in a new company but also in a new country, it’s an even bigger challenge. Through this employee program, rather than spending time on practical issues related to my move, I wanted to be able to focus on my new job. In addition, I was interested in meeting new friends in Denmark”, says Ali. Ali found Hans and Anne on a “match list” of voluntary “buddies” that was published on the MDCC intranet. Hans is Danish and Anne is Dutch. Whereas she experienced the challenges of settling in a new country while taking up her position at MDCC three years ago, Hans is a “homie” with a five year long experience at MDCC – and the ambition to make life easier for his international colleagues. Joining experiences and perspectives, the two of them are the originators of “the Buddy Program”. Based on complete voluntariness, the program doesn’t have any predefined framework or rules that have to be followed. When it comes to our threesome – Ali, Anne and Hans – they initially met for lunch. That went well. Then they met for drinks. That went even better. Then they met for drinks again. And then it just clicked and they went for drinks again, again and again – eventually with their partners and families. Now, you may think that this is all about drinking. But that’s not the case, they say. And point to the fact that besides helping Ali with practical issues, the do a bunch of things together. Anne has for instance been shopping with Ali’s wife and this summer they’ll all spend holidays together in Ali’s hometown in Turkey. “This is just such a cool experience. In addition to enjoying each other’s company, we learn about our respective cultures. We are all very proud of our diversified work culture at MDCC and this program makes it possible to dig a little deeper and get to know your colleagues even better than what’s possible around the coffee machine”, says Hans.
Smarter than a ninth grader
From an outside perspective, software development may seem complicated. We tend to imagine a (male) nerd, using more technical abbreviations that any normal person would in a life time and speaking in a code language that is understandable only for the happy few. However, one very smart ninth grader just broke the code and proved these stereotypes wrong when she completed a successful traineeship at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC).Karoline Marding Nielsen is 15 years old and a ninth grader at a public school north of Copenhagen. As of today, her favorite subject is biology and in addition she loves to draw. Though her dad works at MDCC and IT is a natural part of her world, she has never imagined working with software development herself. However, Karoline went into her traineeship at MDCC with an open mind and spent a very instructive week as the Benjamin of the Dynamics User Experience (UX) team. “Rather than having Karoline sit in the corner of an office all week, we taught her the basics about UX, personas, brainstorming and sketching, and had her run a design project from start to finish”, says User Experience Designer Hans Have who acted as Karoline’s manager during her work week. And, as the UX team soon discovered, Karoline caught on quick, turned out to be a very gifted artist and, with some help, showed fully capable of creating her own idea and turning it into a consumer product. The end result was “Super Sole 3000”, a pair of running shoe soles with built in sensors to track the running pattern of its user and, combined with a mobile application, help decide which new shoes to get. All designed, of course, to be compliant with Windows Phone 7 guidelines. The team was impressed as their young colleague finished the final hi-def designs in Photoshop and presented her work. As for Karoline herself, she doesn’t really understand what the positive fuss is about. “I just did what I had to do. I wouldn’t have been pleased with myself if I hadn’t managed to come up with an idea – though I must admit that it was a bit hard to be creative on the spot”, she says. To Karoline, the most instructive part of her week as a software designer was the brainstorming process. “It really surprised me how much value is put on ideas when developing software. The brainstorming process is something that I will definitely take with me from this experience and something that I can use in many other areas”, she says. Though Karoline enjoyed her stay at MDCC, it is yet much too early to decide for a future within IT. As for the UX team, they hope to welcome more talents like Karoline in the future. And can’t help to pass on the challenge with some friendly irony – “are you smarter than a ninth grader”? As this story illustrates, it doesn’t have to be that complicated. If you have the right idea, the UX team has the methodology that will help you shape it, show the value of it and carry it out – without writing one single piece of code. How easy is that?
LGBT diversity – adding color to the business
They were all there – leading companies such as Maersk, British Telecom, IBM, IKEA, KPMG, DSB, First Hotels and of course Microsoft. They had flown in from all over the world to meet at MDCC on Friday September 17. The fully packed conference room was decorated in all the colors of the rainbow adding to the theme of the day – LGBT diversity. As part of Microsoft, MDCC has a long history of working with diversity as integrated part of its business strategy. And, as this conference clearly illustrated, the development center is far from alone in seeing the potential in diversity as a strategic business advantage. More than 100 attendees including HR professionals, business managers and members of the LBGT community were ready to get inspired and share best practices. “More and more companies today are discovering the importance of diversity in the workforce – including the resources and the potential of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered community. However, we still have much to learn. And therefore we are extremely pleased that so many companies accepted our invitation to put further focus on the correlation between diversity and business”, says Charlotte Mark, Managing Director for MDCC. The theme of the LGBT Business Summit at MDCC, organized on the initiative of the LGBT community across Microsoft’s two business entities in Denmark: Microsoft Danmark and Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, was “LGBT diversity as a strategic business advantage”. The conference gathered companies and business people from both Denmark and abroad and, apart from some friendly teasing, competition was put aside as best practices were shared for the common good. The atmosphere was informal, the speakers were eager to share their personal experiences and the audience was attentive and engaged. During the breaks, everyone was busy networking and the interest for the idea of a cross company LGBT network was huge. The first important step was taken to a National LGBT network as the date and venue for the first meeting hosted at IBM was announced. All in all, the event was a success. And a clear illustration that there can be no doubt – “Out” is definitely the new “In”, as the LGBT community at MDCC like to say. For the people and for the business.
Copenhagen Campus
“Farvel og tak” (“goodbye and thanks”). Too many international students come to Denmark, complete their education – and then leave. However, Denmark is in serious need for international brain power. This is why it has become a national priority to make it more attractive for international students to stay in Denmark once they have finished their studies. “At MDCC, where every third employee is of another nationality than Danish, we are fortunate to have international students who have chosen to stay and continue their career with us once they have finished their internship. One example is Aida Sefi Labrosse who came to Denmark from Iran eight years ago to attend the Technical University of Denmark and started as a student worker at MDCC the following year. She is still with us, now as a full time employee. However, we need more to follow Aida’s example”, says Charlotte Mark, Managing Director for MDCC. “ThinkTankTalents” is a Danish organization that works with the development and execution of projects that will enable Denmark to attract and retain local and international talents. According to this think tank, one reason as to why international students often chose to leave Denmark again is that they face serious integration challenges. They often live isolated and only socialize with other Danes when at school or work. This is why “ThinkTankTalents” has taken the initiative to create a “Copenhagen Campus”. “Copenhagen Campus” is the name of a prestigious housing development project planning to create accommodation for approximately 1500 international and Danish students, researchers and trainees. According to plans, the international campus will be located in the centre of Copenhagen and will, in addition to providing better housing, contribute to a more international cultural and educational community in Denmark. Similar projects have been implemented with success in cities such as Barcelona and Paris. MDCC, along with a range of other stakeholders, supported the pilot study leading to the launch of the project. “Copenhagen Campus” is a very interesting project and definitely a step in the right direction towards a better integration of highly skilled international students and trainees in Denmark. Providing a genuinely international living environment, “Copenhagen Campus” will help retain international talents and at the same time provide our Danish students with a multicultural perspective. We believe it will make a difference and expect a lot from this initiative”, says Charlotte Mark. If you are a student or a graduate interested in exploring your opportunities with MDCC, please check out our dedicated career site.
New top hire at MDCC
Attracting and retaining top talents from all over the world, regardless of cultural barriers and physical frontiers, is a constant priority for Microsoft’s biggest development in Europe. And with the latest appointment of Søren Abildgaard, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) is pleased to announce yet a top hire. 42-year old Søren Abildgaard is Danish, but his career is American. In fact, Søren returns to Denmark after more than ten years in the U.S. working for Autodesk, one of Microsoft’s biggest global ISV-partners (Independent Software Vendor). He started as a software developer, continued as a development manager and ended up as a member of the senior staff in a product division that he helped become a world leader through a successful product development and acquisition strategy. His latest position at Autodesk was that of Vice President of Engineering with responsibility for several hundred employees. As Principal Development Manager for Microsoft Dynamics AX SCM, Søren will contribute to strengthening MDCC’s position on the global market for ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) and SCM (Supply Chain Management). His responsibilities include organizational optimization, ensuring the right focus on products, technicalities and design as well as making sure that teams deliver on time without comprising on the consistently high quality of the MDCC products and solutions. “I leave one dream job for another. I have a strong entrepreneur spirit and what drives me in my new position at MDCC is the enormous potential. Despite its size, reputation and world class products, there is still plenty of room for development and growth for Microsoft on the global ERP market. Backed by Microsoft’s resources and commitment, I see only the sky as the limit. In addition, I’m strongly attracted by the MDCC culture. No one offers you a final recipe. The development center is a genuine showcase of diversity with a unique work environment and plenty of room for creativity.” To MDCC, the appointment of Søren Abildgaard is the result of a targeted effort to attract the best talents from all over the world. “We are extremely pleased that Søren has chosen to take the next step in his career at MDCC. We depend highly on both local and international talents and we are always on the lookout for highly qualified and experienced top profiles with visions and ambitions. In order to attract the best talents, we have constant focus on offering competitive and challenging career opportunities. We welcome Søren and will do all we can to offer him the best conditions for realizing his full potential with us”, says Managing Director for MDCC, Charlotte Mark.
Pride and no prejudice
They may not stand out when you meet them in the corridors. However, the LGBT people (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered) at Microsoft are proud of their differences – and not afraid to show and tell. During this year’s Copenhagen Pride, the festival celebrating the diversity of the gay community in Denmark, the LGBT employees from Microsoft did more than just celebrate. They succeeded in putting serious focus on the importance of diversity, in society as well as at the workplace, and attracted a lot of positive attention from both the public and the media. One Microsoft employee in particular, Lars Frandsen who heads the Nordic community of LGBT people at Microsoft, saw himself projected into the limelight as he appeared several times on national television side by side with a colorful and nationally famous drag queen. Later, more seriously, he represented Microsoft in a panel debate with Danish politicians discussing the right of homosexuals to adopt children.As one of the official sponsors of Copenhagen Pride 2010, Microsoft in Denmark was present during the entire festival. In a Microsoft tent, located at Rådhuspladsen, the City Hall Square in Copenhagen, employees from Microsoft Denmark and Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen answered questions from thousands of curious passers-by and engaged in dialogue with potential employees from Denmark and abroad. During the final Pride Parade throughout the city of Copenhagen, more than 30 Microsoft employees and managers, including Managing Director Charlotte Mark, participated wearing flashy t-shirts stating that “Microsoft Office 2010 is out – and so are we” and “In is the new out”. Attention guaranteed! However, to Microsoft Copenhagen Pride is so much more than just a PR-platform. “Copenhagen Pride is a very good opportunity for us to meet with both potential customers and employees. Reaching out to different people and communities is integrated part of our business strategy as well as our employer branding activities. Our employees come from more than 40 different nationalities and cultures, and we serve customers from all over the world regardless of physical frontiers, ethnicity, religion, culture – and sexual orientation. Diversity is simply in our DNA”, says Charlotte Mark. That pride comes with no prejudice at Microsoft will be illustrated again in September when the development center hosts a LGBT Summit with the theme: LGBT diversity as a strategic business advantage. The conference takes place at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen in Vedbaek on Friday 17 September 2010. Please visit the Event section to sign up before 10 September or as long as seats are available. Participation is free.
They came, they saw and they conquered
Last April, MDCC received the visit of a group of students from Denmark’s Technical University (DTU). They came to visit our campus, meet with our management and employees, hear about our products and technologies – and, not the least, get an idea of their future potential career opportunities at our development center. During the event, the students were not only introduced to potential long term career opportunities but also invited to send in their application for currently available student worker positions at MDCC. At the time, Managing Director and Site Leader of MDCC, Charlotte Mark, said that she was positively surprised by the interest shown by the students and that she hoped to welcome some of them as colleagues in the near future. Let’s do the follow up and get the facts and figures straight: 72 people came to the open house event, 24 of them chose to apply for our nine available student worker positions and we had 18 on campus interviews with potential candidates. Whereas many were highly qualified, seven people fit the profiles and were subsequently offered a job as a student worker. In addition, one candidate was offered a job as a full time employee (FTE). Charlotte Mark is pleased with the result: “When we do an event like this it’s not only for a social purpose. It’s because we are constantly on the look-out for new talents to join our development center. We were impressed by the professional level among the DTU students and very pleased that we found these eight matches.” We look forward to welcoming our new colleagues!
United in Diversity – invitation to join
At MDCC we are working determinedly with diversity as part of our business strategy. And we are not alone. More and more companies today are discovering the benefits of diversity including the resources and the business potential of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) community. How to exploit the full potential of our unique qualities is a question that has entered the boardrooms – both in Denmark and abroad. However, we still have much to learn and this is why Microsoft in Denmark’s LGBT Community has organized a LGBT Business Summit with the theme: LGBT diversity as a strategic business advantage. The business summit gathers companies and business people from both Denmark and abroad. And we would like to invite you to participate as well. Join us and learn from leading international companies such as British Telecom, KPMG and Novo Nordisk. Hear about their experiences working with LGBT diversity and learn more about the correlation between LGBT and business. The conference takes place at MDCC in Vedbæk on Friday 17 September 2010. More information here where you can also sign up before 10 September or as long as seats are available. Participation is free. We look forward to seeing you!
Microsoft in Denmark the favorite among engineering students and graduates
Microsoft in Denmark – comprising of Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) and the Danish Sales Subsidiary – is the most attractive IT-workplace in Denmark in 2010 according to the opinions of more than 6000 engineers and 2500 engineering students. They took part in an image survey carried out by the Danish magazine Ingeniøren and publicized at a ceremony held in Copenhagen on Thursday May 20th.Microsoft in Denmark is both proud and happy to be named the most attractive place to work by Danish engineering students and graduates. And even more so, that this is the second time in a row that we top the list of Danish IT-companies and win this prestigious Danish image award.“It means a lot to us to be able to attract the best talents – in Denmark and abroad – and we are incredibly pleased that Danish engineers and engineering students have such a positive view on Microsoft in Denmark. It is a known fact that we are highly dependant on our capacity to attract the very best people in the industry and we hope that this award will encourage even more skilled engineers to consider making a career with us”, says Charlotte Mark, Managing Director, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen.Microsoft in Denmark notably scores top marks in a range of fields such as salaries and benefits, communication and visibility, management and career opportunities.The article following the announcement said: “Once again, Microsoft in Denmark is the industry favorite of both students and graduates. With its development center in Vedbæk and its headquarter in Hellerup, Microsoft has scored top marks on all of the parameters in the profile analysis.” Source: Ingeniøren Profil 2010.In addition to topping the IT-list, Microsoft in Denmark comes in number 15 on the general list of all engineering companies in Denmark and is as such the highest placed IT-company in the entire survey.Find out more on and in the “Profile Magazine” that is published along with the “Ingeniøren” on Friday May 21st.
Microsoft Unveils New Functionality for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 will deliver on software-plus-services vision and include CRM integration and online payment service. As part of Microsoft Corp.’s commitment to providing leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to midrange organizations worldwide, the company today unveiled Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 at Directions EMEA 2010. Because of the investment in architecture for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, customers are able to take advantage of the benefits of the software-plus-services vision through the R2 release more quickly than scheduled, including built-in integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and online Payment Service. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 customers will benefit from the following: Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration. Today’s fast-paced business environment demands instant access to customers and vendors. Microsoft is providing built-in integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Benefits of customer relationship management (CRM) integration include eliminating redundant data entries, keeping information up to date in both ERP and CRM solutions, and providing salespeople with the ability to quickly access detailed business information about contracts, pricing and product availability. Customers can choose between integration to on-premises Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with the option to migrate to either option over time. Online Payment Service for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This enables customers to process payment transactions from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV interface across multiple channels, including e-commerce, point of sale and call center transactions. The Payment Service works with leading payment processing services and all major credit cards. RoleTailored interface access for remote or roaming users. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 supports direct access from the Microsoft Dynamics RoleTailored experience over the Internet. This allows for remote or roaming users to take advantage of the richness and Microsoft Office integration of the RoleTailored interface and the many integration features connected to local resources, such as the operating system and Microsoft Office. This reduces the complexity and overhead compared with using other applications such as Citrix Systems and Terminal Services, especially for hosting partners offering cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics NAV deployments. Microsoft Application Virtualization support. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 RoleTailored interface can be deployed using Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) technology, which is relevant for both on-premise and hosted solutions. This provides a better experience for the end user as all integration with local applications is done on the desktop. It also cuts IT costs by centrally managing Microsoft Dynamics NAV client installations with automatic deployment to the desktop after an update. Windows 7 user experience improvements. Through Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2, jump lists can be used to open recently accessed customers and vendors for increased business productivity and efficiency, and the icon overlay functionality provides information on system events and status streamlined with the Windows 7 user experience. Treemap visualization. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 showcases the possibilities around business data visualizations abilities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV through rich ad hoc data visualization. It provides treemap analysis that enables the comparison of any two values, for example sales and profits, which increases business productivity and business insight. The innovative client extensibility framework used allows partners to extend the user experience of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to integrate visualizations into any end-user scenario. “We’re delivering this release in response to customer and partner feedback,” said Crispin Read, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics ERP at Microsoft. “Microsoft is committed to continuously bringing forth innovation in our ERP solutions, including the integration with cloud services. These latest enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 are an important step in delivering solutions that drive real business productivity.”

“The new features in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 improve our business opportunities and benefit our customers. The fact that Microsoft is able to deliver faster than planned reaffirms our decision to build our solutions on Microsoft Dynamics NAV,” said Christian Sega, managing director at agiles Informationssysteme GmbH, an industry solution provider and consulting company specializing in horizontal workflow solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 will be available in the fourth quarter of 2010.
Microsoft in Denmark second best for diversity
In Microsoft in Denmark, comprising Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen as well as our Danish headquarter and sales office, working actively to promote equality and diversity has for a long time been an integrated part of our business strategy. As a result of our work, we were nominated for the prestigious MIA Award 2010 by the Danish Institute for Human Rights in February. MIA is the Danish acronym for “Diversity in Working life”. The award is handed out each year to companies that work to promote equality and diversity in the workplace in both policies and practice. This year, the award ceremony of the Institute for Human Rights took place in Copenhagen on March 25. Microsoft in Denmark came in second in the category “Large private companies”. The jury committee of the MIA Award notably highlighted Microsoft's broad approach to diversity. "Microsoft clearly demonstrates how they have managed to achieve results by actively using diversity as a resource in relation to product development as well as recruitment, retention and employee satisfaction," the committee stated in their assessment.
Technical students breaking the code
They came to visit our campus, meet with our management and employees, hear about our products and technologies – and, not the least, get an idea of their future potential career opportunities. And though it was all pretty serious business for the 72 students from Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) who visited Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) on April 20, there was equally plenty of time for networking and fun.

To cater for the students, a specially booked bus brought the students directly from DTU to the campus. The agenda was packed with interesting topics and in-house speakers and a coding challenge competition awarded the winner with an XBOX.

They day turned out as a successful combination of business and pleasure with more students showing up than initially expected. They asked a lot of questions, cleaned the pizza trays, got lost in the coding challenge and almost missed the return bus. However, for MDCC this was so much more than just a social event.

“By organizing an event like this, we hope to inspire the students to see their professional future at MDCC. The continuous success of MDCC is deeply dependant on the access to highly qualified IT specialists. In Denmark, many big talents graduate from DTU. This is why it is so important for us that these students are aware of all the interesting opportunities that we offer,” says Managing Director and Site Leader Charlotte Mark.

During the event, the students were not only introduced to potential long term career opportunities but also invited to send in their application for currently available student worker positions at MDCC. The chosen applicants will be invited for interviews and the final selection will take place in June.

“I’m extremely pleased that so many DTU-students accepted our invitation and positively surprised about the huge interest that they showed in our development center. This leads me to believe that we may welcome a significant number of them as our colleagues in the near future – and that will be with wide open arms”, says Charlotte Mark.
Young learners in Software-land
Even though they may claim that developing software is fun, and that they often apply untraditional methods in their work, playing with Lego is not something they normally do at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC). However, when 85 kids moved into the campus during last Easter break, the small colorful pieces played a central role as part of a three day program destined to strengthen the digital capabilities among Danish youngsters. In fact, as part of “Digikidz – Easter Holiday Camp”, as the event was called, two eleven-years olds were building a small Lego town complete with houses, roads and a lot of figures placed randomly among dogs, cats – and dinosaurs. However, they were not doing this in an attempt to substitute the traditional family visit to Legoland during Easter break. They were doing this because they wanted to learn how to make a movie on their computer, using the Lego town as their setting. And they had chosen voluntarily to spend their Easter break “camping” at MDCC rather than at Legoland. This is the third consecutive year that Microsoft has opened up its doors for IT interested youngsters – kids of Microsoft employees as well as their friends – during Easter break. This year, 85 kids were learning about “digital story-telling”. However, the learning process was far from traditional class room teaching, which is probably why so many kids – double as many as during the first Easter Camp in 2008 – had chosen to spend three of their precious holidays “in school”. “Experience shows that combining modern technology tools with traditional and simple tools such as scissors and papers or, like here, Lego is extremely efficient. It gives the kids the impression to play – and while they are having a lot of fun they are actually learning a lot as well”, says Thue Leibrandt, one of the teachers collaborating with Microsoft on the event this year. Easter Camp is the result of collaboration between Microsoft and a group of dedicated public school teachers. The initiative is part of Microsoft’s ambition to make coming generations see the opportunities in IT and to inspire more students to choose a scientific education.
Microsoft in Denmark nominated for diversity award
Microsoft in Denmark has been nominated for the MIA Award 2010 that goes to businesses working to promote diversity in the workplace in both policies and practice. The award of the Institute for Human Rights will be handed out at ceremony taking place on March 25 at Experimentarium in Copenhagen. This is the first time Microsoft in Denmark participates in the competition. Microsoft in Denmark has been nominated for the MIA Award 2010 in the category "Large private companies". MIA is the Danish acronym for “Diversity in Working life”. This is the sixth time the award is handed out by the Institute for Human Rights to companies working to promote diversity and equality in the workplace. "Promoting diversity is an integral part of Microsoft's business strategy. It is anchored at the highest level and permeates our entire company. Therefore, we are both happy and proud to be nominated for the MIA Award - not least because we see it as endorsement of our work on diversity, a work that is critical to our business success. In fact, diversity helps us to develop and deliver innovative and value adding solutions to our customers", said Charlotte Mark, Managing Director of Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen and Jørgen Bardenfleth, Managing Director of Microsoft Denmark. Microsoft in Denmark is particularly well on track in promoting diversity in terms of nationalities and cultural backgrounds, sexual orientation, and in promoting female representation in IT and management. Promoting diversity is an ongoing process Microsoft hopes this competition will be an opportunity to share experiences and to obtain new knowledge and inspiration for use in its further work with diversity. "We have come some way, but we are also very aware that working on diversity is a process that never ends. We can always learn to be better in exploiting the diversity that our company offers. We therefore look forward to receiving feedback on our approach and to gain an insight into other companies' experiences in the field", said Charlotte Field, Managing Director of Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen and Jørgen Bardenfleth, Managing Director of Microsoft Denmark. This is the first time Microsoft in Denmark participates in the competition and it is to be seen as part of the company’s efforts to highlight the importance of targeted work with diversity.
New Finance Director will help to ensure continued success for Microsoft in Denmark
Microsoft in Denmark has appointed Lise Skaarup Mortensen as new Finance Director. Lise Skaarup Mortensen will be responsible for ensuring the continued positive economic performance of Microsoft's development center in Vedbaek and of the sales and marketing division in Hellerup. Lise Skaarup Mortensen looks forward to manage the economy in a company that accounts for a substantial part of the Danish IT infrastructure: "37 percent of Danish IT jobs are directly related to Microsoft, and each time Microsoft earn one kroner, our partner companies earn 9 kroner. This means that we are at the same time committed and have a responsibility to operate a healthy business in Denmark. We have to meet some crucial requirements of the current global economic crisis in order for our company to continue to grow - and I see this as an exciting challenge that I must help to solve”, says Lise Skaarup Mortensen. Lise Skaarup Mortensen also points out that she will be the Finance Director for both Microsoft's sales and marketing organization in Denmark as well as Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, located in Vedbaek: "With 650 employees in Vedbæk and 450 in our division in Hellerup, Microsoft has a strong foothold in Denmark. Both entities have been able to produce black numbers on the bottom line despite an overall time of crisis, and I am excited to help expand and continue the success of both businesses", says Lise Skaarup Mortensen. Lise Skaarup Mortensen is 41 years old and lives in Virum. She graduated as an Economist from the Business School at Aarhus University and comes from a position as CFO in Bring CityMail Denmark. Previously, Lise was with IBM and Maersk Data
15 companies launch common initiative to attract and retain highly skilled foreigners
15 of the largest Danish and international companies in Denmark have joined forces and launched a new initiative – Consortium for Global Talent – whose main objective is to create better framework conditions for highly skilled global professionals in Denmark. Furthermore, the Consortium aims at changing the general attitude and behavior of Danes towards expatriates. According to the companies, action is crucial if Denmark wishes to maintain its position as one of the richest countries in the world.

The Danish Minister of Economic and Business Affairs, Lene Espersen, sees the new initiative as an important supplement to already existing initiatives:

“It is very positive that so many large companies have come together in support of the overall objective of ensuring that Denmark will further become an attractive country to work and live in for highly skilled foreigners. We strongly need this workforce, and we have to look at how we can further improve the conditions in general for this group of labor, as they play an important role in securing our welfare for the future. The business world is close to the daily challenges, and I welcome that the companies involve themselves in an active way and communicate where they find there is a need for change.”

The purpose of the Consortium will be to address common challenges and coordinate the companies’ efforts in relation to the many existing public and private initiatives on offer.

The task is complex and is not limited to taxation and financial issues. For instance it is crucial that expatriates settle in well both work wise as well as privately and that the family is provided with attractive working conditions and school services. It means a lot if they have a rich personal life and that they feel welcome in Denmark also after working hours says Tine Horwitz, Head of Consortium for Global Talent which in 2010 is located with A. P. Moller-Maersk Headquarters in Copenhagen – and hereafter with the participating companies in yearly turns.

“Denmark really needs the highly skilled professionals so for this reason we should appreciate and be proud when they in particular choose to come to work in Denmark. Their presence is of added value to all of us and helps create prosperity and enrich our society. We can all contribute to their smooth integration by being good colleagues and by showing interest in them as private persons. Danes should aim to be more open-minded and less reserved towards socializing with expatriates in a private setting, Tine Horwitz concludes.

Facts about Consortium for Global Talent:

The 15 companies behind Consortium for Global Talent:

A.P. Moller-Maersk A/S, Arla Foods Amba , Carlsberg A/S, Danske Bank Group, DONG Energy, FLSmidth A/S, IBM Denmark Aps, The LEGO Group, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, Nordea Bank Denmark A/S, Novo Nordisk A/S, SimCorp A/S, Torm A/S TrygVesta A/S, and Vestas Wind System A/S.
Bowling software with a vision
Have you ever thought about what happens when you book an appointment with your doctor, tickets to your favorite movie or a bowling slot online? It seems so easy - a single click with the mouse and you are done. We have gotten used to a world of opportunities being accessible online. However, only the fewest of us have an idea of the complexity of the software systems that enable our ever increasing online activities.Today, 28 students from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) know a great deal more about exactly this than they did for just three weeks ago - and they are dressed for taking on challenges in software development that they probably didn’t even dream of existed. The DTU-students have just passed a course organized and taught by 12 MDCC-employees. As part of the course, the students were asked to develop a software system for a bowling center. The system should enable online booking and food reservations, be easy to use for customers and provide the center management with a user friendly and effective management tool. It appeared not to be that easy.“A lot of the students looked as if they hadn’t slept for days - but that’s actually a good thing”, says Michael Nielsen. He is Director of Engineering at MDCC and the initiator of the software development course that has now been offered students at DTU for seven consecutive years. And then he acted as examiner when the students presented their final projects.“The purpose of our course is to show the students that it takes so much more than strong code writing skills to excel in software development”, he says. “It also requires thorough knowledge of customer interaction, planning, documentation and testing - what we call “Software Lifecycle Management”. Also, you need to have a vision - an idea of where you’re going. What is the purpose of the software you’re developing, who will benefit from it, how do you respond to different user needs while ensuring a smooth operation? And, not the least, how do you make sure that the software system is ready for use on the agreed deadline?”These are all questions that the students dealt with during the course when asked to develop different personas, scenarios and storyboards and getting a preview of the opportunities and challenges of role tailored software development - the key to success of any software system today.Just as the previous years, the course was over-subscribed. And Michael Nielsen is pleased with the large interest among the DTU-students.“We are happy to contribute to the education program offered at DTU by giving the students a practical case to work on - and a foretaste of the real world that awaits them”, he says
Girls just wanna have fun
And developing software is fun! That was the main conclusion when more than twenty IT-interested teenage-girls visited Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) in January for a girls talk with some of the center’s female employees. Digigirlz is not the name of a techno girl band but of a global Microsoft initiative that aims at encouraging more women to make a career in the IT business. The program provides girls aged 12-17 with the opportunity to learn about careers in technology, connect with Microsoft employees and participate in hands-on computer and technology workshops.

The Danish Digigirlz came from Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College and Gl. Hellerup Gymnasium that offer students an IT-education at upper secondary level. They didn’t come to MDCC to perform but to listen and to learn. About what it’s like to be working as a woman in an industry that is renowned for being dominated by men. About what it takes to be a female employee at MDCC. And, not the least, what it offers in terms of exciting career opportunities, rewarding responsibilities and a challenging and unique work environment.

The girls talk was no hard talk but an informal and honest dialogue between the Digigirlz and the female MDCC-employees as well as a female representative of The Danish IT Industry Association. There was room for both serious thoughts and funny aspects. To judge from the ambiance, fun predominated – and the Digigirlz definitely didn’t look discouraged when the left the campus in Vedbæk after a sticks and snacks dinner.

Charlotte Mark, Managing Director and Site Leader for MDCC, hopes to welcome the girls again – preferably as future employees as the development center could well need more of a female touch.

"It's a structural challenge for us to attract female employees so I hope that we have succeeded in encouraging our Digigirlz to pursue a career in the IT industry. Not for the sake of their blue eyes but because we simply need their skills. Women often have a different perspective and a different approach than men and we need diversity in our business. In fact, a diversified workforce is the key to our continued success. The confrontation of different perspectives and opinions leads to innovation – it will not come if we put together a team composed entirely of men with the same profile and idea of how things should be done.”

You can read more about Digigirlz on
A holiday for Christmas
This year, employees at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC), together with employees at Microsoft in Denmark, have chosen to donate their Christmas present to Save the Children Denmark. Microsoft Denmark has a long history of collaboration with Save the Children Denmark and this is the third consecutive year that employees at the development center have chosen to exchange their Christmas present for the opportunity to provide less well-off children with a much needed holiday. As Microsoft matches the value of the Christmas presents, this year’s donation to Save the Children reaches DKK 133.000. The funds are earmarked to Save the Children’s Holiday camps that offer vacations for single moms and their children. "This year again, Microsoft and its employees have made it possible to make a difference for less well-off children and their single moms”, says Marianne Selch, fund raiser at Save the Children Denmark. “This means that we can continue to give these children a respite from everyday problems at our camps, where they can make friends and have a joyful time.”For MDCC-employees this is one initiative among many others aiming at playing an active role in the surrounding society. “MDCC is an international company with approximately one third of our 650 employees being a non-Dane. However, as one of the biggest it-companies in Denmark we see it as our social responsibility to take active part in the local community in Denmark. This is why we always strive to provide our employees with opportunities to engage in local initiatives and charity. I am both pleased and proud that so many of our employees, Danes as well as non-Danes, embrace these opportunities,” says Charlotte Mark, Managing Director, MDCC.Merry Christmas!
Microsoft's new accounting system leaves more time for business
Today, Microsoft releases the new version of its widely used accounting system for small and medium sized companies. Microsoft Dynamics C5 2010 makes it even easier and faster to manage accounts. This leaves small and medium sized companies with more time to focus on their core business rather than spending their time worrying about accounting work, Microsoft says. In the new version of the accounting system C5, Microsoft Dynamics C5 2010, Microsoft has made it easier for customers without prior knowledge of accounting to manage the economy. Developers have notably sought inspiration in the mailing program, Microsoft Office Outlook, when building up the structure of the new system and have generally made it easier to work with accounting. This means that smaller businesses that buy Microsoft Dynamics C5 2010 tomorrow are able to send out invoices quickly.”With Microsoft Dynamics C5 2010 we have focused on simplicity and on making financial management in everyday life easier for small and medium sized companies. Companies do not want to spend more time on the accounts than absolutely necessary - and this is what we make possible for them with our new version of C5, "says Tina Plambech, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Dynamics C5. ”We have placed the most used features as shortcuts so that you are able to make an invoice or a balance with a single mouse click. However, for the sake of the C5-experienced users, we have made it possible to continue to navigate through the grid menu that has been part of C5 since 1994, "says Tina Plambech. The new user interface makes it easier for C5-users to work with accounting while, at the same time, providing partners with better opportunities to adapt the system to specific industries. Better integration and more flexibilityOne of the biggest changes in Microsoft Dynamics C5 2010 is that the system is now even better integrated with office package Microsoft Office 2007. This means that it’s possible, for example, to send electronic invoices in PDF directly from the accounting system.”The enhanced integration capabilities with the Office package and the new, slick user interface make everyday life easier for our customers," says Erich Gorm Jensen from Microsoft Dynamics C5 partner AddVision. In addition, the new accounting system offers customers much greater flexibility in case the company needs to expand or reduce the number of users.”Smaller firms often have great potential for growth. Microsoft Dynamics C5 2010 shows strength in this field particularly because the system is focused on simplicity while, at the same time, offering the opportunity to grow with the customer when needs are increasing, "says Erich Gorm Jensen AddVision. Microsoft Dynamics C5 2010 is released today in Denmark, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Facts about C5Dynamics C5 2010 is the latest Microsoft Dynamics accounting system for small and medium sized companies. Microsoft Dynamics C5 has been sold to more than 80,000 small and medium sized companies in Denmark. Microsoft Dynamics C5 2010 was developed in Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen in Vedbaek north of Copenhagen. Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen is one of the world's leading centers for software development and Microsoft's largest development center in Europe.
The talents of tomorrow
”I was impressed by both their technical skills and their enthusiasm. It would be great welcoming them as colleagues once they’ve finished their education”, says Mogens Nielsen. Normally he works as a Team Lead in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Team at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC). However, on November 9th and 10th, as part of Microsoft Employee Volunteer Program, he transformed himself into a teacher. The occasion was the national week of “It Work Experience” organized by the Danish It Industry Association. The classroom participants were 29 ninth grade students who had found their way to the development center in Vedbæk. For two consecutive days, the IT-interested youngsters were given a practical and hands-on introduction to software programming. “Most of all, we showed them that programming can be fun and, as they commented themselves, surprisingly easy”, says Mogens Nielsen. In fact, rather than being plunged into the complex secrets of C# from day one, the software development trainees were introduced to Kodu, a visual programming language developed by Microsoft Research. It is made specifically for creating games and designed to be accessible for youngsters. The students were given the assignment to use the game universe to provide a virtual presentation of their school. They were asked to use as many of the programming features as possible and judged on the basis of their creativity and ability to spot opportunities rather than limitations of the programming tool. Also, they were constantly urged to test the usability of their solutions.At a closing prize ceremony, the winning team was awarded for their outstanding creativity. However, all the young It-professionals passed with flying colors and their efforts were highly praised by Mette Lundberg, responsible for the initiative at the Danish It Industry Association, and Charlotte Mark, Managing Director and Site Leader of MDCC.Charlotte Mark is pleased with the initiative and confirms that MDCC will continue opening up its doors for young students in order to create an interest for IT even at an early age.“It is crucial for the IT-industry to have access to the right competencies not only today, but also in the future, and this is why an initiative like this one is so important”, she says. “If we have succeeded in proving that IT is interesting we have accomplished our mission. I sincerely hope that the students leave MDCC feeling inspired to explore the IT-universe and to pursue a technical education. In fact, these students of today may be our much needed talents of tomorrow”.
Microsoft Dynamics ERP Innovations Boost Business Productivity for Customers
Less than a year since the milestone release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, Microsoft Corp. today announced new capabilities and enhancements to the product’s RoleTailored user experience that further increase business productivity. This move supports Microsoft’s promise to enable the Dynamic Business, which includes offering flexible business applications that remain relevant as business needs evolve.

The new visualization capabilities allow partners to create innovative visual custom controls using Microsoft technologies such as Silverlight, while additional personalization capabilities such as improved data entering and quick navigation can result in appreciable time savings across an organization. Customers also benefit from having direct access from within the Role Center to the latest product information and user forums through a feature called Connect.

“Our customers are appreciating having better insight and increased control over the level of information displayed while our partners are celebrating the creative appeal of the new visualization capabilities with Client Extensibility that enable the differentiation of vertical solutions through visual representation of complex data,” said Crispin Read, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics ERP. “The new capabilities are a result of close collaboration with our customers and partners; they build on the core values of simplicity and productivity that are the hallmarks of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.”

Celebrating Strong Partner Vertical Success
The Microsoft Dynamics ERP business has had tremendous success with partners delivering solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which serve the vertical needs of customers such as those in automotive manufacturing, waste management, construction, pharma, equipment rental, fashion retail, food production, real estate, shipping and hospitality. “Microsoft Dynamics NAV serves as a rapid development platform that makes it easy for partners like us to deliver vertical or micro-vertical solutions,” said Steen Wæver Poulsen, COO, Trimit A/S.

More than 100 Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner solutions have received the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) distinction, a recognition for solutions that meet Microsoft’s highest development standards.

“We are very pleased with the new visualization capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009”, said one such CfMD solution partner, Andrea Voss, Tectura, EMEA. “We offer Tectura Process Manufacturing, which includes a visual planning tool that enables us to differentiate our solution and deliver more value to our customers. With the new enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 we have been able to fully integrate the tool into the RoleTailored user experience and give customers a much more seamless and efficient way of working than before.”

In addition to visualization capabilities with Client Extensibility, the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV features include the following:
Data entry enhancements such as the ability to make calculations in fields, enable single-cell data copying and Excel-like navigation Filtering improvements such as Advanced Search features that allow customers to search for pages, report views and other items with the Search box, just like in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook Keyboard shortcut changes that improve navigation within the customer’s Role Center Connect capabilities that connect users from the Role Center with the Internet to access resources such as product updates, newsgroups, training and other tools that are targeted to their role “Microsoft Dynamics NAV is highly intuitive and makes it easy for our employees to access and manipulate information so we get the right orders to the right customers in less time,” said Henrik Dam Jespersen, CEO of Hurup, an early adopter of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009. “We expect increased productivity as a result of the latest enhancements.”

The new capabilities are offered with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Service Pack 1, which is available in 16 countries: Australia, Austria, Canada (English and French), Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland (German, French and Italian), the United Kingdom, and the United States, with plans to extend to 26 additional countries later this year and during 2010. More information about the latest innovations to Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be found here.

About Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Dynamics is a line of adaptable, easy-to-use ERP and CRM applications that enable business decision-makers to run their business efficiently and drive business success. Delivered through a network of channel partners providing specialized services, these integrated, adaptable business management solutions work like and with familiar Microsoft software to streamline processes across an entire business.
Microsoft Dynamics Acquisitions Accelerate Industry Innovation for ERP Customers
Acquisition of manufacturing, professional services and retail solutions propels Microsoft Dynamics ERP industry strategy forward.

Building on the Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) strategy to drive industry-specific innovation for customers and enable partners to deliver repeatable, vertical solutions, Microsoft Corp. today announced the acquisition of four industry solutions that will extend the core capabilities of one of Microsoft’s ERP products, Microsoft Dynamics AX. This move supports Microsoft’s promise to enable the Dynamic Business, which includes offering flexible business applications that remain relevant as business needs evolve.

“With these acquisitions we are investing in building industry functionality directly into the Microsoft Dynamics AX application, while other ERP vendors are cutting corners or trying to reconcile multiple industry offerings as a result of acquiring several companies,” said Crispin Read, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics ERP. “We are a safe haven for customers and partners who depend on us to drive continuous innovation in our products and lower the total cost of ownership."

The following acquired technology will be offered as part of Microsoft Dynamics AX, which will give partners the opportunity to drive deeper vertical solutions for customers in manufacturing, professional services and retail. A process manufacturing solution acquired from Fullscope Inc., which provides tight integration of business processes across discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing A professional service solution acquired from Computer Generated Solutions Inc., which delivers a single system to manage projects and resources, execute financial transactions and customer billing, and match resources with client assignments Retail solutions from LS Retail EHF and To-Increase Denmark A/S, a wholly owned subsidiary of Columbus IT Partner A/S, that enable Microsoft to provide an end-to-end retail solution including store management with point-of-sale, merchandising and ERP capabilities With these technology acquisitions Microsoft is providing core industry functionality embedded into Microsoft Dynamics ERP applications, allowing partners to focus on the last mile of innovation, which has been shown to have the greatest impact on a customer’s business. In fact, IDC research shows that Microsoft Dynamics ERP partners with vertical focus outperform those without in several key areas including higher overall customer growth, a higher proportion of revenue from new customers, larger deal sizes, and a trend toward higher operating profit margins.

“We chose Microsoft Dynamics AX with the process manufacturing solution from Fullscope over Oracle and SAP because Microsoft’s industry solution enabled a better fit with our business processes instead of dictating a set of fixed industry best practices,” said Mark Holt, director of information technology, Cayman Chemical Company Inc. “Microsoft’s move to add industry solutions directly into Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a predictable industry road map, allowing partners to focus on the vertical solutions that can keep pace with the rate of innovation.”

A vibrant ecosystem of independent software vendor partners delivers vertical solutions for multiple industries across Microsoft Dynamics ERP, which also includes Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL.

Process manufacturing and professional services solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX are available immediately on the Microsoft Dynamics price list, and the retail solution will be available at a later date. Microsoft will provide updates to customers and partners as the availability date approaches.

More information on Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, and details on the new industry functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX, can be found at

About Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Dynamics is a line of adaptable, easy-to-use ERP and CRM applications that enable business decision-makers to run their business efficiently and drive business success. Delivered through a network of channel partners providing specialized services, these integrated, adaptable business management solutions work like and with familiar Microsoft software to streamline processes across an entire business.
Microsoft employees at World Outgames 2009
“Out is the new In” That’s what it said on the yellow t-shirts worn by LGBT employees at Microsoft during the World Outgames that took place in Copenhagen from July 25th to August 2nd. World Outgames is a global diversity event focusing on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) participation and inclusion in sports, politics and culture. It included over 30 sporting events, but also cultural activities, a human rights conference, and a goal of deep political engagement. LGBT employees at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen are formally organized in a Diversity Advisory Council (DAC) covering Microsoft’s Nordic Region. Many members of the group volunteered and participated in the events that were sponsored by our development center among others. Senior HR Manager Kevin Cavanaugh represented Microsoft as part of a panel of speakers on LGBT networking during the conference and Program Manager Lars Frandsen and his team won a gold medal in aerobics - just to mention a few. Around 40 Microsoft people participated in the closing Copenhagen Pride Parade wearing the t-shirts with the both thought-provoking and eye-catching slogan. Judging from the photos, the success of the event is indisputable. As Tracy Taylor, one of our active volunteers, put it: “It was serious sport, serious culture, and totally serious fun.” Catch the excitement from the Copenhagen Pride Parade on
Dynamics AX Positioned as a Leader by Gartner Inc
Microsoft Dynamics AX has been positioned in the Leaders quadrant of the Gartner Inc. Magic Quadrant for Midmarket and Tier-2 Oriented ERP for Product-Centric Companies1, a research report that evaluates global ERP products and that is specifically tailored for product-centric, midmarket companies with 100-1,000 employees. View the Gartner report: Magic Quadrant for Midmarket and Tier 2-Oriented ERP for Product-Centric Companies
New lead for Microsoft in Western Europe
Microsoft has announced that Klaus Holse Andersen will be the new Area Corporate Vice President for Western Europe, a position he will take on from July 6 2009. Klaus Holse will then be leading Microsoft’s market activities in the region, which includes 14 countries.

Klaus Holse came to Microsoft in 2001 as General Manager for Microsoft Denmark A/S. Since then he held several key positions within Microsoft, the latest being Corporate Vice President for Sales & Operations in Microsoft Business Solutions, including CEO for Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, Microsoft’s biggest development center in Europe.

About his promotion to Area Corporate VP for Western Europe, Klaus Holse says: ”I am looking very much forward to enter my new role as leader for Western Europe, which is Microsoft’s biggest business unit outside the US. I look forward to meeting customers and partners in the 14 countries and make use of the substantial knowledge I have build about the business, the products and the market during my 8 years with the company. I will still be based in Denmark with travel activities to the different countries”.

New Managing Director for Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen is Charlotte Mark, who today is Site Leader for the development center. The development center is Microsoft’s Center of Excellence for Supply Chain Management and develops ERP solutions under the Microsoft Dynamics brand, including the products Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX and Dynamics C5.

For further information, please contact:
Klaus Holse Andersen
Phone: +45 45679900

Charlotte Mark
Phone: +45 45679913
Microsoft Best Workplace in Europe!
Europe's most satisfied employees are found at Microsoft. For the second year running, Microsoft has been in competition with more than 1,350 companies in 16 European countries and was chosen for Europe's best workplaces by the Great Place to Work Institute. The selection was based on responses from more than 285,000 employees at 1,350 workplaces in 16 European countries and honor companies that invest significant resources in staff. Besides winning in the best workplace in Europe category, Microsoft also won within categories "fairness" and "pride". About the selectionThe Great Place to Work Institute publishes the list of 100 Best Workplaces in Europe for the seventh consecutive year. The first list was published by the European Commission in 2003. In 2008/2009, 1,350 European workplaces participated in the survey, and more than 285,000 employees of the participating companies completed an extensive questionnaire about working at their workplace. The list of 100 Best Workplaces in Europe is composed on the basis of surveys in 16 European countries. You can read more about the award here
MDCC hosts Easter School for kids
For the kids, there are many ways to spend the Easter break. The can go to a museum, to the movies, play playstation, hang out with friends or just relax and sleep in. In order to put the creativity to work among the holidaying kids of its employees, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) opened up its doors for the younger generation during the three Easter days in April. Just like the previous year, the Easter School was a huge success with far more kids attending than initially expected. In fact, sixty motivated and it-interested youngsters showed up to learn more about the digital opportunities of today. This year’s theme was “the digital pencil case”. For three consecutive days, the traditional yellow pencil was confiscated and replaced by laptops - and lots of imagination. The youngest group was given an insight into new digital tools and development with particular focus on digital imaging. The eleven to fifteen years old were offered an introduction to Kodu, a programming language developed specifically for kids. Judging from the enthusiasm of the kids, no one seemed to regret attending this particular “school” during their holiday. “We are extremely pleased that so many of our employee’s kids, and their friends, attended Easter School”, says Site Leader Charlotte Mark. “I am amazed of the high it skills that they displayed and thrilled about their interest. They may be our workforce of tomorrow.” The Easter School is the result of collaboration between MDCC and a group of dedicated public school teachers.
Slovenian knowledge hunting in Vedbaek
Despite the financial crisis, highly qualified and specialized labor is still high in demand in the it-industry - in Denmark as well as in the rest of Europe. The educational institutions are under pressure to provide the right and high in demand profiles.A Slovenian university - University of Maribor, School of Economics and Business - is applying untraditional methods to ensure access to qualified knowledge for their students! Friday April 3rd, the university put 50 of its economy and business students on a bus to Vedbæk north of Copenhagen. Here, they visited Microsoft’s European development center - MDCC - where some of the world’s best specialists are working on developing software based business solutions, the so called ERP systems. “Software based business solutions represent a significant business potential” says Simona Sternad from the Slovenian University. “The knowledge that we bring back home will contribute to strengthen our educational level within the area of it and ensure that Slovenia is well positioned when it comes to providing highly qualified labor”. For Simona Sternad it is important to maintain close relations between the academic world and the business community awaiting her students. And the close relations between students and the business community are equally high on the agenda at MDCC. “The collaboration with the Universities is extremely important to us”, says Site Leader Charlotte Mark. “Our research and development at the Center depends deeply on our continuous access to the best profiles. The exchange of knowledge goes both ways and benefit both parties”. Maya Gerold is one of the student who were given the opportunity to receive one day of education. “E-business, which I am studying, is simply the key to the future. And rather than reading about Microsoft’s latest solutions it is really inspiring to come up here and meet the developers behind the systems. It gives a deeper understanding of what we are studying.”
F# TechTalk with Don Syme
On March 26 Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen had the pleasure of presenting Don Syme in an exclusive F# TechTalk.Don Syme, the creator of F#, gave an overall introduction to F# and shared his thoughts about the future of F# and functional programming in .NET.If you missed the event or if you wish to re-visit Don’s presentation, you can watch the video here.MDCC is hosting 3-4 TechTalks for developers during the year. If you want to be invited for future TechTalks, you can add yourself as a member of the MDCC Facebook group.Here we post upcomming events, such as our TechTalks on hot topics for software developers. Previous and upcomming TechTalks include ”The future of programming languages” by Anders Hejlsberg and ”Cloud computing” by David Chappell.The MDCC TechTalks are open for all software passionates and participation is free.Join the M MDCC Facebook group and stay updated on upcomming TechTalks, or you can write an email to
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MDCC now has a Facebook Page. Here we post upcomming events, such as our TechTalks on hot topics for software developers. Previous and upcomming TechTalks include The future of programming languages by Anders Hejlsberg, F# by Don Syme and Cloud computing by David Chappell. The MDCC TechTalks are open for all software passionates and participation is free. Join the MDCC Facebook group and stay updated on upcomming TechTalks.
Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen adjusts to economic conditions
Yesterday, Microsoft Corporation announced a number of measures to increase efficiency and ensure that investments are tightly aligned with current and future revenue opportunities. The measures include the elimination of up to 5,000 jobs on a worldwide basis during the next 18 months, including up to 1,400 this week. One of Microsoft’s largest development centers, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) is impacted by today’s announcement and expects to see the elimination of 75 to 90 positions. The Danish subsidiary is not impacted by this immediate change. ”The decision to eliminate jobs is very difficult, but we need to adjust to the challenging economic environment. Our employees were informed about the changes this morning, and a program has been initiated in order to ensure that the employees who might be impacted by today’s announcement receive the best possible process and support,” says Charlotte Mark, Site Leader, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen. Strategic Center of ExcellenceMDCC is Microsoft’s Center of Excellence for Supply Chain Management and drives the development of several of the Microsoft Dynamics ERP products. The center’s unique expertise in these areas continues to be strategically important for Microsoft. Even though the current economic situation requires some difficult adjustments to the organization, Microsoft remains committed to Denmark. “MDCC is an important development center for Microsoft Business Solutions. Based on our strong technical skills we expect to continue driving the innovation within development of business solutions here from MDCC in the future,” says Klaus Holse Andersen, Corporate Vice President, Sales and Operations, Microsoft Business Solutions. Strong focus on ERP and CRMMDCC is part of Microsoft Business Solutions. Microsoft Business Solutions will remain committed to all core products in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM portfolio. On the ERP side this means enabling true simplicity in the products, and focus on solutions that target midsized organizations - a market that Microsoft is ready to lead. On the CRM side, it means delivering the Power of Choice, and continuing to focus on midsized and enterprise solutions with a product that can truly scale. Looking across the business, innovating in Software + Services, becoming truly industry focused, leveraging the unique strengths of the Microsoft platform, and empowering Microsoft’s vibrant partner ecosystem to deliver the last mile of innovation remain Microsoft Business Solutions’ core tenets.
New General Manager appointed to Microsoft Dynamics ERP-solutions
Microsoft Business Solutions is appointing new General Manager within the ERP-area (Enterprise Resource Planning). Mogens Elsberg has been with Microsoft for 4 years and will be leaving at the end of December, after which Crispin Read will be taking over his responsibilities. Microsoft has appointed Crispin Read as General Manager for the ERP-area of Microsoft Business Solutions. Crispin Read will be responsible for Microsoft Dynamics ERP-solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Dynamics Mobile C5, all of which are developed at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen in Vedbæk. Crispin Read has held top international positions within Cartesis and Business Objects, two leading global software development and solution companies both of which today are part of SAP. There he was responsible for development of strategic business solutions and marketing. Crispin Read will be taking over for Mogens Elsberg, who will be leaving Microsoft after four years with the company. “After several years of extensive business travel, Mogens Elsberg has decided to dedicate more time to his family. We of course fully understand his decision even though his leaving Microsoft is a big loss for us. However, we couldn´t have wished for a better successor than Crispin Read“, says Klaus Holse Andersen, Corporate VP for Microsoft Business Solutions Sales & Operations. “Crispin has both leadership experience on an international scale, knowledge of ERP as well as experience with global sales via partner networks. This combination puts him in an exceptional position to continue the positive development of Microsoft Dynamics, which Mogens has driven with great success the last four years. “ “I am very happy for my four years at Microsoft. When I started, I was responsible for Navision - now Microsoft Dynamics NAV - and later on I have been responsible for strategy development for all Microsoft ERP-products. It has been a fantastic learning experience and an exciting period in my professional life. I have very much enjoyed working with exceptional colleagues and Dynamics partners all over the world,“ says Mogens Elsberg. Mogens Elsberg will be joining the Danish company Pensio as a co-owner and will be working with digital payment system solutions. For further information, please contact:Klaus Holse Andersen, Corporate VP for Microsoft BusinessSolutions Sales & Operations Phone: +45 45679900 Email:
Expat in Denmark
In order to make sure that our many expats and their accompanying families get the best out of their stay in Denmark, Microsoft Development Center has joined the “Expat in Denmark” network.Expat in Denmark is a network initiative between The Danish Chamber of Commerce, The Danish Bankers Association and The Copenhagen Post. The network’s mains tasks are to organize social events, help solve practical problems and to offer a forum where foreign employees and companies can meet and exchange experiences. Microsoft Development Center is a strong supporter of this initiative and our Site Leader, Charlotte Mark, is a member of the advisory board.Recently, we hosted the first social event within the network and it was a huge success. More than 220 expats from a lot of different companies signed up with their families to our “Expat Café” in order to learn more about living and working in Denmark and to network with likeminded. And this event was just the beginning. Many more initiatives are in the pipeline for the benefit of our employees.Stefano Paluello, a software engineer from Italy who joined Microsoft Development Center half a year ago, is an active member of the “Expat in Denmark” network. “It’s such a great idea that you can’t help asking why it hasn’t been done before”, he says.Read more about what the network has to offer you and your family on
Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen is the preferred IT workplace in Denmark
The international Microsoft Development Center in Vedbæk, north of Copenhagen, is the most attractive IT workplace in Denmark, according to the opinions of more than 2000 professionals in the Danish IT industry who took part in a profile analysis implemented by IT medium Version2.Danish IT professionals have named Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, MDCC, as the preferred IT workplace in Denmark out of a selection of a hundred Danish IT companies and departments. And not only does MDCC have the best overall image in Version2’s “Profile Analyse 2008” – it also scores top marks in a range of fields such as management, innovation, professional development and career operations, salaries and benefits, company culture and communication. MDCC is Microsoft’s biggest development centre in Europe, and a specifically international company. The group language used among the 650 or so staff is English, and the company culture reflects the fact that people of more than 40 different nationalities work here. “Although we are an international company, it means a lot to us to also maintain a very Danish profile. This is why we are so incredibly pleased that professionals in the Danish IT industry view MDCC as an attractive place to work, and maybe even a place where they could imagine themselves establishing their own careers. It is no secret that companies are vying for the talent available in the IT industry at present, and we face a constant challenge in finding the highly qualified staff we need. We hope this award will encourage even more skilled staff in the IT industry to consider Vedbæk,” says Charlotte Mark, Site Leader for MDCC. About the surveyThis survey was implemented by Version2 in cooperation with Capacent Epinion. 2300 IT professionals took part in the profile analysis of 100 Danish IT companies and departments.Find out more at and in the magazine “Version2 Profile 2008”.
TechFest at MDCC
Enthusiasm prevailed among the participants when Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen celebrated the strong undercurrent of innovations in the Oresund region last Thursday November 6th. 38 small companies and university projects were gathered for this third edition of the annual TechFest.“The idea behind TechFest is to provide a forum in which the technology community in the Oresund region can showcase their newest technologies for Microsoft representatives, press, venture capitalists, industry organizations and peers. We have received extremely positive feedback the two previous years and - judging from the feedback we have received so far - this year’s edition has been just as successful”, said Site Leader Charlotte Mark.The technologies spanned from interactive multi touch applications, emotion tracking, innovative designs for mobile user interfaces, and code compression techniques to an ambitious online project to eradicate poverty in Africa.Awards for best innovationsThe Swedish company TouchTech, who was busy at their stand showing the many visitors how they could dress mannequins with the slight touch on a big screen, presented the most innovative idea according to the visitors. Three other companies were also awarded at a ceremony in the evening. Inspect Security ApS, an innovative security company, won the category “Excellence in Architecture”. “The Best University Project” was MuZeeker, DTU Informatics – an application for mobile phones that enables music search and video playback. Finally, MyC4, a company focused on building prosperity in Africa by connecting African entrepreneurs with investors, came in number one in the category “Powerfully Simple User Experience.”"I believe it has a huge impact on Africa that a giant corporation like Microsoft recognizes as a tool to end poverty. For the first time ever you can - as a private individual, a company or an institution - invest directly in African entrepreneurs, earn interest and at the same time create a greater world,” said co-founder of Tim Vang.These awards were just the highlights of a wide range of extraordinary ideas showcased at TechFest 2008, illustrating that innovation in the Oresund region is definitely worth celebrating!
Technical Fellow at Microsoft Corporation Anders Hejlsberg, visited MDCC to give a TechTalk on The future of Programming Languages for 350 IT professionals in Denmark.
Sunday, September 28, 2008 Technical Fellow at Microsoft Corporation Anders Hejlsberg, visited MDCC to give a TechTalk on The future of Programming Languages for 350 IT professionals in Denmark. During the TechTalk, Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer went on stage to give a 15 minutes PepTalk claiming “there has never been a better time to be a software developer”. Click here to see the videos. Short version (8 minutes)Full version (90 minutes)
MDCC and SonyEricsson join up to attract mobile tech-experts to Øresund Region
Through a joint effort, Microsoft and SonyEricsson will aim at attracting the attention of European IT specialists with competencies in mobile technologies, who are looking for international career opportunities.

Along with the organization Øresund IT, the two global IT giants are kicking off a joint employer branding campaign directed at developers, testers, program managers, and other experienced software professionals to create awareness of the job opportunities in mobile technologies in the greater Copenhagen area as well as southern Sweden.

Click here to go the joint career website.
MDCC introduces young students to the IT business
On Feb. 6, Danish high school students are introduced to work in the IT business through IT-natten (IT night). Again this year, MDCC and Microsoft Denmark will host a joint event at Microsoft Denmark’s headquarter in Hellerup. The purpose is to create a more open and positive image of the IT industry and hopefully attract more young people to consider a career in the IT industry. MDCC will be taking part in IT-natten with 5 different role models who will speak to the visitors and try to convey a realistic image of the opportunities and challenges to young people, who choose a career in the IT industry. The event was started by industry associations IT-Branchen and ITEK along with a number of companies. For more info on the event, go to (in Danish)
MDCC sponsors technical students in Global Management Challenge
MDCC is sponsoring a team of students from the Danish Technical University (DTU) during the upcoming Global Management Challenge (GMC) which will be kicked off in Mid-January 2008. GMC blends education and strategic gaming into one by letting students compete online. In order to win, the students must show strong company management skills and run a virtual company successfully with the guidance of their sponsors. The team which achieves the highest stock price for its company will win. The winner of the Danish competition will go straight to Bucharest, Hungary, to participate in the international finals.

“At MDCC, we are always looking for ways to support the local software economy, including the students who will be the software engineers of the future. We are rooting for our sponsor team and are excited to see how well they will do in the competition,” said Michael Nielsen, Director of Engineering for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, who will be teaming up with the DTU Team during the competition.
Foreign MDCC employees are introduced to Life in Denmark
MDCC is an international workplace with more than 42 nationalities represented. Now, MDCC are offering new opportunities for its’ expat employees to get more settled when relocating to Denmark. In addition to its’ internal settlement programmes, foreign employees and their families will be offered the opportunity to participate in the program Life in Denmark, facilitated by an external consulting company. “When employees or their families are having a hard time getting settled in their new surroundings and find it hard to create a local network, they will consider other options. Therefore, we want to do all we can to ease the process for our employees and their families, such as helping them to gain a network outside the MDCC,” said Charlotte Mark, Site Leader for MDCC.
Local Software Innovators honoured at MDCC TechFest
On Thursday November 29, MDCC hosted its second annual TechFest, showcasing cutting edge innovations from small companies and university groups. TechFest celebrates the strong undercurrent of innovations in the Oresund region of Denmark and Sweden, and this year, participants came from as far away as Germany to show their projects, to network and make contact with Microsoft employees as well as press and potential investors. More than 40 different technologies of wide diversity were displayed, spanning forensic research technology, new programming languages, email management systems for integration in Outlook, Live GPS maps for rescue missions, as well as a host of other solutions.

Senior Vice President for Technical Strategy in Microsoft, Eric Rudder, selected the winner in the “Excellence in Architecture” category of the four awards given at TechFest. The winner in this category was CompuSystem, who excels in add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics products, specifically with a focus on mobility. Other winners were Medtime, Konus Group, and a group of students from Lund University.

“We were very proud to win this award and TechFest is a great initiative”, said Martin Kiær, CEO of CompuSystem, a company of eight employees. “But the most valuable outcome was the feedback we received from Microsoft employees - it was certainly on a level which we do not have access to on a daily basis.”
Microsoft voted Denmark’s preferred work place among IT professionals
October 4th 2007 Microsoft was voted the best and most attractive IT workplace in Denmark. This according to a poll conducted among 1,500 Danish IT professionals on behalf of the leading IT journal Version2. Microsoft was number one overall and on a number of parameters, including management, communication, innovation, talent management, salary, and career options. In addition to the Danish subsidiary with 450 employees Microsoft is also represented in Denmark with the Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) counting 900 employees. MDCC is Microsoft largest development center in Europe. Joergen Bardenfleth, CEO Microsoft Denmark, is very appreciative of the award and says that the acknowledgement is especially honourable considering that it has been awarded by IT professionals who make up the backbone of the Danish IT Industry. He accredits part of the result to Microsoft’s size and focus on talent management. “Microsoft is an international company, and this lets our employees in Denmark take advantage of a wealth of challenging job possibilities, both nationally and internationally,” said Joergen Bardenfleth.He is seconded by Site Leader at MDCC, Charlotte Mark.“Winning this award is also a crowning achievement for our long-term focus on Employer Branding. We hope that it will help attract even more top-notch ‘software passionates’ from both Denmark and around the world to consider our development center as part of their career plans,” she said.To read more about the survey, (Danish only) go to: Version2 rofil
MDCC pings innovators to join TechFest 2007
Small and midsized innovative IT companies and student groups are invited to enter their technology products for display and competition at the second annual TechFest at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, taking place on November 29. TechFest is an opportunity for innovators to connect with technology experts at Microsoft as well as peers, investors, and the press. This year, Chief Technology Officer Eric Rudder, advisor to Bill Gates, will visit the exhibition and give feedback to participants. Just as last year, the entries will compete for prizes. “TechFest is one of the ways we recognize the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation at MDCC and are able to connect to the growth layers in the IT industry, and it is truly a festive occasion for us. We are excited to see the hot new technology offerings being worked on all over the Oresund region”, said Kim Ibfelt, Product Unit Manager at MDCC.
Wirtek to train partners in MDDC’s mobile ERP applications
Wirtek Mobile Academy has been chosen as a global partner for the training of Microsoft partners in the use and sales of the products Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Development Tools and Microsoft Dynamics AX Mobile Sales. Wirtek has strong experience in mobile technologies and has worked with several multinational IT and telecommunications companies. Bjarne Schoen, Product Unit Manager for Mobile Applications at MDCC, points out that the training provided by Wirtek Mobile Academy creates a wealth of opportunities for Microsoft’s partners, who are interested in growing their business in Mobile applications for the Dynamics ERP products. “This training program will help them develop the right skills to take advantage of these opportunities,” said Bjarne Schoen.
MDCC presents Dynamics Mobile Sales and Entrepreneur to worldwide Microsoft partners
World premiere for MDCC products at partner conference
On July 10 2007, representatives from Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen revealed two brand new products and a development tool kit to a gathering of 10,000 at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Denver, Colorado. The conference was chosen for the world premiere of Microsoft Dynamics Entrepreneur Solution, a completely new business suite for small businesses, which will go on sale in Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom this year as the first step in a phased, global roll-out. The product offers small business an easy-to-use business solution with the flexibility to grow alongside the company, and it works like and with familiar Microsoft software. “By introducing Microsoft Dynamics Entrepreneur Solution we give small business focused partners an opportunity to offer a business solution to their customers on top of the products and services they are offering today”, said Mogens Elsberg, GM of Microsoft Dynamics AX/NAV. MDCC send business solutions on the go Another world premiere from MDCC at WPC is Microsoft Dynamics AX Mobile Sales, which allow mobile clients to take their business applications to the shop floor and out in the field, tracking and placing orders and look up pertinent information about clients. Along with Dynamics AX Mobile Sales comes Microsoft Dynamics Mobile Development Tools, which gives Microsoft partners an opportunity to build mobile solutions targeted at specific business processes.“This means that customers, partners and ISV’s will be able to quickly build high quality solutions to meet their specific needs. We have invested heavily and followed stringent design principles to ensure an excellent mobile experience for both the user and the developer,” said Bjarne Schon, Product Unit Manager for Mobile Applications Group at MDCC.
Microsoft is scouting for role models through personal ads
Microsoft is having an open casting to find strong personalities to act in its production…No, the world’s largest software company has not entered the film-making business. Instead, Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen is looking for real-life role models for the new role-based software components in the ERP suite called Dynamics. These include people working in logistics, salespeople on the road, warehouse managers, or people holding one of the other specialized functions in a modern company.

usability/default.mspx, ERP users are encouraged to sign up and actively engage in the creation of the coming versions of the Dynamics product suite. These will be focused closely on the specific needs of people in different jobs and will also further the integration to the Microsoft products which most people already know, including the Office Suite and e-mail programmes such as Outlook.

There are currently 50 “role models” signed up for the program at MDCC. All in all, Microsoft needs to engage about 900 participants for user testing across the Microsoft development sites in Redmond, and Fargo, and at MDCC.
Microsoft includes Microsoft C5 as the newest member of the Microsoft Dynamics ™ family in Denmark
Denmark’s best-selling accounting system for small and medium businesses, Microsoft C5, has now become a member of the Microsoft DynamicsTM product family. As a result, C5 customers will now benefit from the security and development that the Dynamics brand represents. Hellerup, May 7, 2007 – More than 70,000 Danish Microsoft DynamicsTM C5 customers can now be pleased that their accounting system has become part of the Dynamics family in Denmark, because this means there will be more focus on developing and safeguarding the future of this popular system. In Denmark, Microsoft Dynamics C5 is without doubt the most widely used accounting system, but until now has not been part of Microsoft’s collective brand for ERP solutions: Microsoft Dynamics. This will now change, benefiting existing and new customers, as Microsoft Dynamics C5 Product Marketing Manager, Flemming Rand, Microsoft Denmark explains: “Microsoft Dynamics C5 is an accessible and flexible financial management solution for small and medium businesses with a potential for growth. And we intend to take advantage of the possibilities that the Microsoft Dynamics brand offers to further strengthen and future-proof it through increased investments for the benefit of our customers.” The next version of Microsoft Dynamics C5 will be released at the end of 2007 under the name Microsoft Dynamics C5 2008. This version will, among other things, offer a tighter integration to Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system.Lars Nygaard, Head of ERP and CRM Division, Microsoft Denmark is also pleased: “We are strengthening both Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Dynamics C5, and this will give our customers even greater assurance that they have chosen the right platform. It is very gratifying that we can cover the entire market for financial management solutions with Microsoft Dynamics products, so now and in the future we can always offer our customers the exact solution to meets their needs.” Microsoft Dynamics C5 is designed and developed at the Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen.
MDCC and Copenhagen U solve production logistics issues
A new software solution for production logistics was an attention grabber at the recent Microsoft Convergence conference in San Diego. The software alleviates the problems which can arise from disruptions in supplies or changes in customer orders. Thus, it solves the worst nightmare of a production planner – for example, a shortage of raw materials at the last minute, forcing a change in the scheduled production and making it necessary to choose which customer gets served first. The software has been created through the NEXT research collaboration between Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen, The University of Copenhagen, and ITU. Prof. David Pisinger from the Institute for Computer Science at the Copenhagen University, DIKU, points out that the collaboration has been a real benefit to the research process. “For our researchers at the Institute for Computer Science, the collaboration with Microsoft is extremely interesting because it allows us to test our techniques in reality, so to speak, as we have done here with production management. And of course, we are happy that Microsoft Corp. VP Satya Nadella gave a warm welcome to our project at the Microsoft convention in San Diego, which was attended by 9,000 customers and partners,” said Prof. Pisinger to the Ritzau news bureau. The MDCC collaboration with the two leading Danish universities is just one of the examples of how Microsoft developers rub shoulders with scientists in order to break new ground in business software applications. This year, MDCC will up its roster of associate Ph.D. students to a total of 40, and currently, Syddansk University is running a Master’s programme with focus on Dynamics AX for Process Management and Enterprise Management.
Steve Ballmer joins celebration of MDCC’s fifth Anniversary
On Friday, April 27th, the CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, visited Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen to take part in the celebration marking the 5th anniversary of Navision joining Microsoft. Today the MDCC is Microsoft’s biggest development center in Europe. In his celebratory keynote at the event, which took place as part of a champagne brunch for Microsoft employees, customers and partners, government officials and the press, Steve Ballmer reiterated Microsoft’s commitment to the Vedbæk campus, and acknowledged the strong competencies and software products developed here. “Not only have we been able to continue the great work, we have also been able to really grow,” said Steve Ballmer in his keynote address. To watch key passages from Steve Ballmer’s keynote, please click here: 450k [13 MB/Low quality] | 900k [26 MB/High quality]
MDCC delivers Dynamics NAV 5.0
Today, Dynamics NAV 5.0 has been released to the market, offering new and enhanced application features and improved integration to other Microsoft products such as Outlook, Word, and Sharepoint. Other improvements include easy linkage to websites or Sharepoint documents through the Record Links feature. Dynamics NAV 5.0 is welcomed by business software analyst Bo Lykkegaard from IDC as a great improvement for key business processes. "This focus on simplicity is something that the Microsoft Dynamics NAV user community is likely to applaud", he said. Mogens Elsberg, GM of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, points out that the latest Dynamics NAV is a strong offering from the NAV development teams at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen. "At MDCC, we can be truly proud of this product. We have strengthened the entire solution on the customer side through enhancements to functionality, while at the same time improving the core technology, ensuring rapid and sealess implementation and customization of Dynamics NAV for our Partners - thus reducing cost and effort for Dynamics NAV clients", said Mogens Elsberg.
MDCC to add Lean to Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft has introduced the Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solution for Lean Enterprises, an expansion to Dynamics AX, which allows customers to optimize and integrate processes in their entire supply chain. Microsoft has acquired the code from the company eBECS Ltd. Microsoft Dynamics Industry Solution for Lean Enterprises will be available by the end of the calendar year 2007 in the form of a separate module to the Advanced Management edition of Business Ready Licensing, initially in English only. The functionality will be integrated in the next releases of Dynamics AX and localized for all Microsoft Dynamics AX languages, an initiative that will be carried out at Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC). "For our customers in the manufacturing industry, the principles of Lean constitute a reality many have to recon with in order to stay competitive in a highly dynamic business environment. For MDCC, the addition of the Industry Solution for Lean Enterprises to Dynamics AX and the upcoming integration process into the core of our ERP product is yet another reinforcement of MDCC's status as Microsoft's global Supply Chain Management Center of Excellence. It provides a great opportunity for our employees to work on the latest trends within continuous process improvement," said Product Unit Manager for Dynamics AX, Hans Jørgen Skovgaard.
Klaus Holse Andersen to lead Microsoft Business Solutions Worldwide Sales and Operations
Klaus Holse Andersen has been promoted to Corporate Vice President and will take on responsibility for Microsoft Business Solutions Worldwide Sales and Operations. Klaus Holse Andersen will continue being based out of Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen (MDCC) and will be responsible for global sales of the Microsoft Dynamics business applications portfolio as well as retaining his position as site leader for MDCC. With the promotion to Corporate Vice President, Klaus Holse Andersen joins the global leadership team in Microsoft.
It-natten kick-off for high school students
Last night around 900 high school students visited a number of companies all over the country, which established the framework for a yearly event dedicated to making more young people interested in working in the IT-sector. At Microsoft we had hoped to see more students at our open house event in Hellerup, but the students who did come were very interested in hearing about Microsoft and what job opportunities we can offer. And it was great to see that there was quite a lot of interest among young girls.
SCM-course in Microsoft Dynamics is set by MDCC
MDCC is Microsoft's Center of Excellence within Supply Chain Management (SCM). Thus, there is consistently focus on enhancing the expertise of our employees within this important area in the ERP process. This implies significant focus on training and certification, providing developers with valuable knowledge about which challenges within SCM different companies face in their everyday work life. This business-knowledge is very valuable in order to stay ahead of market demands. Recently, around 150 MDCC employees have been certified within a number of key overall business processes influencing SCM."As a Center of Excellence we continuously need to focus on ensuring SCM as our key competence – we simply must be among the best in the field world wide. This means that it continuously becomes a more significant part of our identity and additionally that new employees must be highly competent or able to adopt key competences within SCM", says Hans Jørgen Skovgaard, Product Unit Manager for Dynamics AX.
Successful TechFest increases focus on innovation in the Oresund region
MDCC hosted the very first TechFest in Copenhagen. The aim of the MDCC TechFest was to invite software companies and universities in the region together with Microsoft to showcase new, innovative technologies and products to each other as it is in everyone's interest to participate in building software technology communities and products. No less than 33 companies from the Oresund region and 12 universities took part in the TechFest which must be claimed a huge success. As Jakob de Lemos, CTO and Co-Founder of iMotions said: "The event has provided us with valuable feedback from fellow exhibitors and given our more technical people a chance to experience how potential customers interact with the product and what their first impressions are. Also, they are able to see how other people in the organization pitch the product, which typically doesn't happen at the office."At the evening dinner party Andrew Herbert, CEO of Microsoft Research Centre in Cambridge, spoke about Microsoft software research and our overall long-term challenges and three exciting awards were handed out: The awards and winners: 1. Microsoft Minimalistic Design 2006 Award: Array Technology A/S for their configuration tool which complies to all dimensions in the Minimalistic design culture of the Nordic areas.2. MDCC User Experience 2006 Award: The Swedish company TAT for their product for development of user interfaces for mobile devices. 3. MDCC Cool Technology 2006 Award: Cepa Mobility Aps for their mobile solution to people with different kinds of disabilities.
The first Microsoft EMEA Convergence conference an outstanding success
The very first Microsoft Convergence EMEA conference took place on 6-8 November and has been an outstanding success! Over 3,000 delegates attended the sold out event and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Customers and partners take part in the Convergence conference to meet fellow customers, partners, developers, Microsoft team members and industry experts with whom they can connect and share knowledge, and discuss specific challenges, solutions and ideas. The event also offers an opportunity to view new product releases and features as well as solve business challenges and create business value.
MDCC represented at ARKAD job fair in Lund, Sweden
ARKAD is a vibrant student event held every year at the Lund Institute of Technology in the beautiful city of Lund in Sweden. It is one of the biggest job fairs in the Oresund region, this year visited by more than 2,000 students.

Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen took active part in the event this year with seven employees engaged in talking to visitors at the job fair and interviewing candidates for possible student worker positions.

Many of the students also attended a well-visited company presentation and got great insight into what it is like to work at MDCC.
MDCC takes part in Innovation Day in Brussels
MDCC participated actively at Microsoft's Innovation Day in Brussels – an event which showcased a variety of innovative software solutions based on Microsoft technology. The event provided government leaders, academic and industry stakeholders, and the media with an exciting sneak preview of the technologies of tomorrow and the ways in which Microsoft shares knowledge and invests in innovation in the European market space. We had invited two Microsoft Dynamics partners – AxaTech from Denmark and Pebblestone from Holland – to show how they have built some amazing solutions on top of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, respectively.
Student Day a hit with future developers
On November 3, 2006, the MDCC hosted almost 70 computer science students from both the Århus Ingeniørhøjskole and the Århus University. The focus of the day was to broaden the students' knowledge about the work being done at MDCC, give them insight into the tools and technology we use, and an impression of what it is like to work at MDCC. When asking our Microsoft Student Partner from the Århus University, Niels Ladegaard Beck, why he thought the students had signed up for the event, his main comment was: "Microsoft employs many computer scientists and especially the MDCC is a location where it is easy and comfortable for many Danish computer scientists to work. You don't have to go to a foreign country to be able to work in a large and international company."
Dynamics AX part of new MBA at the Syddansk University in Denmark
In February 2007 the University of Southern Denmark, the Syddansk Universitet, will launch a brand new MBA program with selective courses on Microsoft Dynamics AX for Process Manufacturing and Enterprise Management. "This new education meets an extensive need in process industry and related industries. It is one of the most important tools for building up a 360 degree competence which is a prerequisite for the key workers and professionals to successfully carry out all phases of the ERP system implementations", says Claus Gøhring, Global Account Manager at Tectura.The MBA is a good example of successful cooperation between educational institutions and the corporate world. It fulfills the need for a flexible management education targeted at ambitious business people. The combination of selective courses in ERP system knowledge within process manufacturing and the business understanding obtained in the other courses provides the student with a solid professional basis which is valuable in the daily work with strategic as well as operational system development.
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