Publiceret: 6/27/2013
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We Want To Know Dragonbox - Test winning app for teaching students math

At Elvebakken Upper Secondary School in Norway they are fortunate enough to have Jean-Baptiste Huynh, developer of Dragonbox, on staff. Development of Dragonbox was initiated based on the need for more up-to-date education resources and the wish to reduce the number of students falling behind in math. 

Dragonbox is an app for teaching equations to students in a learning centered and fun way and is proven to teach 80% of students algebra within 2 hours. The app is very visual and starts out by using animated figures for calculations and then slowly moves towards using real numbers and giving the students a real understanding of how the process goes.

The app was voted world's best serious game at the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA).

This is a Video Only Case Study. Please be sure to view the available video for additional information.

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Software & Services
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Windows 8

  • Primary & Secondary Edu/ K-12
  • Higher Education



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