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Al Darwish Engineering Al Darwish Engineering sets new benchmark for ERP in the construction industry

Al Darwish Engineering required a comprehensive ERP system for more efficient management of project lifecycles, to exercise control over costs, ensure financial competence and enhance production. By using Microsoft Dynamics AX, a new benchmark was set in the construction industry with an ERP system that is meeting the company’s objectives while boosting productivity with real-time data and enabling more precise decision making which in turn is significantly driving the business forward.

* Microsoft Dynamics AX has really made a big difference in our construction business. We have a real-time insight into materials and costs during a project lifecycle, greater financial compliance and higher productivity. We are aiming to improve the quality of reporting, enhance efficiencies and thereby reduce some overheads. With Dynamics AX we can achieve this *

Ibrahim Saad
IT Manager
Al Darwish Engineering


The Qatar-based Al Darwish Engineering was founded in 1950 and is today widely recognized as one the leading civil engineering construction companies in Doha. Its clientele consists of government departments, multi-national companies and private entrepreneurs. The company is extensively involved in a large number of wide ranging projects from commercial and industrial building to infrastructure works such as roads, bridges, tunnels, airport runways to sewage works, pumping stations and water treatment plants.

Complex management
At any given time it has a large number of projects in hand. Effective management of these projects was often complex and sometimes difficult. It had multiple IT systems in place but its needs had outgrown the functionality of these technologies. For example, the company wasn’t able to gain a single view of information across its projects, which was having an adverse impact of decision making. Furthermore there were no major controls for financial compliance. Project cycle times were also lengthy and a lack of accurate information for materials and costing was making it difficult to ensure accurate business decisions.

Ibrahim Saad, IT Manager, Al Darwish Engineering, said: “We had a lot of issues we wanted to address but one of the most pressing was difficulty in calculating project costs in real time and assessing the difference between actual spend and budget. As you can imagine, for a construction company with many projects this is an important area that can affect the entire business.”

Operational Excellence
In 2011, the company had implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX. It understood the AX platform would provide it with real-time data and a comprehensive view into operations at any given point in time. Unfortunately, the company that implemented the system didn’t take into account Al Darwish Engineering’s unique needs. Following an engagement with Alfazance Consulting, the inherent flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics AX was utilized to dovetail Al Darwish Engineering business processes with platform functionality.

This has made a radical difference. The company has now gained operational excellence particularly in the production area and has direct real-time insight into all costs associated with projects. This has significantly reduced project TCO. It also has far tighter financial compliance controls and deeper visibility into financials. From a hands-on perspective the company is also benefiting from greater productivity and more effective and holistic project management.

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• Gain greater insight into information across the organization
• Re-engineer and automate business processes to achieve greater control over costs, and better efficiency in project management cycles
• Enable greater financial competence/compliance with deeper insight into business
• Inbuilt data analysis to provide perceptive report generation

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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Service Pack 1

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