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Ask Distribution CRM Partner Doubles Sales Lead Flow with Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

Looking to further drive sales on the web, Ask Distribution recently adopted the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace to showcase its add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics. Since adopting, the company has gained qualified leads and improved its discoverability on the web. In fact, the company now gets the majority of its business through the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.

As a small business, Microsoft partner Ask Distribution has always relied on the web to drive sales. Making its solutions and services discoverable and getting qualified leads, however, has been a challenge until the company began taking advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace. Says Gideon Ellis, CEO of Ask Distribution, “Compared to our old strategy of search engine optimization and paid keyword search with Google, the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace provides us with much better qualified leads and more of them—as many as six per day versus three with Google.”

Why the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace has worked so well for Ask Distribution boils down to one major factor, explains Ellis: “When people come to the marketplace, they are already looking for a solution or service for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so they are immediately qualified.”

Being successful in web sales is about more than just adopting the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, Ellis points out, it’s also about making your solution or service discoverable. He says, “To be successful in selling online, it’s critical that partners give their solutions meaningful, intuitive names, so it’s very easy for potential customers to search for these technology tools and easy for them to understand them once they review the search results.”

To that end, Ask Distribution named one of its add-ons QuickBooks Sync for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online & On-Premise to make it clear what customers were getting. “Even calling out that it is both for on-premises and the cloud was very important,” Ellis remarks. “Customers used to always call and ask us about that, and now we can address that upfront and ease their buying decision.”

Ellis also notes that the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace offers several key features that have helped it drive business more successfully. Most notable of these features is integration with the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. He says, “Directly through the interface of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, customers can now search for add-on solutions—and these solutions are only coming from the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, which has been extremely good for our business.”

In terms of discoverability, Ellis notes that, “Customers are 1000-times more likely to come across our solutions if they search through Microsoft Dynamics CRM by using a word like QuickBooks, which is very common, versus using a phrase like ‘QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics CRM’ through Google search, which would get them a lot of informational, less-practical sites.”

Reflecting on the move to the marketplace, Ellis concludes, “The Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace has been very successful for us—it’s where we get most of our business and it allows us to compete against even the big players out there.”

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From South Melbourne, Australia, Microsoft partner Ask Distribution provides add-on solutions and services for both Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

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  • Q-Project for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online & On-premise
  • QuickBooks Sync for Microsoft CRM 2011 Online & On-Premise

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  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
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