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Azzurri Communications Telecoms Firm Speeds Forecasting and Boosts Productivity with CRM Solution

Established in 2000, Azzurri Communications is a leading communications specialist that deals in voice, data, and mobile managed services and converged networks. It employs more than 700 people—most in business-to-business sales to the mid-size business market. The firm deployed customer relationship management (CRM) solution Microsoft Dynamics CRM to improve forecasting and enhance productivity.

Business Needs

As part of its business development, Azzurri decided to move its sales organisation onto a single, national sales structure. An immediate challenge was that it didn’t have a consolidated customer and prospect database. Its existing database was essentially a collection of contacts—it didn’t have the functionality Azzurri needed to improve sales operations and cover all the company’s products and services.

Mark Trimmer, Head of Information, Azzurri Communications, says: “The existing sales database could only really record contacts, and, because it wasn’t useful for what the sales people wanted to do, they weren’t using it.”

Crucially, Trimmer and his team realised they couldn’t continue to use their existing processes for sales forecasting and tracking—a necessity for enhancing efficiency and creating growth.

The forecasting process meant consolidating lots of spreadsheets manually. “We couldn’t do any ‘what if’ scenarios. Our forecasting was long-winded, and the sales teams across the business were probably spending more than 200 hours a month just consolidating information in spreadsheets,” says Trimmer.


Azzurri chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM to improve its sales operations. “Microsoft Dynamics CRM is so easy to use. And its integration with other systems, including Microsoft Outlook, was a key deciding factor,” says Trimmer. Azzurri was able to easily integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with its existing two systems—Kingfisher customer service and Access Dimensions accounts—based on Microsoft SQL Server.

Azzurri considered other software and ran a number of tests, but all fell short. “Being able to configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM with daily changing demands is vital. We needed software to adapt very quickly to our business environment, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM could do this for us,” says Trimmer.

Azzurri went live with an on-premises solution, initially serving around 200 users, and then expanding to about 375 users. Several months later, a new partnership with mobile service provider O2 required a customer management solution for 35 users. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online was customised and deployed within eight weeks.

The Azzurri team chose Microsoft Partner ConsultCRM to help it with deployment. “It’s been great from day one—providing sensible, business-focused advice during the initial analysis phase, and first-class technical expertise throughout implementation and on into support,” says Trimmer.


With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Azzurri has been able to provide its staff with comprehensive customer information, giving them the tools to improve customer interactions, and, ultimately, drive sales across the business.

More efficient, cost-effective reports. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales reporting takes a fraction of the time it used to. The 200 man-hours spent collating spreadsheets each month has been replaced with live data straight out of the system. The team now spends only a few hours analysing this data in order to make important sales decisions. Trimmer says: “With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sales people have a complete, real-time picture of what sales opportunities are in their pipeline. And managers have 100 per cent coverage of all opportunities at all times. We can build a sales forecast in minutes.”

Improved sales effectiveness. “The sales people have really taken Microsoft Dynamics CRM on board, so they don’t just use it to record opportunities—they create reminders to call people. Their first port of call is always the CRM system to see what needs to be done to drive sales,” says Trimmer.

A single, company-wide solution. Everything from account management to enquiries has become easier with the customer base consolidation that comes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “We have much better coordinated sales and marketing activity across the business,” says Trimmer. “And this means we’re avoiding the overlaps we had before.”

More help for pre-sales managers. Before, pre-sales managers couldn’t see what results they were delivering to the business, because it was difficult to track their activities with subsequent orders. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, all pre-sales engagements can be logged against opportunities—this provides a clear picture of which deals they’ve worked on and how that has impacted sales. “We can now assess pre-sales and see what costs and value they’re adding,” says Trimmer.

Better customer profiling. Campaign and events functionality within Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives the sales teams a better view of the campaigns they’re working on and the marketing team accurate insight into response levels for each campaign. Greater detail within each customer record allows for a more targeted approach that yields higher returns and lower opt-out rates. “We do a lot of profiling beforehand in pre-sales—Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps us with this sort of targeting activity,” says Trimmer.

Integrated telephony. When an O2 customer calls Azzurri, the new system’s Caller Line Identification immediately pops up with that customer’s profile. And when making calls, sales people don’t need to dial numbers because they’re already in the system, it’s just a single click—a big time saving. With all the information right in front of them, sales people can focus on customers rather than waste time finding details. This, in turn, leads to increased customer satisfaction.

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Azzurri is a leading independent provider of managed communications services. It operates from eight offices throughout the United Kingdom and has a turnover of around £140 million.

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