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Azbuka Vkusa Locking Management Helps Retailer Solve IT Challenges of Growing Business

Locking Management helps retailer solve IT challenges of growing business

“Without locking management we would not be able to handle last holiday season”

Denis Sologub, CIO, Azbuka Vkusa
Over last 15 years Azbuka Vkusa is experiencing continues grows. In 2001 they have implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV with LS Retail solution for 4 stores. Since then 48 new stores have been opened and every year users felt growing pain associated with locking transactions and wait times. The company have tried many known methods for performance improvement – keys and code optimization, overnight batch processing, queuing transactions for delayed processing and it have been helping for some time. Last year they have run out of improvement options when operations grow to over 500000 item transactions a day.

Difficult Choices

At this point some difficult and expensive decisions had to be made – locking issues had to be resolved in Dynamics NAV or system had to be replaced with other solution that will support growing business. And this is especially difficult because of long time investment into Dynamics NAV made most company operations lean and streamlined with very good solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV with LS Retail.
“We did not want replace Dynamics NAV and together with our partner Lean4Systems we did extensive research for to solve locking issues.” - says Denis Sologub. “One of the solutions delivered by US based company Adaptive Business Solutions looked especially innovative and original. The solution test promised ability to process 100000-600000 item transactions per hour without noticeable wait times for users. But this is in standard system and control environment. We had to see how it will work in real life.”
First the immediate problem had to be solved – system should allow processing tremendous amount of transactions from company retail stores within 8 hours during the night. Then day time operations had to be analyzed and locking issues had to be removed to allow users working more efficiently without long wait times.

The Locking Management Solution

Locking Management Solution is a development methodology developed based on standard practices of parallel programing. The methodology focused on modifying Microsoft Dynamics NAV custom or standard system to make each user lock very precise and limited set of data and allows other users work without delays. Internal “Semaphore” function replaces Microsoft Dynamics NAV locking functionality and allows setting resource lock on any required level.
Solution for Retail Store Report Posting
Solving problem for Retail Store Report process was relatively easy. Each store was handled as separate location in Dynamics NAV system. The system was modified to allow multiple users process transactions on different locations without locking. This allows process transactions from multiple stores as parallel processes without locking each other and by setting up multiple parallel job queues for overnight process time was reduced by over 500%.This solved immediate pain and allowed everybody to concentrate solving problems for daily operations.

Solution for Daily Operations

Solving daily operations is ten times more difficult task – over 150 users in main office processing sales and purchase transaction, inventory transfers between warehouses, Accounting processing G/L, Cash and Payment transactions, and factory processing production operations. To solve daily operations item transaction locking was reduced to Item/Location level, Document Number assignment locking was removed and Entry No. assignment locking was removed on all types of transactions – Item, Vendor, Customer, G/L Entries.
As result of the implementation users stopped experiencing locking and wait for transactions to be processed. “But the main result is – we can see us growing now to hundreds of stores without need of unnecessary investment in the new system and pain of new implementation.”

About Adaptive Business Solutions
Adaptive Business Solutions LLC was formed in 2011 by merging multiple Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution centers from different countries. Locking Management solution was originally developed by Thrifty Software and distributed in US by Adaptive Business Solutions. Locking Management Solution helped multiple companies to solve problems related to transaction locking and user wait times. “Implementation in the Azbuka Vkusa” is by far largest and most comprehensive implementation of the Locking Management methodology.” – says Valentin Gvozdev, one of the original developers of Locking Management methodology and Principal in Adaptive Business Solution. “We thankful to Azbuka Vkusa for opportunity to present and show case all power of our methodology in real life implementation in such complex and challenging business environment.”
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Azbuka Vkusa is one of the most powerful and well-known Russian consumer brands. What makes the company one of the leaders in Russian retail market is its unique range of goods, delicate style and high level of service.
Azbuka Vkusa assortment consists of 18 thousand items of fresh products, delicacies, ready-to-eat dishes and elite alcohol and aims at gourmet as well as those who want to choose among great variety of products and to be trust in the quality of the goods they buy.

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