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Andalusia Cash and Carry Hardware and Lumber Store Point of Sale (POS)

Andalusia Cash and Carry Home and Hardware Store Implements Hardware Store POS to Enhance Communications with Suppliers, Increase Pricing Flexibility and Improve Inventory Control.

A Home and Hardware retail chain in Alabama struggled with manual transactions at each of their three locations, inflexible pricing capabilities, and little insight into their inventory and supplier information. They partnered up with Microsoft Dynamics® RMS Partner out of Connecticut, System Solutions, LLC. in order to streamline their operations and gain more visibility into their business.

Business Needs

Andalusia Cash and Carry and Luverne Cash and Carry are hardware and building material stores located in Alabama. Having been in business for over 40 years, Cash and Carry used to manually process their transactions on a daily basis and struggled with the lack of control over inventory, pricing, accounts receivables/payables and credit card processing. They didn’t have real-time insight and couldn’t accurately forecast to improve their profitability.

Cash and Carry has three locations; Andalusia, Luverne and Greenville. Each of these locations processed over 100 transactions a day by hand. This manual process was extremely time consuming, inaccurate, and didn’t allow for much pricing flexibility. Cash and Carry provides hardware products to both consumers and contractors and needs to price products based on a number of discounting levels, but their manual processing was holding them back. Depending on who was entering the sale, customers or contractors might not get the right price, causing discounting variations and unhappy customers.


In 2009, Cash and Carry started the search for a solution that could help them process transactions electronically and keep inventory information updated. Cash and Carry was impressed with Microsoft Dynamics® RMS and System Solutions from the beginning. Microsoft Dynamics RMS had a Windows based user interface that everyone could easily understand. Support was also high on the list of priorities.

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics RMS at Cash and Carry took less than 30 days and they’ve been reaping the benefits ever since.


Enhanced Communications with Suppliers for Pricing Flexibility and Inventory Control

Instead of relying on phone calls and hand-written notes, Cash and Carry now communicates with unlimited suppliers electronically. Microsoft Dynamics RMS connects to their suppliers simultaneously every night, keeping their supplier catalog(s) up to date in Microsoft Dynamics RMS at all stores. Supplier SKUs (stock keeping units), costs, descriptions, UPCs (universal product codes), images and more are updated. Each supplier cost is tracked simultaneously for items that can be purchased from two or more suppliers. This allows Microsoft Dynamics RMS to automatically suggest purchase orders for items from the suppliers with the lowest cost, increasing Cash and Carry’s profitability.

Cash and Carry can now generate accurate cost purchase orders with Microsoft Dynamics RMS, helping streamline the entire ordering process. Once they receive the product, they commit the electronic invoice in Microsoft Dynamics RMS which updates item quantities and landed costs. Cost changes can be automatically translated into pricing changes using margin preservation. Now Cash and Carry can price out materials appropriately, giving the right people the right price. By knowing the cost of their items, Cash and Carry can keep discounts consistent and hold on to those loyal customers and contractors.

The electronic communication has also improved the accuracy of their in-store retail prices. They used to deal with manual mistakes on a daily basis and had to check, double check, and triple check to ensure the point of sale prices matched the product pricing in the store. With Microsoft Dynamics RMS, there are few mistakes and the labor required to check and verify has been eliminated.

With improved communications and accurate information, Cash and Carry can now focus on higher level operations, like adjusting buying trends that help them maintain better stock levels, unique products, and special order requirements. They no longer struggle with not enough or too much inventory.

Streamlined Accounting

By electronically centralizing all accounting information at the Greenville location, Cash and Carry is able to achieve real-time insight into financials. Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters has made it possible for the three locations to seamlessly communicate with one another, giving Cash and Carry more control over their enterprise accounts receivables.

Another benefit is the credit card processing speed. They can process credit cards in 30 seconds versus the 5 minutes it used to take because of they no longer rely on a dial up connection. Gale Slagley says, “We can check out 4x times more people with Microsoft Dynamics RMS Point-Of-Sale versus hand written tickets.”

Efficiencies Add Up

Cash and Carry can now do more with less and be confident in the accuracy of their data. Gale Slagley says, “We are operating with less staff because of the efficiencies our Microsoft Dynamics RMS Point-Of-Sale and Headquarters system offer us. For example, we can process financial statements with one person versus the three people it used to take.”

One of a Kind Support and Customization Capability

Cash and Carry receives 24/7 support from System Solutions including the ability to customize anything they need within their Microsoft Dynamics RMS system. Gale Slagley says, “The flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics RMS is impressive and we are extremely happy with the “anytime support” we receive from System Solutions.”

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.
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Andalusia Cash and Carry and Luverne Cash and Carry are home improvement stores located in Alabama, serving the Hardware, Paint, Building Material needs of consumers and contractors for over 40 years.

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