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AITI Regulatory Authority Streamlines Operations with End-to-End Integrated Solution

"It's all about People, Process and Technology, in which we found that the collaboration with people, understanding and improving the processes and using technology as an enabler helps us achieve efficiency and effectiveness within the organization." Asimah Hassan, Senior Manager, Finance and Procurement, Corporate Services Group, AITI

AITI was established in 2003 to function as telecommunications industry regulator, national radio-frequency spectrum manager and developer of Brunei Darussalam’s Information & Communications Technology (ICT) industry. It is responsible for promoting the efficiency and international competitiveness of the information and communications industry in Brunei Darussalam and ensuring that telecommunications services are accessible to all users, and supplied as efficiently and economically as possible. In regards to performance standards, it should meet the country’s social, industrial and commercial needs.

At the end of their first decade of operation, AITI found itself challenged by their own growth. Their existing systems were developed independently as needed and as the organization expanded, found they had serious limitations in terms of scalability and extensibility. Since each process was developed individually, there was very little integration of functions between the previous systems. Many routine work processes were still being performed manually using a wide variety of disparate tools, and since reports had to be prepared from manual sources which could take days, management had no access to real-time business information.

As with any environment in which processes are handled manually, the degree of error and rework could not be measured, but it was obvious that there was a concerted need to integrate all operation functions to enable greater ease-of-use, internal efficiency and integration to other systems not only within the organization but also with the ability to extend integration to other external systems such as online banking payment.

AITI sets out to create an end-to-end solution that would span all organizational functions from procurement to standard financial management to human resources and beyond.


AITI selected eSuria Mentari Sdn Bhd to help them implement the collaboration portal platform on Microsoft SharePoint. This formed the basis of their enterprise management information system to integrate and automate AITI’s internal processes and operational activities, providing backend support system for delivering eServices to its stakeholders. The system includes HR integration and introduction of the purchasing requisition system for any type of request, including cash advance and tracking on project payments. This readily integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Through an existing relationship, AITI worked with Primatel Communications to review updates to their incumbent financial management software, comparing and contrasting them with several other platforms and ultimately deciding upon Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. Having made their platform decision AITI selected Dynamics Business Solution Sdn Bhd to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013’s general ledger, accounts payable, and accounts receivable modules, including a supply chain management system that will track each request to streamline the procurement processes, and to enable AITI to maintain and control assets from creation to depreciation, revaluation and disposal through the asset management system.

To bring all resources together, as part of this development process, an integration web portal was created that will provide AITI users with single click access to other online functions; and in the future, with other external services. AITI users would not have to hunt for the correct web addresses for various resources. Now users could select the resource they wish to use from one portal with a click of their mouse. Users will have their own customized and personalized home page and access to data which would also facilitate ad hoc reporting beyond the wealth of standard reports that were now available from Microsoft Dynamics GP once integrated with SharePoint.

Replacing manual paper-based functions with automated digital processes led AITI, particularly in its Finance system, to achieve a less-paper environment. This means that information can be shared between users and locations far more easily.


Working with Microsoft and its partners in Brunei, AITI will greatly increase the productivity of its employees while also substantially enhancing user experience. Automating manual processes will increase employee satisfaction through simplified processes as they make fewer errors in data validation and redundancy.

As Asimah Hassan, Senior Manager of Finance in the Corporate Services Group of AITI points out, “It's all about People, Process and Technology, in which we found that the collaboration with people, understanding and improving the processes and using technology as an enabler helps us achieve efficiency and effectiveness within the organization.”

  • AITI will streamline internal business support services that will dramatically improve and accelerate the process flow for approval of requests and requisitions
  • Sharing of information between departments will become significantly convenient, and automated report will give executives greater insight into real-time data
  • Substantially important to the fulfilment of their fiscal responsibilities, the automation will create a much better visibility of payment and collection status
  • Integrating all functions using SharePoint and Active Directory security and rights management for their platform is more manageable and convenient
  • Users appreciate the consistency of the system, with single-sign-on, personalized portals, and great flexibility in arranging and maintaining their own customized workspace
  • Paper clutter created by traditional in finance processes will be eliminated and replaced with digital data storage, which is more efficient to consult, use, and report upon
  • Users start to understand the fundamental knowledge of accounting and this will to some extent enhance their knowledge in the field
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Projected Benefits
  • Streamline internal business support services, approval process flow
  • More efficiency of information sharing, reporting
  • Better visibility of payment, collection status
  • Integrated with AD, SharePoint portal
  • Consistency on system – UI, single sign-on login

Software & Services
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Server

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