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PAWI Packaging Packaging Company Improves Customer Service by Upgrading Messaging Solution

PAWI Packaging is a leading supplier in Switzerland within the Swiss bakery and confectionary market. In addition, the company delivers unique packaging solutions for internationally branded products. PAWI Packaging works very closely with its customers to develop custom packaging solutions that beautifully present their customers’ products and effectively deliver their marketing messages. PAWI differentiates itself with this close collaboration and excellent customer service during the design, manufacturing, and delivery of its packaging solutions. Because it is heavily dependent on email for internal and customer communications, PAWI upgraded to Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 so that its 230 employees can have a messaging solution that is available when they need it, wherever they are.

Business Needs
PAWI Packaging is a true partner to its customers, working with them to develop packaging designs that express their customers’ corporate identity. PAWI often deals with small companies in the bakery and confectionery industries. These customers look to PAWI to help them display their products in creative ways and find a niche in the market.

* We are going to see benefits by speeding workflows and providing better service to our customers. Ultimately, making our processes faster will reduce our costs by decreasing the time our products spend in the development stage. *

Thomas Gehrke
IT Manager, PAWI Packaging

PAWI offers innovative packaging solutions that are custom-designed for each product. All of the design and manufacturing is done in-house and PAWI can even manage the storage and delivery of the packaging materials to meet just-in-time manufacturing schedules.

PAWI must work closely with its customers to understand their requirements and design packaging that will effectively market the product. The design process requires close collaboration, often through email messages. “We use email to exchange design documents and information referring to orders, and are frequently sending pictures of designs and prototypes,” says Thomas Gehrke, IT Manager at PAWI Packaging.

To improve collaboration with customers and enable faster responses to customer queries, PAWI wanted to upgrade its messaging solution. It wanted to provide its sales staff with better mobile access to email so they could send and receive email messages while they were out of the office and be able to answer customer queries quickly.

PAWI was running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and had used all of the available storage capacity on its mailbox server. It wanted to deploy a new solution with more storage capacity that would enable employees to send large attachments without constantly moving email into PST files. The Exchange Server 2007 deployment also lacked redundancy with only a single mailbox server. Although the messaging solution was reliable, PAWI still had planned outages for maintenance.

PAWI Packaging decided to deploy Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 to take advantage of its high-availability architecture, support for low-cost storage, and extensive mobility options. To design the solution, PAWI worked with its long-time IT partner Baggenstos. Baggenstos, a member of the Microsoft Partner Network with multiple Gold and Silver competencies, manages the Exchange Server solution for PAWI.

Baggenstos worked with PAWI to design the new Exchange Server 2013 architecture. PAWI wanted to take advantage of database availability groups to ensure the availability of the email service, so Baggenstos deployed a solution with two mailbox servers, which are deployed as virtual servers and use low-cost SATA drives from their storage area network. The solution also has two load-balanced Client Access Servers that are also running virtually.

With the available storage, PAWI has increased its mailbox size limits for employees to as high as 30 gigabytes (GB) for employees who often use email to send large attachments. PAWI will also implement Exchange In-Place Archiving for its users and import its employees’ existing PST files into the archive.

PAWI enabled Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to provide mobile email access to its employees. It is looking forward to testing Windows Phone 8 devices with Exchange Server 2013. Along with mobile access, PAWI has also enabled Microsoft Outlook Web App to enable its employees to access their email from any computer with an Internet connection.

By upgrading to Exchange Server 2013, PAWI expects to improve customer service and speed communications both inside and outside the organization.
  • Improve customer service. By providing its sales staff with remote access to their email through Exchange ActiveSync and Outlook Web App, PAWI will speed response times to customer queries. “We are going to see benefits by speeding workflows and providing better service to our customers,” says Gehrke. “Ultimately, making our processes faster will reduce our costs by decreasing the time our products spend in the development stage.”

  • Increase redundancy and reliability. By deploying Exchange Server 2013 with full redundancy, PAWI can ensure that email is available to employees when they need it. Database availability groups provide fast failover and help ensure that no email is lost in the event of server, storage, or network issues.

  • Increase mailbox size. “We no longer face a restriction in our storage capacity, so employees can send and receive large attachments without fear of filling up their mailboxes,” says Gehrke.

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