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Moffitt Cancer Center Leading Healthcare Organization Empowers Patients with Self-Service

Moffitt Cancer Center
Moffitt Cancer Center
Moffitt Cancer Center’s goal was to provide their patients with the most relevant information to their specific health situation. Aeturnum, Inc. deployed FAST Search for Internet Sites*, integrating several internal information systems, government, and third-party resources to provide a single, secure point for patients to access information regarding their personal condition and care.

Business Needs
Moffitt Cancer Center is a not-for-profit organization that features the Southeast’s largest Blood and Marrow Transplant Program in the USA, outpatient treatment programs that record more than 328,300 visits a year, the Moffitt Research Center, Moffitt Cancer Center at International Plaza, and Moffitt Cancer Center Screening and Prevention.
* All developments and enhancements are about improving the patient experience. *

Jennifer Camps
Director of Portal Technologies and Data Management
Moffitt Cancer Center


Whether a patient is newly diagnosed, being treated, in remission or cured, cancer is a very stressful event in their lives. Being put on hold while trying to make an appointment on the phone or standing in line to pay a bill adds unnecessary stress to the patient’s life during this difficult period. Although Moffitt had several information systems in place, they were all supporting specific organizational functions. Moffitt’s goal was to provide individual patients with the information most relevant to their specific health situation while ensuring the information was accurate, medically sound and secure. Another requirement was the ability to search across multiple pools of information inside and outside of Moffitt.

Aeturnum, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise application development services and solutions for healthcare, was selected to work with Moffitt’s IT organization to expand its existing patient portal by adding intelligent search capabilities and tailoring the information patients received to their specific situations. Moffitt wanted to leverage Microsoft’s FAST Search for Internet Sites*. Aeturnum also saw the opportunity to leverage other best-in-class tools such as Concept Searching’s conceptClassifier and conceptTaxonomy Manager products.

Aeturnum and Moffitt collaborated to envision, design, and deploy a solution to provide a single, secure point for patients to access information relevant to their condition and care. Leveraging FAST Search for Internet Sites*, the solution integrates advanced search functionality into the My Moffitt patient portal, such that information can be contextually presented to the patient based on their location, electronic medical record (EMR), and search activities.

In the first phase of the solution, patients are able to use the My Moffitt Patient Portal to search for medical information, clinical trials, and support groups both within and outside of Moffitt. Medical information is sourced from internal Moffitt systems, government sources, as well as reliable third-party sources. The system recognizes and normalizes search terms and brings back results that best match what the patient is looking for. The portal also provides patients with access to both a searchable dictionary of medical terms and an online directory of Moffitt physicians.

Aeturnum also introduced Concept Searching’s Smart Content Framework™ enterprise infrastructure technology, in the form of conceptClassifier and conceptTaxonomyManager, to provide an integrated solution enabling patients to access highly relevant information specific to their situation.

Connecting Patients with Caregiver Teams
With the solution in place, the Moffitt Cancer Center is empowering and educating patients with highly targeted and useful information from previously disparate systems, giving them a greater sense of control over their care and treatment, and easing some of their stress.

According to Jennifer Camps, Director of Portal Technologies and Data Management, “All developments and enhancements are about improving the patient experience.”

Empowering Patients with Self-Service
With the enhanced My Moffitt Patient Portal in place, patients can now readily:
• View approved lab results and notes
• Schedule and prepare for appointments
• Pay bills, and manage other administrative activities
• Learn more about their disease or conditions and side effects
• Explore different treatment options
• Find clinical trials that they might be eligible to participate in
• Learn about specific lifestyle changes
• Find relevant support groups

Growing Patient Satisfaction
Patients feel more in control, increasing their satisfaction with, and trust in, Moffitt Cancer Center. With more than 33,000 current users, the My Moffitt Patient Portal has seen significant growth over the past 18 months. Of the new patients that come to Moffitt, 89% register for a patient portal account.

More Time for Healing
Thanks to the enhanced patient experience through curating accurate content in a secured extranet, caregivers also benefit, as they are able to focus on significant patient care issues.

*FAST Search for Internet Sites is now part of SharePoint Search in SharePoint 2013.

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Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, has made a lasting commitment to the prevention and cure of cancer, working tirelessly in the areas of patient care, research and education.

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