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3Dream Team 3DreamTeam Saves More than 250 Staff Hours Per Month with Microsoft® Office 2010

"Office 2010 is faster, more stable, and easier to learn and use than any system I’ve tried. To anyone considering deploying Office 2010, I’d say do it now. You’ll be amazed by what you can do.”

-Dmitry Kazimir, project manager, 3DreamTeam LLC

With a focus on creating interactive virtual worlds, Russia-based 3DreamTeam LLC holds innovative software and applications in high esteem. But the company leaders aren’t impressed by cutting-edge technologies unless they provide valuable tools that help employees deliver better solutions, faster to the company’s growing client base.

3DreamTeam’s core competency centers on creating three-dimensional property and building models that help its clients—which range from property owners to architectural firms—conceptualize their proposed infrastructure designs. Its mission is to help its clients instantly spot changes they’d like to make before construction—saving time and money.

This balance between using progressive technologies and keeping costs in check is what drives company leaders to seek out new ways to enhance team collaboration, improve organization, and streamline everyday processes so employees can continue delivering the best solutions to their clients on time and on budget.

By deploying Microsoft® Office 2010, 3DreamTeam was able to accomplish just that. With tools that enable users to work together more effectively, communicate with clients more efficiently, and accomplish more in less time, the company was able to find an innovative solution that aligned with its vision.

Business Needs
The company’s employees lacked a way to work in tandem on projects, and employees found it difficult to update and complete extremely large documents, as they had to send revisions back and forth or take turns uploading revised Microsoft Word documents to the company’s Microsoft SharePoint® site.

Employees also received hundreds of emails per day, and having to manually organize them by conversations made it difficult to spot the most recent message or respond to clients as quickly as they would have liked.

Even scheduling meetings among employees and clients required the tedious process of emailing availability back and forth to establish a time that worked for everyone.

To overcome these challenges, the company leaders turned to Office 2010. New co-authoring tools* transformed the sequential editing and updating process with Word 2010 into a collaborative effort in which employees could work concurrently on documents and complete them faster.

Enhanced email organization features helped employees more effectively manage correspondence and quickly respond to client messages.

In addition, advanced scheduling tools provided more efficient ways to coordinate schedules, enabling employees to spend less time scheduling meetings and more time accomplishing business-critical tasks.


Saving Time by Working Together

Co-authoring tools available in Microsoft Excel® 2010 and Word 2010 have enables 3DreamTeam’s employees to complete project revisions simultaneously. According to Damir Kazimir, project manager at 3DreamTeam, this have proved an invaluable tool for the company that has saved time and improved the way employees work together.

“Co-authoring has changed the way we work—everyone loves it,” he says. “We can complete projects and documents faster, get them to clients sooner, and have more time to grow our business.”

Improving Communication

An enhanced Conversation View in Microsoft Outlook® 2010 provides users with a fast, intuitive way to manage and organize project-related correspondence. By bringing related messages together into a single line item—even if those messages are stored in separate files, users can easily trace conversations back to the source and quickly respond to the most recent message.

“Conversation View is an extremely effective way to organize your inbox,” Kazimir remarks. “I can track emails by projects or clients and see—and respond to—the most recent message first.”

Outlook 2010 also features a new Clean up tool that enables users to archive or remove unnecessary messages, helping to free up valuable inbox space.

“Like any business, we need all the space we can get—and emails can pile up so quickly, it can be difficult to attain that,” says Kazimir. “The Clean Up tool makes it so fast and easy to maintain a manageable inbox size.”

Enhancing Productivity by Streamlining Scheduling

Users can easily share and access team calendar availability using Schedule View in Outlook 2010. And the Calendar Preview function enables users to instantly spot any calendar conflicts in a meeting request, eliminating the need to switch between windows.

“Schedule View and Calendar Preview have simplified our scheduling process—both internally and with clients,” Kazimir says. “We’re saving hours and hours each month with those features combined.”

Kazimir also points out that he was so impressed by the Outlook 2010 calendar capabilities, he permanently migrated away from Google Calendar.

“We used to use Google Calendar to schedule meetings, and it was cumbersome moving between emails, calendars, and documents,” he says. “Outlook 2010 integrates everything together into a seamless workflow.”

Overall, Kazimir finds that Office 2010 has helped 3DreamTeam boost productivity and devote more time to crafting the innovative virtual models its clients rely on. “Office 2010 is faster, more stable, and easier to learn and use than any system I’ve tried.” he says. “To anyone considering deploying Office 2010, I’d say do it now. You’ll be amazed by what you can do.”

* Co-authoring capabilities require either Microsoft® SharePoint® Foundation Services or a free Windows Live account.

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