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Administrator Pro IT Firm Saves Time, Uncovers Opportunities with Microsoft® Office 2010

"Office 2010 helps us streamline workflow, work together in new ways, and boost overall efficiency. It frees up time for us to test, develop, and deploy more innovative solutions for our clients.”

— Vitaly Bobrov, co-owner and technical director, Administrator Pro

Based in Moscow, Russia, Administrator Pro—a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner—provides leading IT solutions to businesses across the country, focusing on fostering long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Teamwork and high-quality customer care are the cornerstones of Administrator Pro’s success, and company leaders wanted to continue finding better, more efficient ways to enhance team collaboration and deliver solutions to its clients in less time.

They turned to Microsoft Office 2010 to accomplish this goal. By providing new, intuitive tools that enable users to work together, communicate with clients, and deploy solutions faster than ever.

Business Needs
The company’s employees found it difficult to share project-related ideas and files quickly and easily. Project implementation, for example, required input from multiple employees—from sales managers to technical specialists—and creating proposals and manuals involved emailing revisions back-and-forth, delaying project completion.

In addition, helping customers with technical issues often required sending a screenshot “storyboard” of a process, and employees had to copy, paste, and reformat each image within a document or email.

Administrator Pro managers were also seeking ways to improve overall organization, particularly email management. With hundreds of messages arriving across the company daily, the company’s staff found it difficult to sort, prioritize, and retrieve client-related correspondence.

That’s when Administrator Pro managers decided to move to Office 2010, and immediately found that the system boosted productivity, enhanced organization, and provided employees with new ways to work together.

Co-authoring tools enable users to work on documents, such as technical manuals and project proposals, concurrently—resulting in faster document completion.

The new Insert Screenshot feature, combined with photo editing tools, made it easier than ever for employees to manipulate documents and create visually-impressive—and easy–to-understand—technical manuals for their clients.

With enhanced email features, such as Conversation View, users can easily manage emails and trace conversation threads back to the source—helping to improve organization and help users respond to recent messages quickly.


Working Together to Improve Customer Service

OneNote® 2010 has helped the organization save time and enabled employees to work together more effectively. Users can dock OneNote 2010 on the side of their desktop and take notes while you work in Word 2010 or Microsoft® Internet Explorer®. OneNote automatically provides links to where there user was in the source document at the time he or she took the note. For Administrator Pro employees, these shared notebooks make finding project-related information easier than ever.

“Before OneNote, we would email project notes and forth—which was quite inefficient,” says Bobrov. “Now, everything we need—ideas, product Web site links, client information—are all in one, easily accessible place.”

Bringing Ideas to Life

With Insert Screenshot, users can capture a screenshot image and send it to clients in an email or integrate it into technical manuals with just a few clicks.

“I send about 50 emails a day with screenshots to help clients resolve technical issues,” Bobrov points out. “It used to be tedious to paste and reformat these. With Insert Screenshot, I’m done in just a click or two.”

And the new photo editing tools enable users to easily manipulate images and create stunning presentations. “The ability to add effects to screenshots, text, and pictures is fantastic,” says Bobrov. “Our manuals look like professional publications—and we don’t need to be graphic design experts.”

Improving Organization, Finding New Opportunities for Growth

Bobrov and his team have found that Conversation View dramatically improved the way they sort and manage emails. By consolidating related messages into a single thread—even if those emails are stores in separate folders—users can gain control over their inboxes.

“Conversation View is just plain cool,” Bobrov says. “The automatic sorting and clean up tools makes managing my email painless. Plus, I can see which messages I need to respond to first—so clients love it too.”

Bobrov has noticed additional new features of Office 2010 that will help Administrator Pro bring more values to its customers. Slicers, a new Excel 2010 feature, enables users to visually “cut” data and view it in a way that makes sense to them.

“We’ve only just started using Slicers, and we’ve already seen impressive results,” Bobrov says. “I showed our director how this new Excel feature can help us rapidly extract information, such as the software used by a client. He was amazed by the possibilities.”

“We keep finding new ways to use Office 2010 and are continually impressed by it,” Bobrov adds. “It’s revealing new opportunities to us in ways we never expected.”

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