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Al Murjan Holding Holding Company Increases Productivity and Cuts Costs by Implementing a Cloud Solution

Al Murjan Holding is a major investment firm with an international presence. The corporation needed to provide its employees, access to office applications anywhere in the world. It was also critical that the solution would satisfy its requirements regarding privacy and security, high availability and a lower total cost of ownership. The company was able to achieve all of their objectives using a cloud solution by subscribing to Microsoft Office 365.

Business Needs
Al Murjan Holding is a major holding company based in Saudi Arabia, and is engaged in the business of investing in private companies within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as in the Middle East and many African countries. The company was experiencing
* Subscribing to Microsoft Office 365 has enabled the company to be more productive and agile, empowering our employees and giving them more time to focus on our customers - at a fraction of the cost compared to a standard office on-site solution. *

Ibrahim Hamed Sofrata
Director of Information Technology
Al Murjan Holding

substantial growth within its international business portfolio. As such, it now had an international labor force working in different time zones in dozens of companies belonging to the firm. Additionally, because of the corporation’s limited IT infrastructure and a small IT support team; the firm was having difficulty in meeting the growing IT needs of its management and employees, who were always on the move. It was very important for the firm that their employees would be able to access their emails, contacts, calendars, including office applications using different devices in order to provide them with a high level of flexibility.
“We are very pleased that our business has grown so well, and we are expanding rapidly in other markets. In order to maintain our momentum, it is very important that our employees have access to the tools and software applications that they need so that they can do their work effectively. We, therefore, needed to find an office solution that would not only meet the growing requirements of our employees but at the same time, address the company’s needs regarding privacy and security, high availability and lower total cost of ownership,” says Ibrahim Hamed Sofrata, Director of Information Technology at the company.

Additionally, Al Murjan Holding recognized these needs and adopted a policy of consolidating and centralizing IT services, with the aim of providing employee – centric IT services.

The company started to weigh the pros and cons of having an on-site office application solution or decide to move everything to the cloud. It became clear that taking into account the firm’s business requirements, implementing a cloud solution was the correct approach. Subsequently, the IT department began exploring all possible cloud solutions available in the market. After careful consideration, Al Murjan Holding decided to implement Microsoft Office 365 and purchased two types of subscription plans.

“One of the primary reasons why the company decided in implementing Microsoft Office 365 is that our employees are quite familiar and comfortable with previous versions of this software. This meant that we did not have to spend a lot of time in training our users. “

In order to minimize any inconvenience to its employees or disruption at the company, it was important that the transition of moving to the cloud be done as quickly as possible. To ensure that this project went smoothly, the firm engaged the services of R-tech, a Microsoft Gold Partner and a highly reputable business integration and communications solutions provider in the Middle East.

“We selected R-tech as our implementing partner in this project, because of their extensive experience and expertise in this area.”

R-tech helped the firm by determining which Microsoft Office 365 subscription plan was appropriate for their needs, as well as the setting up of accounts that included migrating the company’s information to the cloud such as contacts, calendars and emails. It also provided training and support when required.

Subscribing to Microsoft Office 365 has shown to be a big advantage to the company.

High Availability
Giving its international employees the ability to use office applications anytime and anywhere, provides them with unparalleled flexibility.

“In a rapidly changing business environment, it is important that our staff can continue working without having to be at their workstation. Microsoft Office 365 gives us the mobility that we require. We have also found out that we don’t need to have access to fast Internet speed in order to use Microsoft Office 365 - this is really great! “

Easier Implementation Process
“If we had chosen to implement Microsoft Office on-site, one of the scenarios that we were anticipating was the added complexity of implementing the solution in thousands of computers in different countries. This would have taken a lot of time and resources that we were not prepared to do. Deploying Microsoft Office 365 insured that the implementation process would be easier.”

Complete Privacy and Security
One of the advantages of using a cloud solution is that company records are being backed up in multiple servers that are spread across different data centers across the globe. This ensures that the company would not have to worry about losing any of its information. Additionally, these data centers have the highest encryption available and many different types of certificates, safeguarding Al Murjan Holding’s business information.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
By deploying a cloud solution, the company has achieved substantial savings. It no longer needs to buy hardware, pay for maintenance and support costs nor purchase software, including upgrades.

“Previously, we used to have a substantial budget just to maintain our existing IT ecosystem. By moving to the cloud, we have saved the company a lot of money. For example, this has allowed us to drop our support contract and has given us an annual savings of $5000 USD. Furthermore, we are able to administer our Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions remotely. This allows us to provide better and faster service at a much lower cost.”

“Subscribing to Microsoft Office 365 has enabled the company to be more productive and agile, empowering our employees and giving them more time to focus on our customers - at a fraction of the cost compared to a standard office on-site solution.”

Flexible and Cost–Effective Subscription Plan
Having the option to choose and change subscription plans when required, ensures that the company is spending its money wisely, while providing employees access to the office applications that they need.

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Established in 1984, Al Murjan Holding is an investment company based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It is one of the main three firms under the Al Murjan Group.

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