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Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists Clinic Chooses Cloud-Based Email to Avoid $14,000 in IT Costs and Improve Efficiency

Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists in Denver, Colorado, worked with Solve IT to replace its on-premises messaging solution with Microsoft Exchange Online. A cloud-based email service that is part of Microsoft Office 365, Exchange Online fulfils the clinic’s patient confidentiality requirements and saved US$14,000 in IT costs in the first year. Staffers access email on a variety of mobile devices, improving teamwork and patient care.

Business Needs
To work effectively as a team and provide patient-centric care across the organization’s two clinics, the staff at Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists needs reliable, easily accessible email. However, the email service within the Windows Small Business Server 2003 solution running on-premises at Advanced Orthopedic was outdated.

“Email is critical for our internal processes and timely patient care, but we were beginning to experience downtime, which affected our service,” says Dr. Davis Hurley, Chief Executive Officer at Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists.

* With Exchange Online, we gain reliable, mobile access to email, and we can send x-rays in attachments without worrying about file size or patient confidentiality. Everyone is so much more efficient. *

Dr. Davis Hurley
CEO, Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists


Staffers work at both clinics, so they are often on the road. However, the web mail component of their email solution didn’t work well with the variety of mobile devices they used, or inside hospital firewalls. They also experienced problems sending large files, such as x-rays and DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) images, as attachments. “We were spending a disproportionate amount of money on supporting our messaging solution, considering its age and functionality,” says Dr. Hurley. “We needed to upgrade our email to reduce costs and improve reliability and mobility.”

Advanced Orthopedic relies on Solve IT, a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and Microsoft Cloud Champion Club, as its outsourced IT department. “Advanced Orthopedic wanted an email solution that worked on all the latest devices, so our challenge was to help them simplify their environment by finding an alternative to spending a lot of money on an on-premises email solution,” says Garrett Brucker, President at Solve IT.

The staff at Advanced Orthopedic sat down with Solve IT to look at its options for a new email solution. To simplify the overall IT infrastructure and reduce server acquisition and management costs, Solve IT suggested moving email to the cloud and using Microsoft Exchange Online, the email and calendaring service that is part of Microsoft Office 365. Solve IT also deployed Microsoft Office 2010 on all computers.

With Exchange Online, Advanced Orthopedic staffers gain 25 gigabytes of mailbox storage and the ability to send 30-megabyte attachments, as well as personal archiving capabilities. For mobile access to email, staffers can use Outlook Web App, a web-based email service that is similar to the Microsoft Outlook 2010 messaging and collaboration client, including the Conversation View feature to see messages in context and shared calendars to easily schedule meetings. Exchange Online uses Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync technology so that staff can work with a variety of mobile devices.

In healthcare, cloud computing requires extra security precautions because compliance with the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) demands the protection of patient information. “Before making a decision about a new email solution, Advanced Orthopedic wanted reassurance that Exchange Online is HIPAA compliant,” says Brucker. “When the company learned that, with Microsoft hosting the email service, it would be more secure and reliable than any on-premises solution, Advanced Orthopedic decided to go ahead.”

Exchange Online uses Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange to provide multiple filters and virus-scanning engines to help protect email from spam, viruses, and phishing scams.

Solve IT migrated 57 mailboxes to Exchange Online over one weekend in June 2012. “I went home on Friday and came back on Monday, and the job was done,” says Dr. Hurley. “Exchange Online is very straightforward, and we didn’t have to train our staff. Solve IT did a great job.”

With Exchange Online, Advanced Orthopedic gains the benefits of cloud-based email without sacrificing the enterprise-grade capabilities provided by a Microsoft Exchange solution. Since subscribing to the service, the orthopedic practice has experienced the following benefits:
  • Reduced costs. By moving its email service to the cloud, Advanced Orthopedic will avoid future server acquisition and support costs. “Continuing to upgrade servers and software every three years is costly for us,” says Dr. Hurley. “If we had upgraded our on-premises messaging solution, we would have had to spend approximately [US]$10,000 on hardware and software licenses and continue to pay approximately $4,200 a year on support costs. We prefer predictable, monthly subscription costs to large capital outlays.”

  • Improved mobile experience. With Exchange Online, Advanced Orthopedic gains a reliable web mail solution that works on everyone’s mobile devices. Now doctors don’t have to wait until they return to the clinic to reply to email or communicate with support staff. “With Exchange Online, we gain reliable, mobile access to email, and we can send x-rays in attachments without worrying about file size or patient confidentiality,” says Dr. Hurley. “Everyone is so much more efficient.”

  • Improved productivity. The Outlook 2010 email client and Outlook Web App share the same intuitive user interface that Advanced Ortho staffers find full of timesaving features. “My administrative assistant can group email messages; some don’t need to be read right away and others do,” says Dr. Hurley. “She can easily set rules for filing and archiving email messages and use the search function to retrieve data that we like to enter in our other systems.”

    Improved productivity also comes from a more reliable email solution. “Before, when we had an issue with our server, we’d incur downtime and everything would grind to a halt,” says Dr. Hurley. “We haven’t had any downtime since we moved to the cloud, so we can continue to work hard for the benefit of our patients.”

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