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Allianz Indonesia Indonesian Insurance Firm Develops Plan to Serve Clients During Crises

Business continuity is our most important investment. Our competitors are not able to serve their clients during a disaster, and with Office Groove 2007 we can serve our customers even during emergencies.
–Victor Sandjaja, CEO, Allianz Indonesia



Established in 1989, Allianz Indonesia is a subsidiary of Allianz Group, a leading provider of insurance and financial services worldwide. Committed to building long-term relationships with its customers, Allianz plans to be the number one insurance group in Indonesia by 2010.

Allianz is committed to providing service beyond customer expectations, even during a natural disaster. To ensure continued service during times of crisis, Allianz has developed a business continuity program to keep the company running even if communications and network operations are interrupted.

As part of this program, Allianz had established a disaster recovery site, with a goal of 24 hours maximum outage. But even a one-day business disruption could cost the insurance company as much as U.S.$1 million. Allianz wanted a way to ensure 100 percent availability of information and services while network operations are switching to the recovery site.


Allianz deployed Microsoft® Office Groove® 2007 with Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007 to sustain business operations, minimize interruptions, and provide superior customer support in times of crisis. With Office Groove 2007, Allianz users set up shared workspaces where teams share and update vital business continuity documents and customer information. Authorized users can modify these documents, which are then synchronized automatically in the shared workspace on team members’ computers. Allianz maintains business continuity plans on an Office SharePoint Server 2007 site that are automatically downloaded into Office Groove 2007. In an emergency, an Office Groove 2007 workspace with business continuity plans and essential customer data is automatically provisioned from Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Allianz field agents can use Office Groove 2007 to access vital documents online or offline, so they can meet any urgent customer need even if network communication is temporarily interrupted. Allianz will also be able to collaborate with outside organizations across networks, firewalls, technologies, and in situations with unpredictable network access, without compromising security.


Allianz is using Office Groove 2007 to enhance its business continuity initiative. The company will be able to provide data and services to its clients and its business locations, despite interruptions in communication caused by a natural disaster.

“By using Office Groove 2007 to ensure that its customers will not be further jeopardized by even a temporary loss of service during times of crisis, Allianz is building a competitive advantage in its market and supporting its goal of being number one by 2010,” says Victor Sandjaja, CEO at Allianz Indonesia.


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Allianz Indonesia is a subsidiary of Allianz Group, the leading provider of insurance and financial services worldwide.

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