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Capio Group Capio Delivers Responsive and Better Healthcare with Business Intelligence

By building business intelligence competencies into its daily management and operational processes, Capio gained productivity, better business insights and decision-making capabilities. The company leverages these performance enhancements to offer the ultimate benefit to patients – more time and better care.     

Business Needs

Headquartered in Sweden, Capio Group delivers a diverse range of healthcare services to private and public sectors across Europe. The company provides primary, hospital and specialist care services as well as healthcare management contracts.

* The Microsoft BI solution provides us with fast access to mission-critical information which enables us to be more productive and spend more time with patients and the delivery of quality care.  *
Peter Lysell
Business Intelligence Manager
Capio Group
Capio has grown rapidly since its founding in 1994 as a result of acquisitions and organic growth. This expansion, however, led to management challenges among its Nordic operations, which comprise approximately 3,000 employees.

Business-critical information had not only expanded, but was dispersed and stored
in disparate data sources. Access was restricted to local units, making follow-up a slow and complicated process. Managers spent hours trying to locate the right information to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions.

In addition, reporting required significant manual effort from Capio’s controllers which further delayed decision-making.

It was proving difficult to manage and measure performance efficiently. The time was right to boost business intelligence (BI) capabilities at Capio.

“Capio believes in efficiency because of how essential it is to providing end-to-end quality healthcare, from operational reporting all the way through to scheduling appointments for our patients,” states Peter Lysell, Business Intelligence Manager at Capio. Lysell adds, “We also knew what a good BI solution could do to bring about resourceful change and help us improve efficiency in the future, so the next step was to adopt a proven technology and work with a proven partner.”


In 2008, Capio teamed with Acando, a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and consultancy. Acando’s services and solutions are designed to offer customers a balance of business value, short project times and low total cost.

Acando facilitated Capio’s adoption of a Microsoft® Business Intelligence solution based on Microsoft SQL Server® 2005, Microsoft Office Excel® 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server® 2007.

Together, they implemented a new BI portal that brings together and presents information associated with key business functions, including, accounting, production and staffing, The portal serves as the gateway to the information sources and tools that the Nordic units need for management, measurement, and follow-up.

Serving as the BI solution foundation, SQL Server provides vital data structuring, storage capacity and powerful integration and administration capabilities to help Capio effectively access, manage and measure its huge volume of business data.

Data collection is performed by SQL Integration Services, which brings information from the company’s many distributed sources, such as patient administration, HR and ERP systems, into a common data warehouse.

With centralized information, the solution utilizes SQL Analysis Services to create a consolidated view of the data. It enables Capio analysts to analyze and track key performance indicators (KPIs), related to its primary functions, against the data gathered from the various source systems.

Nearly 200 Capio professionals -- decision-makers, managers and analysts – connect daily to their own customized portal pages via a familiar, easy-to-use SharePoint interface.

Using SQL Reporting Services, staff produce and manage customized reports. Employees also leverage the analytical capabilities in Excel Services to support daily operations and drive more informed decision-making.

Gateway to Insights and Productivity

With the new gateway, information management is now fully automated. Not only do managers have real-time information at their fingertips, making analysis more efficient and accurate, controllers are freed up from the manual work associated with creating reports in email and Excel.

Information and reports are displayed in easy-to-use, familiar formats simplifying interactions and providing a consistent experience for users.

“We know that the improved data access and quality are helping us to make better, faster decisions and identify inefficiencies more quickly,” says Lysell. “In the long run, that also saves us money.”

The portal also presents the important concepts and definitions underlying the calculation of the KPIs and other metrics to improve understanding and facilitate communication between managers at different levels.


In addition to eliminating time-consuming manual processes, the Microsoft BI solution has enabled Capio to build business intelligence competencies, progressing from data integration and extended access to KPI development, and on to advanced analysis and reporting via the collaborative portal.

“The Capio project is a great example of how BI can be applied to solve problems and create opportunities to improve the core business,” says Frederik Hedenström, BI Consultant at Acando.

With improved access and better insights to performance data, Capio is a more nimble and efficient organization.

"The Microsoft BI solution provides us with fast access to mission-critical information that is centralized and easy to monitor and measure,” says Lysell “These efficiencies enable us to be more productive and spend more time with patients and the delivery of quality care."

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Document published June 2009
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Capio is one of Europe’s leading private healthcare companies with operations in multiple countries and a diverse customer base. Operations include hospitals, specialist clinics, training and research.

Software & Services
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services



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