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Rodyk & Davidson LLP Leading Law Firm Saves Costs and Improves Productivity with Standardized Platform

Business Needs

Rodyk & Davidson is one of Singapore’s largest full-service law practice and also its oldest with almost 150 years of service. Headquartered in Singapore with a regional Shanghai office, its lawyers provide legal advice in Corporate, Finance, Intellectual Property and Technology, Litigation and Arbitration, and Real Estate. Its services are also extended across the region via its China, India and Indonesia practices.

Aiming to deliver only the best legal solutions and services to its clients, Rodyk recognizes that human capital is its key differentiating advantage. A user of Microsoft® Office 2000 and Microsoft® Office 2003 since its merger with HelenYeo & Partners in 2002, the economic lull presented an opportunity for Rodyk’s staff to attend the Microsoft® Office 2007 product training. This prompted Rodyk to go ahead with the upgrade.

As a first-tier law firm, Rodyk recognizes the importance of constantly upgrading its lawyers’ and staff’s skill sets through training. Mrs Helen Yeo, Managing Partner, Rodyk & Davidson LLP said, ”Just like Microsoft, we believe in empowering our people with technology to meet challenges. Upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007 is part of our continuing efforts to enhance our skills and strengthen our capabilities.”

* Just like Microsoft, we believe in empowering our people with technology to meet challenges. Upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007 is part of our continuing efforts to enhance our skills and strengthen our capabilities. *

Mrs Helen Yeo
Managing Partner
Rodyk & Davidson LLP


A long-time Microsoft customer, Rodyk had been using Microsoft Office 97 since 1998. Its IT environment is also powered by Microsoft operating systems, servers and Microsoft® SQL® databases.

“We are familiar with Microsoft solutions and have not experienced any compatibility issues using the software, which is a platform commonly used by our clients. Even though we had to migrate 300 users in this exercise, we knew that the process would be smooth as Microsoft Office 2007 had been in the market for the last two years, with proven reliability and return of investments,” said Mr Alvin Aw, IT Manager, Rodyk & Davidson LLP.

Another reason for Rodyk’s decision to standardize on Microsoft Office 2007 was better integration with its back-end applications. With the upgrade, the company wanted to increase its readiness to enable Unified Communications in the future. Rodyk also wished to take advantage of the new functionalities found in Microsoft Office 2007 to improve business productivity and enhance its abilities to produce professional quality documents or presentations. 

The four Microsoft Office 2007 solutions implemented were Microsoft® Office Excel® 2007, Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007, Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007 and Microsoft® Office Word 2007. Rodyk started migrating its 300 front-line staff onto Microsoft Office 2007 in January 2009 and completed the process in March 2009. ”The training conducted by Avantus has been a great help in ensuring a smooth migration, as the team demonstrated in-depth product knowledge,” said Aw.


Thanks to its user-friendly interface, most users started using Microsoft Office 2007 after an introductory three-hour tips and tricks session. Overall, Rodyk has seen an improvement in staff productivity with the new features found in Microsoft Office 2007.

The improved user interface uses the Ribbon function to enable quicker access to tools and functions, while the Building Block feature enables quick assembling of documents. The enhanced search function in Microsoft Outlook 2007 allows instant searches across all .pst folders at one go. This makes it easier for Rodyk’s lawyers to locate critical business information which may be embedded in emails, to better serve their clients. Tighter integration across the Microsoft Office suite enables new capabilities, such as the embedding of tables and the use of Word formatting within Outlook, makes life easier for Rodyk’s staff. “The new features allow us to now spend more time working on content and less on formatting,” said Aw.

Rodyk also gained cost savings from optimized storage capacities, due to the reduced document size with Microsoft Office 2007’s powerful compression capabilities. This reduces bandwidth, enhances traffic flow through its Microsoft® Exchange server and enables easier transmission of emails with large attachments.

IT management is now easier with a standardized platform. As IT resources now focus on supporting a single office productivity platform, IT support productivity has also improved.

  • Improved staff productivity. New features such as Ribbon, Advanced Search function, Building Blocks etc, reduce steps in creating documents. Allows users to spend more time working on documents, rather than formatting them.
  • Cost savings from optimized storage capacities. Advanced document compression capabilities, which reduce file sizes by up to 90 percent, optimize costly storage capacities.
  • Improved network speed. Faster transmission of emails with reduced file sizes. This improves network speed by enhancing traffic flow through the Microsoft Exchange server.
  • Enhanced readiness for future technologies. Upgrading to Microsoft Office 2007 readies Rodyk for the deployment of future technologies such as Unified Communications.
  • Increased back-end integration. Better integration with back-end applications enhances overall productivity and business efficiency.
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