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Adobe Adobe Gains Productivity and Compatibility with Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2010

Industry leader Adobe is renowned for delivering software and technologies that change the world through high-impact, high-value digital experiences. As part of its on-going growth, the company was looking for a next step in terms of a productivity suite that could answer its broad needs across an international enterprise. Entering into an early adopters program with Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe was able to assess Office 2010’s feasibility as an enterprise-wide solution, as well as the strength of its integration with the company’s own Acrobat X software, enabling the consistency of PDF documents across the enterprise.


Established in 1982 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Adobe Systems has become an international leader in software, thanks in large part to popular solutions that continue to transform digital experiences for people worldwide across digital devices and channels. The company has grown in the last few decades to incorporate more than 9,000 employees in offices across the world.

Given the size and extent of the Adobe network, Adobe was keen to find a solution that was flexible and dynamic enough to improve productivity across an international network of offices and users.

* The tighter integration between Acrobat X and Office 2010 gives users quicker, simpler access to tools to generate PDF files right inside the applications. *

Tony Dohn Capela
Desktop Engineering Team Leader,
Adobe Ottawa

Since Adobe and Microsoft had enjoyed a strong partnership in the past, picking Office 2010 as a possible solution to address enterprise needs at Adobe seemed like a natural choice, according to Tony Dohn Capela, the Desktop Engineering Team Leader at Adobe Ottawa, especially given Office 2010’s compatibility with Adobe Acrobat X software.

“At Adobe, we use Microsoft Exchange extensively for messaging and for calendaring, and we also manage our systems using System Center,” Capela says. “Most new employees are already trained on Microsoft Office. Our existing user base already uses it…So all those things came together to make it a natural fit.”


Early Adopters Program

Putting together an Early Adopters Program was just the answer Adobe needed.

“Before deploying any new service in IT,” says Capela, “we need to evaluate its compatibility with our environment. With Office 2010, Microsoft made loads of great tools available to us to do that. We were able to test our compatibility with our templates and our add-ons well in advance of deployment.”

He adds: “Not everyone at the company has an NSDN license or is a developer so in order to share that with our lighthouse customers, get early feedback, see how well it works with the other systems at Adobe, we initiated an early adopters program.”


Integration with Acrobat X

Capela and his team were particularly impressed by the Office 2010’s seamless integration with Acrobat X and the ease with which PDF files can now be generated across the Office 2010 suite. Additionally, Acrobat X’s integration with Microsoft SharePoint, now enable consistency of PDF documents across the enterprise. “The tighter integration between Acrobat X and Office 2010 gives users quicker, simpler access to tools to generate PDF files right inside the applications,” Capela says.

“Deploying Office 2010 and Acrobat X here at Adobe enables the consistency of PDF documents across our organization,” says Chris French, Senior Product Manager, Acrobat Solutions, Adobe. “As a global enterprise, Adobe requirements around internationalization, support, cost, training, and compatibility with Acrobat X were all met. It was a perfect fit.”

The quality and complexity of the PDF content generated in 2010 is another touch point, according to Capela. “[PDF files in 2010] are basically content-aware, so they really do dig into the actual document and include all the great DNA…The text is selectable, links work, tables can be copied and pasted—all the capabilities users need are right there.”

There is also a new flexibility in the integration of the Microsoft and Adobe solutions. “The other cool feature is you can go in the other direction as well,” says Capela. “You can take a PDF and convert it into a Word or Excel document. The ability to re-use and repurpose content and share information is now a snap.”

This particular feature has made a marked difference to Adobe Ottawa receptionist Jennifer Merchant’s work day. “I’m constantly making PDF files from Word docs or vice versa,” she says. “Just the fact that PDF can be converted into Word immediately is fantastic.

* Deploying Office 2010 and Acrobat X here at Adobe enables the consistency of PDF documents across our organization. As a global enterprise, Adobe requirements around internationalization, support, cost, training, and compatibility with Acrobat X were all met. It was a perfect fit. *

Chris French
Senior Product Manager,
Acrobat Solutions, Adobe

“I find the compatibility between Office 2010 and Acrobat very easy. The transition from one to the other -- from Word to PDF and from PDF to Word -- is very, very simple.”

The impressive integration of the two has created fantastic results for the company, says Capela. “At Adobe, Acrobat is our other big core productivity tool, along with Office. Being able to combine them both and deliver them to our users has been a big win for us.”

Early Positive Feedback

The early adopters program clearly garnered positive results right from the word “go.”

“The upgrade experience was painless,” says Stéphane Gervais, the Software Development Manager at Adobe Ottawa. “After the upgrade, I was up and running in no time, and I started discovering the new features right away. Within a day or two, I was so impressed with Office 2010 that I was recommending it to my colleagues.”

Enhancements to Outlook resulted in increased productivity for many end users, according to Capela.

He says: “I’ve heard a lot of people like that when you receive a meeting invitation you get a little snapshot of your calendar and it shows you where that meeting will fit into your day…That’s a huge time saver, everybody liked that a lot.”

Gervais agrees. “I find the conversation clean-up feature to be really useful.

I come in in the morning and combined with the new conversation threading view in Outlook 2010, I can go through my email faster in the morning. I know that I’m reading the important messages.”

Gervais also has high praise for OneNote’s presence in the solution and the time savings it brings to his workflow.

“It’s great that OneNote comes with Office 2010 standard. It just helps me visualize my data, categorize my data, and process my data faster,” he says.

The ease of installation was a positive feature for members of the Adobe team with less IT experience as well.

Merchant, the receptionist, says: “It was fairly simple and straightforward. I thought I would require some help, and I might have reached out to IT, but it wasn’t necessary. I was able to solve the problems myself. I found Office 2010 easy to install.”

Easy Global Deployment

Having assessed Office 2010 to their satisfaction, the Adobe team decided that Office 2010 was exactly the kind of solution that could fit their needs.

“We evaluated it and determined it was a good fit for Adobe,” says Capela. Microsoft’s understanding of the global demands of a large corporation like Adobe was a key factor in the decision. “In Office 2010, [Microsoft] internationalized the product differently than they had in the past, which made it a lot more flexible and easier for us to deploy globally.”

Adobe also recognized “significant value -add” specific to an international deployment in Office 2010’s new features, including the solution’s enhanced language packs.

“The language packs were managed differently in this version,” Capela says. “Instead of having to install the whole system from scratch, you can just download a language pack that changes the interface.”

Office 2010’s enhanced usability, along with the IT infrastructure solutions available via Microsoft System Center, made the sizeable deployment a breeze. “For the deployment, we leveraged Microsoft System Center to deliver Office 2010 to all machines at Adobe,” says Capela. “This allowed users to have a very clean and simple experience. They could just go into control panel, add programs, see Office 2010, and have it installed and be up and running in less than 15 minutes.”

Additional licenses for Office Pro Plus were also purchased to hold on reserve for seats on an as-needed basis, according to Capela. “Pro Plus’ value for us was that, in the past, we have had to buy a lot of licenses with Access, Project, and Business… This time around we bought Pro Plus instead, and anyone who requests to view or access a project just gets everything they need.”

Building A Strong Partnership

Capela and the rest of the Adobe team are looking forward to continuing their productive partnership with Microsoft solutions in the years to come.

The Adobe team has already moved on to Internet Explorer 9 and is taking an active look at IE 10. They are also making plans to engage their lighthouse users with additional Microsoft products in coming months.

All in all, utilizing Office Pro Plus 2010 has whet Capela’s appetite for what he calls “tomorrow’s platform,” Office 365. “[Using Office 2010] puts us in a better position to move towards things like Office 365 and technology of the future.”

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Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences and has established itself a global leader in the software industry. Adobe is headquartered in the US, with more than 9,000 employees worldwide.


Searching for a productivity suite that could work for its broad global network of employees, Adobe took part in an early adopters program, running Office 2010 on 120 seats to assess the breadth and stability of Microsoft’s solution, as well as its compatibility with Acrobat X.


After getting positive feedback on Office 2010 and determining its compatibility with Acrobat, Adobe deployed the Microsoft solution to 2,200 seats across the company.

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