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Aurelium ICT Firm Supports SMEs with Cloud Service Platform and Managed Productivity Tools

Information and communications technology (ICT) solutions firm Aurelium needed to respond to demand from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for hosted, cloud-based productivity solutions. Working with Microsoft Partner Nervogrid, it created a services model with managed Microsoft Office delivered over Hosted Virtual Desktop. With the virtual infrastructure, customers use any device to access their office IT networks securely anytime, anywhere.

Business Needs

Aurelium, based in Kontich in Belgium, is an IT solutions provider that specialises in supporting SMEs. Founded in 1987 in Antwerp Province, Aurelium takes a holistic approach to advising its customers, many of which are in professional services, by offering them flexibility and customisation for office productivity solutions.

Phillippe Reinardts, Technical Services and Vendor Relationship Manager, Aurelium, says: “In recent months, we’ve seen a huge surge in interest from SMEs in cloud-based hosted solutions. We wanted to respond to the market with a one-stop solution for new infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings by providing them with managed Microsoft Office supported by Microsoft software for maximum uptime.”

Aurelium decided to start by concentrating on SMEs with between one and 24 workstations and then move onto larger SMEs with up to 50 workstations. First, it needed to identify an experienced partner that could deliver a highly automated and easy-to-use cloud provisioning system, not only for IaaS but also for SaaS. Potential customers included professional services firms, with additional interest coming from clients in industry. Aurelium would be taking responsibility for testing the design of the system.

Reinardts says: “We have several legal services firms in Belgium that were particularly interested in moving to the cloud with managed Office and our cloud-based hosted IaaS. Laon Lawyers in Antwerp, for example, approached us because it wasn’t happy with its previous IaaS partner and invited us to produce a better solution.”


Aurelium decided to build its new offering using the Nervogrid Cloud Control Platform for both IaaS and SaaS, including managed Office. Managed Office is a service that provides Microsoft Office as a secure, standalone productivity application. It protects intellectual property and prevents risk of data loss or theft. Managed Office also fully integrates Office productivity tools with line-of-business applications anywhere and on any device.

Tom Casaer, Vice President Channel Sales, Nervogrid in Belgium, says: “Nervogrid—a Microsoft Gold Partner—offers a cloud service brokerage solution that’s built on key Microsoft products and technologies. It helps IT service providers such as Aurelium easily package and provision cloud-based solutions for their customers. Nervogrid now has a scalable business model that reduces partner costs by up to 50 per cent, and helps partners meet customers’ needs for affordable enterprise solutions.”

Aurelium offers both IaaS and SaaS through the Nervogrid Cloud Control Panel as-a-Service. Casaer says: “The Nervogrid IaaS and Hosted Virtual Desktop offering is based on the Windows Server 2012 operating system with Hyper-V technology and Remote Desktop Services. It delivers a Microsoft private cloud and line-of-business applications for customers such as Laon Lawyers.”

The Nervogrid Cloud Control Panel as-a-Service provides managed Microsoft Office via Remote Desktop Services for all users. The project has already started with two Aurelium customers—Laon Lawyers and Argo, another legal services firm based in Belgium.

Casaer says: “The Nervogrid Cloud Control Panel as-a-Service allows Aurelium to offer several applications and services through a catalogue, simplifying the purchase process and keeping the data overview in one place. Setting up a managed desktop environment for Microsoft Office can be easily done.”


By working with Nervogrid, Aurelium has created a new services model. With managed Office and other services, the company is differentiating itself from competitors and meeting its customers’ demand for hosted, cloud-based solutions. Customers have the comfort of anytime, anywhere access via any device to their offices’ IT network—whether a legal services, recruitment, or industrial firm.

Aurelium cuts provisioning time with Nervogrid Cloud Control Panel. Reinardts says: “We can now provision services on a fully automated basis. There is no longer any need to fill in order forms and wait several days for provisioning. We can manage the whole service under our own brand.”

Law firm boosts productivity with hosted cloud solution. Paul Cools, Advocate and Partner, Laon Lawyers, says: “By having the latest Microsoft Office tools available at all times from anywhere, we’ll enjoy increased productivity. This solution makes it easier for our lawyers to work flexibly with secure access to our IT network.”

Aurelium values collaboration with Nervogrid for SME market. Reinardts says: “Nervogrid produced the ideal secure service delivery model for IaaS and SaaS for the SME market in Belgium using Microsoft technologies such as Windows Server 2012, System Center 2012, and Remote Desktop Services. We were impressed by its excellent references—particularly in Scandinavian countries.”

Managed Office offers customers peace of mind. Reinardts says: “Managed Office is a significant benefit for our customers. It’s easy to use, delivers automatic updates, and is provided for a monthly fee. With little to no downtime, it frees SMEs to focus on their business rather than managing IT.”

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Aurelium is a Belgium-based ICT solutions provider. It specialises in meeting the needs of SMEs and has responded to the demand for cloud-based systems and managed Office desktop suites.

Software & Services
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft System Center 2012
  • Windows Server 2012

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