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Audax Engineering Engineering Firm Benefits from Hosted Enterprise Project Management Solution

Business Needs

Audax Engineering is hired by companies in charge of big construction projects, like the Rio de Janeiro Subway and Petrobrás, to provide support in the management of all phases and aspects of the undertaking.

* If we have new projects, it’s easy to maintain or expand the contract. If that’s not the case, there is no expense without a receipt to justify it. *

Wedson Cabral
Project Manager
Audax Engineering

Although its activities are guided by SME requirements and it uses universal best practices, the company seeks to align itself with the client’s methodology and preferred tools. However, creating a customized structure for each project would require a capital investment in IT (servers, licenses, installation, maintenance, etc.) that is unsuited for the company’s strategy and activity.


Through a partnership with Web Carioca, a Microsoft Silver Partner for EPM, Audax adopted Microsoft Project Server 2010 as a hosted solution, with costs staggered according to the project’s size and duration.

“If we have new projects, it’s easy to maintain or expand the contract. If that’s not the case, there is no expense without a receipt to justify it,” says Wedson Cabral, Project Manager, Audax Engineering.

André Paumgarten, a Web Carioca solutions architect, explains that the standards used—like XML and SOAP messages—facilitate integration with other applications, including the end client’s corporate systems. “We also assume the commitment of supplying the backup and files, so that the client can resume, reuse, or replicate the project in any environment,” he adds.


Contracting Microsoft’s EPM solution as a hosted service immediately brings the guarantee of 24x7 infrastructure availability and support. In addition, because a shared structure is used, contracts can be tailored for projects involving up to 200 users.

The business model adopted by Audax brings predictability and great cost dimensioning simplicity, and also eliminates hidden expenses and risks that could compromise projects’ budgets and deadlines.

Another great advantage is preservation of intellectual investment, due to information standardizing and organization, together with the commitment of passing the knowledge on to the end client.

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Audax Engineering is a Brazilian firm that specializes in management services for large construction projects. It also provides engineering solutions and construction systems

Software & Services
  • Microsoft Project Server 2010
  • Sync to SharePoint
  • Microsoft Project Web App
  • Microsoft Project Resource Management

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • Food & Beverage


  • Enterprise Project Management
  • Cost Containment

  • Cloud Services
  • High Availability


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