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Valigeria Roncato Manufacturer Improves Sales Cycle with Business Intelligence Solution

To improve business process, Valigeria Roncato implemented a reporting system based on a Microsoft mission-critical platform including Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Office Excel 2007. As a result, the company has gained control of its sales cycle and makes better business decisions, and employees perform complex analysis tasks quickly and easily. It plans to expand its data warehouse and use new analysis tools to further improve business performance.

Business Needs
Based in Campodarsego, Italy, Valigeria Roncato designs and manufactures suitcases, bags, briefcases, and other luggage. Roncato sells its products in 52 countries, and has 100 employees worldwide.

* By using the Microsoft mission-critical platform with SQL Server 2008 … we can maximize our understanding of any changes in demand, profitability, and performance on the business network.  *

Alessandro Chinellato
IT Manager
Valigeria Roncato

Roncato had recently replaced its management software that ran on the IBM AS/400 operating system with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application connected to an Oracle database. However, the company wanted more capabilities. For example, the database engine did not include an integrated business intelligence (BI) feature. Roncato compared various BI solutions, including a reporting system from Oracle, SAP Business Objects, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Enterprise data management software.

The company decided that the Microsoft mission-critical platform, including SQL Server 2008 with Microsoft Office Excel 2007 spreadsheet software, would be the best choice. “Even though our company’s management system isn’t based on Microsoft technology, we chose a solution based on SQL Server 2008 and Office Excel 2007,” says Alessandro Chinellato, IT Manager at Valigeria Roncato. “We chose a Microsoft platform for strategic decision-making because of the simplicity of integration, development, and usability.”

Altitudo, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, helped with planning and implementation. “Altitudo dealt with the reporting problem by trying to understand our requirements in depth,” says Chinellato. “And by using its sound understanding of Microsoft products, it offered a less-complex solution that was faster to deploy than proposals made by other suppliers.”

Roncato and Altitudo deployed SQL Server 2008 with the Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition operating system. They wanted to take advantage of built-in capabilities such as SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services and SQL Server 2008 Integration Services. In the first phase of the project, the team created a multidimensional database populated with sales-cycle data pulled from the older management system based on Oracle. Next, it entered historic data from the AS/400 environment.

Roncato used SQL Server Integration Services to help define import rules for the new data warehouse. The tools helped the team overcome challenges such decoding values, interpreting fields, and writing transformation logic. It defined the analysis functions of the cubes with Office Excel 2007. The company publishes reports with a collaboration solution based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Roncato reports that implementation went well. “The people at Altitudo have built an effective relationship with us, thus creating the necessary synergy to complete the project in a very short time,” says Chinellato. “The quality of Microsoft technology and the skills of its partners helped solve the integration complexities between the various platforms.”

Because of the smooth implementation, Roncato continued its reporting processes without interruption. Each morning, the solution updates reports that support daily business decisions. The company’s employees work with familiar tools such as Office Excel 2007 to analyze changes in portfolio orders, profit, ordering and payment information, market trends, and financial data. They can also include historic data from the previous management system.

With the Microsoft platform, Valigeria Roncato is improving business decisions and analyzing data quickly and easily. As a result, it plans to extend its data warehouse and use of analysis tools.

Better Business Decisions
Roncato is improving business decisions with new analysis capabilities and reporting tools. “By using the Microsoft mission-critical platform with SQL Server 2008, we have gained control of our sales cycle,” says Chinellato. “We can maximize our understanding of any changes in demand, profitability, and performance on the business network.”

Improved Usability
Roncato reports that employees perform complex analysis tasks quickly and easily. “By applying the analytical tools with SQL Server 2008 to sales invoices, we can study the information in greater depth and faster than we could with the reports in our old system,” says Chinellato. “And the simplicity of the Excel pivot tables helps users work with full and customized data with minimal support from IT personnel.”

Expanded Possibilities
The company looks forward to extending its implementation of the Microsoft mission-critical platform. It plans to expand its data warehouse and use analysis tools to evaluate the company’s overall performance. “We believe that the reporting solution based on SQL Server 2008 is a good investment in reliable technology characterized by extensive development possibilities,” says Chinellato. “Within a few months of implementation, the new BI tools are already offering an excellent return, and all the users appreciate the quality and timeliness of the reporting.”

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Document published May 2011
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Valigeria Roncato is a luggage manufacturer based in Campodarsego, Italy. It sells its products through department stores and online distributors in 52 countries.

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  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services

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