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ATR Soft Reduce, or even eliminate, repetitive daily tasks — so your designers can focus on what they do best

SolidWorks® users spend a considerable amount of time performing daily routines. It can be frustrating and time-consuming for designers, whose primary objective is to spontaneously create ideas, to repeat these tasks over and over again.

In addition, increasing productivity and efficiency is crucial in today’s business environment. Organizations must be able to react quickly to market changes. Designers are faced with the challenge of creating their designs in shorter timeframes — as product lifecycles are ever-decreasing. Data management in CAD is essential for designers to continuously assess how they can produce designs more quickly to remain competitive. But all designers really want to do is focus on their ideas, rather than on all these other distractions.

* The SQL Server 2008 was a logical choice for us since it provides the flexibility and reliability that we must deliver to our customers. We are especially satisfied with the fast and effective support. *
Tero Salonen
Project manager, ATR Soft Ltd
CustomTools 2009 can reduce, and even eliminate, the most complex and timeconsuming of tasks for designers. Its batch printing and conversion tool, CustomTools, automates the entire printing and conversion process — saving SolidWorks users both time and effort. Users can import data, from corporate ERP and MRP systems to Solidworks, and export assembly structures. Custom properties are stored and managed as profiles through the Administration tool.

CustomTools also automates file naming and storing, based on your own rules, to eliminate naming or location errors. You can even locate where specific parts or subassemblies are in use. The CustomCopy feature enables users to copy, move, or rename the top-level assembly, and all referenced models and related drawings, simultaneously.

“Microsoft remains committed to the success of our broad ISV partner community who drive innovative solutions to market,” said Mark Jewett, director of SQL Server marketing at Microsoft Corp. “SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence enhancements such as query optimization and improved analytics, combined with powerful ISV partner solutions, are empowering end users to generate business insights and drive better decisions from existing data.”


SQL Server 2008
Launched in August 2008, Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 has generated overwhelming customer and partner excitement. With over 1.5 million downloads to-date, more than 2,500 partners use this platform to deliver their solutions.

Regarded as a critical component of Microsoft’s acclaimed business intelligence platform, SQL Server 2008 has received industry recognition and is now considered the fastest-growing relational database in the world.

To find out how you can use Windows SQL Server 2008 to deliver your solutions, go to

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