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Atirix Medical Systems Automate MQSA quality control reporting and graphing to save time and paper

While digital technology is fast replacing analog mammography, breast imaging centers are still heavily reliant on traditional processes for quality control (QC) reporting. The graphs required by the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) are often plotted by hand; the mathematical calculations worked out manually. This means that much of a facility’s annual auditing data is paper-based — and susceptible to human error, damage, loss and theft.

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Steve Backes
CEO, Atirix
As the paper piles up, it becomes more difficult to manage and organize, especially for remote facilities. It’s also time-consuming to collate information for an audit and keep up-to-date records of credentials for a facility and its employees.

QC-Track software automates the requisite QC reporting and graphing. It removes outdated manual reporting processes — saving time and paper, improving information management, and enabling employees to focus on their core activities.

QC-Track automatically generates graphs on-demand, presenting snapshots of desired timeframes. It also performs mathematical calculations — eliminating the risk of human error and alerting you to calculations that fall outside expected thresholds. Our easy-to-use system also stores credential, credit and renewal information, while renewal schedules and reminder emails ensure your credentials never lapse.

Built on SQL Server 2008 data management software, QC-Track saves your data securely in a single, accessible location. Customized for your facility and ready-to-use upon delivery, it also includes templates for Hologic Selenia Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) system tests.

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