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AREVA Energy Firm Speeds the Delivery of Reliable, Centralized Master Data to Customers

French nuclear power company AREVA implemented a new integrated Microsoft database solution with data-cleansing and validation tools for some of its master data. The company now has a consolidated master data hub that provides fast, higher-quality data. This gives AREVA more confidence in its data and helps it make better decisions. The solution also provides users with familiar tools, boosting efficiency and lowering costs.

Business Needs

AREVA, a worldwide leader in the nuclear power industry, provides governments and utilities with solutions for low-carbon power generation. The company also provides renewable energies such as solar and wind power. AREVA has more than 300 subsidiaries, with key strategic sites in France, Germany, and the United States.

* With SQL Server 2012 Master Data Services and SQL Server 2012 Data Quality Services, our master data is automatically validated and refreshed in only a few hours. We can be sure that the data is accurate and more relevant to our customers’ business.  *

Dalila Kerkouba
Enterprise Exchange Domain Manager, IT Department

A critical part of the company’s business is providing its customers with up-to-date, accurate data. This was a challenge because AREVA had no centralized management of its master data. In fact, AREVA is a young company, created in 2001 and composed of more than 300 subsidiaries. Historically, each individual subsidiary stored and managed customer data in its own databases “We had no common business rules or data governance,” says Dalila Kerkouba, Enterprise Exchange Domain Manager, IT Department, AREVA.

As a result, data was often redundant and, in some cases, inaccurate. To validate the data and make it useful for customers, AREVA employees had to manually make changes, a costly and time-consuming process. Kerkouba says, “We knew we had to increase data quality while lowering costs and improving business efficiency.”


A Microsoft customer for many years, AREVA wanted to build its new database solution on Microsoft technologies. “Microsoft solutions offer more features and better performance than competitors. What’s more, they’re easy to deploy and less expensive than other solutions,” Kerkouba says.

In July 2011, as part of a new Identity Access Management (IAM) project, AREVA began a proof of concept (POC) for a new centralized master data hub based on Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Enterprise data management software. The project, which takes advantage of SQL Server 2012 Master Data Services and Data Quality Services, is related to a new database solution that would centralize AREVA master data for all of its subsidiaries to improve data quality overall.

For the POC, AREVA took advantage of SQL Server 2012 Master Data Services to enforce the company’s processes, validations, and rules to provide the most accurate data. This eliminates the processes it previously had in place to keep the company’s data current. With SQL Server 2012 Data Quality Services, the company further improves the reliability and usefulness of its data by profiling, cleansing, and matching its most critical data. The solution also uses SQL Server 2012 Integration Services to clean and transform data.

In addition, AREVA is using the SQL Server 2012 Master Data Services Add-In for Excel, a new tool that gives users the ability to gather data and publish it to the database from within Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheet software, which the company had already been using.

AREVA used these new technologies to build a reliable master data solution for an IAM application that stores the AREVA directory, a centralized database containing data for AREVA Identity employees. This master data hub includes a 2-gigabyte database with 48,000 rows of data in its largest table. Data is provided from the Legal, Financial, and Human Resources departments.


The new solution improves data quality and timeliness. It also helps AREVA make better business decisions. What’s more, because the solution is based on familiar tools, it doesn’t require special training. Finally, AREVA saves time and money by eliminating manual data cleansing.

Provides Customers with Accurate, Useful, TimelyData

Previously, AREVA had no database for its master data. Now, the company has a centralized hub for managing and processing some of its master data, quickly and accurately. “With SQL Server 2012 Master Data Services and SQL Server 2012 Data Quality Services, our master data is automatically validated and refreshed in only a few hours,” says Kerkouba. “We can be sure that the data is accurate and more relevant to our customers’ business, and we can more easily get them that data on schedule.”

Helps Improve Business Decisions

By giving more of its employees access to centralized, updated date, AREVA has more confidence overall. “SQL Server 2012 Master Data Services and Data Quality Services give more people within AREVA the opportunity to be involved in information management, which provides more trust in the process,” says Kerkouba. “As a result, we have much more confidence in our data, and that helps us make stronger business decisions because the data is more aligned with the company’s vision.”

Gives Employees Familiar, Easy-to-Use Tools

AREVA employees can now quickly and easily access master data information in the new database from within Excel 2010. “With the SQL Server 2012 Master Data Services Add-In for Excel, our employees get to use a very familiar tool to work with data,” says Kerkouba. “They do not need expensive training on a new technology, and they can easily manage our master data.”

Increases Efficiency, Saves Money

AREVA has also improved the efficiency of its master data management processes, which formerly relied on time-consuming manual employee intervention to make sure that data was correct. “Before, we spent a lot of time and money managing master data and working to improve its quality,” says Kerkouba. “Now, our employees will no longer have to spend their time trying to correct customer data errors, because it only takes several hours to refresh all complex master data entities through SQL Server 2012 Integration Services and Master Data Services. This increases efficiency, and the solution as a whole has a very positive impact for AREVA and its customers.”

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AREVA, headquartered in Paris, France, provides nuclear power and renewable energy solutions to customers throughout the world.

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