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Adaro Energy Tbk Adaro Makes Reporting Process and Data Analysis Efficient up to 90 Percent Using SQL Server 2012

"By using the capabilities of analyzing and data visualization in real-time from SQL Server 2012, we can increase productivity and obtain information more quickly and accurately. Utilization of SSIS to import data automatically also gives significant influence to eliminate data re-entry. For now, we have yet to say that using SQL Server 2012 can give direct contribution in form of cost reduction, but we believe that it can produce report and data analysis with more efficient.”
Terry Ng, Operations Director, PT Sarana Daya Mandiri, subsidiary of PT Adaro Energy Tbk.

With an area of work that spread between office for administrative affairs and the mining area, Adaro Energy is in dire need of a system that able to help Adaro employees efficiently in creating report and analysis, which then used as a basis to make decisions.
Previously, Adaro Energy has entrusted its data using Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Therefore, Adaro Energy is very enthusiast to use the SQL Server 2012, the latest version of SQL Server. With SQL Server 2012, Toar Albert Taulu, IT Manager, said that the company able to create report and data analysis efficiently using the features in SQL Server 2012, such as PowerView feature, which included in Business Intelligence (BI) application.
* “With the capability of analysis and data visualization in real-time using SQL Server 2012, we can increase productivity, such as automatically import data through SSIS. With the integrated architecture, reporting creation can be reduced from 1-2 days to only 1-2 hours.” *

Toar Albert Taulu,
IT Manager,
Adaro Energy


Business Needs:

Adaro Energy is a coal mining and trading company, provider of coal mining infrastructure, logistics and mining service. As the second biggest coal miner in Indonesia, and a producer of coal miner for the global market, Adaro Energy is fully committed to the productions of coal and provision of coal mining services.

Adaro Energy has a vision to becoming the largest coal mining company and the most efficient integrated coal mining company in Southeast Asia. Adaro Energy was established in 2004 with the name of PT Padang Karunia. Then, on 18th of April 2008, the company went public with the name of PT Adaro Energy Tbk. Adaro Energy itself has always tried to provide services in production of coal that are competitive and reliable.

With an area of work where there is a spread between the office to manage administrative affairs and the mining areas, then data analysis and report creation as well as data visualization became very important. To that end, Adaro Energy is in dire need of a system that is able to efficiently help its employees to make report and analysis that subsequently become the base for decision making process.

In doing data analysis and report preparation, Adaro faces two important issues, technical and business. The technical stuff is the inexistence of data warehouse and proper architecture, while the business case encountered is the creation of reports that are late because the data can’t be updated immediately.

The delay in the report resulted in less accurate information available to decision-makers and to operational staff in the field. This caused the delay of decision making process and it can result in the loss of opportunity for business transactions.


Before using SQL Server 2012, Adaro Energy has been using SQL Server 2008. Then in November 2011, the project “rapid development” to implement SQL Server 2012 began. In December 2011, project “rapid development” started and was assisted by the implementer from one of Microsoft's business partners, namely the Ebiz Cipta Solusi. Adaro Energy also got full support from Microsoft Consulting Services in the design process and planning the architecture of the Business Intelligence system built.

According to Albert Toar Taulu, IT Manager, SQL Server 2012 was chosen, because previously, Adaro Energy had already entrusted data processing to SQL Server 2008. “We are very excited to be trying out the latest version of SQL Server”, he said.

Adaro Energy is also integrating Business Intelligence solutions on SQL Server 2012 with Adaro Energy’s internal portal. “We're using SharePoint as the internal portal and our Business Intelligence solutions that we make using SQL Server 2012 will be visible in our internal portal”, Toar Albert Taulu added. The solution is used to conduct product movement and target achievement monitoring in mining area.

By implementing OLAP & OLAP Tabular available in the Business Intelligence solution, Adaro Energy seeks to simplify and organize the reporting system to help analyze and make decisions. This is because the OLAP model and the interaction between the SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS on SQL Server 2012 can be done easily so as to enable the information technology team of Adaro Energy to control the condition that is being experienced by the company. In addition, PowerView features contained in the Business Intelligence solution help the process of analysis done for decision-making process.

As the next stage, this mining company has plans to expand its Business Intelligence solutions into a larger data warehouse. The data warehouse is expected to become the database for comprehensive monitoring business process, and not limited by certain department only. Toar Albert Taulu admitted that his side is yet only at data warehouse. Therefore, he and the information technology team want to prove how Business Intelligence solutions can be easily used and then developed into a data warehouse solution.
* “Features in SQL Server 2012 enable us to acquire understanding on data historical sequence easily, therefore it helps us to predict and provide what maybe come next.” *

Toar Albert Taulu,
IT Manager,
Adaro Energy



Immediately after SQL Server 2012 is implemented, Adaro Energy expects to benefit as soon as possible from the implementation. “With the ability of data analysis and visualization in real-time using SQL Server 2012, we can increase productivity, among other things by using automated data import via SSIS”, said Albert Toar Taulu. The presence of an integrated architecture for data warehouse, OLAP and reporting enable to shorten the time of making weekly reports from 1-2 days to only 1-2 hours.

“In addition, features on SQL Server 2012 make us easily get a grasp on the historical data thus helping to estimate and provide what will come next”, Toar Albert Taulu explained.

According to him, Server SQL 2012 is expected to help minimize manual data input, raising the amount of time for analytical job in everyday life, reduce the manual reports with inappropriate standard, improve transparency between departments, and cause awareness of every employee at what happened in their work process before and after.

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