Publiceret: 9/20/2011
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Alice Springs Hospital Hospital provides clinicians with all-in-one view of patient data using SQL Server-based decision-support platform.

Administrators at the remote Alice Springs Hospital (ASH) wanted to improve efficiency: reducing the time clinicians spend navigating hospital information systems and ensuring they have the information they need, at the precise moment they need it. Health informatics company, Alcidion, helped ASH deploy a Decision Support Engine called Miya. It uses Microsoft SQL Server technology to import patient data from numerous hospital systems, integrate it and publish it on comprehensive screens and dashboards. Clinicians now have all the data they need to make medical decision on a single system. Colour coding helps them prioritise cases and identify patients for discharge, and the system also alerts clinicians if test results are missing or abnormal. As a result, ASH has improved resource utilisation, real-time decision support and overall quality of care.

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