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AXA Technology Services Clear Deployment Objectives and Trusted Partnerships Redefine Innovative IT

Business Needs

As a fully-owned subsidiary of AXA Group, one of the largest financial services companies worldwide, AXA Technology Services is responsible for delivering the innovative workplace of tomorrow to its global clients while helping AXA Group achieve its business objectives through dynamic information technology (IT).

Managing IT infrastructure and services for its AXA Group clients and their 130,000 desktops, multiple end-user devices, and more than 15,000 servers dispersed across five global regions is challenging.

AXA Technology Services needed to deliver an innovative, next-generation optimized desktop solution that provided its enterprise end users with increased productivity, flexibility, and security, and offered IT professionals increased flexibility to pursue more important growth initiatives. To achieve these goals, IT help-desk time consumed by end-user application and operating system deployment and troubleshooting needed to be reduced greatly.

In order to deliver a successful, large-scale optimized desktop deployment to its AXA Group clients, AXA Technology Services first needed to test a solution internally that would:

  • Increase end-user productivity and satisfaction across numerous devices

  • Decrease help-desk reliance to increase IT efficiencies and free IT to pursue growth strategies

  • Serve as a successful proof of concept for a larger deployment to its remaining internal clients and AXA Group companies


AXA Technology Services contacted Microsoft Services to participate in a Windows 7 Production Pilot Jumpstart to test a deployment of Microsoft Services Optimized Desktop on its internal laptops and desktops.

* We had high quality expectations and chose to partner with Microsoft Services to be able to work with experts who knew the solutions around our objectives. *

Jean-Yves Rusaouën
Head of Workplace Solutions Delivery South Europe
AXA Technology Services

"We had high quality expectations and chose to partner with Microsoft Services to be able to work with experts who knew the solutions around our objectives," explains Jean-Yves Rusaouën, Head of Workplace Solutions Delivery South Europe,
AXA Technology Services.

The Production Pilot Jumpstart offering is an opportunity to conduct an in-depth discovery of requirements and test criteria through a multi-phased pilot that takes place over a typical engagement period of 10 weeks. The Production Pilot Jumpstart includes planning and solution-definition workshops, image engineering, application compatibility testing, image deployment, application virtualization server installation, and sample application sequencing.

Clear Deployment Objectives Through Partnership

The Production Pilot Jumpstart united best practices from successful Microsoft Services desktop deployment projects to provide key insights to AXA Technology Services that enabled its IT professionals to assess deployment readiness, address application compatibility, customize a deployment image, and choose the optimal deployment method.

With the assistance and expert support of Microsoft Services, AXA Technology Services created clear deployment goals to expedite new, innovative solutions that would create a fully functional Windows 7 Optimized Desktop deployment in a proof-of-concept lab environment.

"Solution-definition workshops with Microsoft Services were particularly successful in helping to define clear objectives that we could commit to internally . . . We worked with Microsoft Services in a partnership more than a customer-client relationship. We couldn't have done it without them," explains Fabrice Pokam, Service Delivery Project Manager, Workplace Solutions Delivery South Europe, AXA Technology Services.

Innovation Through Existing Infrastructure Optimization

The Production Pilot Jumpstart is designed to help organizations understand the major features of the Windows Optimized Desktop in order to get the most out of existing investments.

AXA Technology Services was already using System Center Configuration Manager, but needed to optimize its existing installations of Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization and the Microsoft Installer Utility for Microsoft Application Virtualization. The Windows Optimized Desktop provides virtualization technologies for integrated management across physical and virtual machines and applications, including virtual desktops.

The joint partnership of AXA Technology Services with Microsoft Services and Microsoft technologies helped AXA Technology Services create a clear action plan to lay the foundation for a new self-service technology model for end users and IT using System Center Service Manager. Going forward, AXA Technology Services will dive deeper into System Center Configuration Manager and first-user surveys to determine even better ways to improve the IT service-delivery process.


Partnering with Microsoft Services to participate in a Windows 7 Optimized Desktop Production Pilot Jumpstart established the foundation for a new self-service end-user model for AXA Technology Services that offered mutually satisfying benefits for both end users and IT.

Increased End-user Productivity

As a result of the Windows 7 Production Pilot Jumpstart, AXA Technology Services' end users report increased satisfaction with their autonomy to install applications without having to contact the help desk for assistance with installing next-generation applications or operating system upgrades. The pre-deployment application compatibility testing process also reduced troubleshooting issues.

By decreasing end-user dependence on IT help-desk functions, user productivity increased and satisfied user demands for readily available data, applications, and services wherever end users are on the enterprise network and regardless of access device.

As a direct result of the Production Pilot Jumpstart , the evolution of a self-service IT model ultimately created new, more satisfying working relationships with AXA Technology Services' internal clients, and will be extended to its 25 AXA Group clients in a full-scale deployment.

Increased IT Efficiencies

Reduced help-desk requests created by the Windows 7 Production Pilot Jumpstart freed AXA Technology Services to pursue more important business growth initiatives, such as proving the value of the self-service IT model to its larger client base in preparation for a full-scale enterprise deployment, and beyond.

For more information about how Microsoft Services can assist with a Windows 7 Optimized Desktop Pilot Jumpstart, please visit: aspx.

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