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Energizer Battery Giant Brings New Energy to Web Sites for Increased Customer Engagement

Energizer, a consumer goods company, wanted to ensure that its Web sites’ functionality reflected its new brand image. The company upgraded its main Web site and three others to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 with the help of Aspect, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. With the new sites, Energizer can offer users a better experience and the ability to find relevant information more quickly, and it will benefit from easier content management.

Business Needs

Energizer Holdings, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of primary batteries, portable battery-powered devices, and portable flashlights and lanterns. To communicate with consumers, Energizer relies on its primary Web site

* With SharePoint Server 2010, we have so many options for engaging consumers with a more interactive and dynamic experience. *

Karen Presnell
Assistant Brand Manager

( as well as microsites that it gears toward specific products and promotions. Consumers may visit the sites to find out more about a particular hearing aid battery, to download and print special coupons, and so on.

In 2009, Energizer set out to design a new visual identity to better reflect the company’s innovation platform as well as to continue to communicate its fun, irreverent personality and maintain the prominence of the company’s icon, the Energizer Bunny®. The company’s Web sites were to play a key role in the rebranding effort. “In addition to being infused with the new look and feel, our Web sites needed to deliver innovative functionality that mirrored our updated branding,” says Karen Presnell, Assistant Brand Manager for Energizer. “For instance, we wanted them to promote greater levels of interaction with our consumers and to incorporate more rich media.”

Energizer also sought to improve management of its sites for the company’s employees. “We always look to save time and money, and we thought we could achieve efficiencies in terms of content management, especially on these content-heavy sites that need updating so often,” says Presnell.

Energizer had successfully used Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 for its Web sites for several years, so when the opportunity arose to become an early adopter of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, the company jumped to take advantage of it. In January 2010, Energizer brought in Aspect—a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner—to upgrade its main Web site and three microsites to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites.

Aspect worked with Energizer to identify and incorporate new features into the sites, such as keywords, metadata, and tag clouds for most popular information, all of which help consumers find relevant information more quickly. Energizer also plans to make it possible for consumers to navigate by topic to look for content.

As of April 2010, Aspect has upgraded the four Energizer sites to SharePoint Server 2010 and plans to launch the main site, along with its new visual identity, by June 2010. “We found that the migration process didn’t require a huge effort,” recalls Dan Hugge, Consultant for Aspect. “It only took us a week and a half to upgrade the first site, and we’re confident that the main site—with 200 pages and more than 40 page layouts—will only take about three weeks.”

Once the sites are up and running, Energizer expects that its content managers will have no trouble learning to manage and post information using SharePoint Server 2010. “We’re already adept at working with the older version of the product, and the Ribbon feature is familiar because we also use Microsoft Office Professional 2007, so we should have an easy transition to SharePoint Server 2010,” comments Presnell.

Following that transition, Energizer will further enhance its Web presence with new templates and product pages, rich video content, and links to its social media efforts on various social-networking sites. “We want our Web site to be more of a destination for consumers, and SharePoint Server 2010 will help us attract and build an Energizer community,” says Presnell.

Energizer believes that its Web sites’ enhanced capabilities, in concert with their new look and feel, will bring next-generation usability to its Web presence for an even better user experience.

“By upgrading to SharePoint Server 2010, we’re offering our consumers a more engaging experience and saving them valuable time because they’ll be able to more quickly and easily find the information that they need,” says Presnell. For Energizer, the benefits of SharePoint Server 2010 include:

Higher Degree of Interaction
Energizer is moving along a path to greater consumer engagement through its improved Web sites. The company is even considering the possibility of adding user-generated content in the future. “With SharePoint Server 2010, we have so many options for engaging consumers with a more dynamic and interactive experience,” says Presnell.

Easier Content Management
Because managing content will be so straightforward for those who need to regularly update the sites, Energizer anticipates that those employees will be more efficient and the sites’ content more current. “Our content managers will be able to post even more up-to-date content in less time,” says Presnell. “We are striving to keep our content fresh and engaging so that our consumers interact with our brand more frequently on our site.”

Better Search Capabilities
The flexibility that Energizer is building into its search functionality and site navigation will have a positive impact on consumers, who will be able to find what they are looking for in less time. “We’re making the most of SharePoint Server 2010 metadata and users’ ability to filter search results,” says Presnell. “Metadata, keywords, and navigating by topic all make it easy and appealing for consumers to turn to our sites for information.”

Support for Progressive Image
Upgrading to SharePoint Server 2010 to support the launch of its new brand image will help promote Energizer as an innovative, forward-thinking company. “Thanks to SharePoint Server 2010, our Web sites’ dynamic functionality will match, and even enhance, the level of excitement for our brand’s new visual identity,” says Presnell.
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