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ASB Bank Bank Innovates Work Environment, Boosts Performance with Social Collaboration

Before it moved into a new headquarters and adopted a new way of working, ASB Bank needed to develop a comprehensive workflow and social collaboration environment. ASB deployed Microsoft SharePoint 2013 to contribute to an innovative work environment where employees can discover, share, and organize information and ideas, which will boost collaboration and productivity companywide.

ASB Bank provides personal and business banking services for 25 percent of New Zealanders. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, ASB was founded in 1847, and it has since built its brand on innovation and service. ASB was the first bank in New Zealand to operate a central computer network and to offer online banking. It also introduced mobile and social media banking services in New Zealand and is a recognized leader amongst its peers.

* We are building rich solutions with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 that will be critical to supporting the move to our innovative and exciting new building. *

Russell Jones
Chief Operations Officer, ASB Bank

ASB will continue its legacy of innovation when it moves into its new headquarters at North Wharf, an iconic building on the Auckland waterfront, built specifically to support a new workspace environment. “We don’t want people shackled to a desk or an office,” says Mark Rogers, Head of Enterprise Content and Deployment Management at ASB Bank. “At North Wharf, people will be free to work in a style that provides freedom of choice to encourage collaboration, agility, and innovation. This is achieved by giving knowledge workers the ability to work with maximum mobility, utilizing a range of work settings that support the type of work they’re undertaking at the time.”

To make the most of its dynamic new workplace, ASB identified the need to improve its business culture by implementing new tools to help its employees collaborate even more. The bank also wants to reduce paper usage by 40 percent over three years and virtually eliminate physical file storage, which will require digitizing 20 percent of its existing paper archives, approximately 3.5 million sheets of paper. It also sought to streamline its existing collaboration environment that had expanded to more than 500 collaboration sites and 700 intranet pages.

ASB also identified a future need for collaboration tools that work with tablet PCs, smartphones, and other mobile devices that support the bank’s new way of working. The bank wanted a search solution that could discover data based on an employee’s needs, and most of all, it wanted to use workflow and social technologies to drive paper independence and collaboration across the enterprise. “ASB has actively embraced social media technologies to serve our customers,” says Rogers. “Now we want to use social tools to make our internal collaboration and communication more efficient, and thereby extend our leadership in social media internally.”

In 2012, ASB worked with Microsoft Services Consulting and its local partner Intergen—a member of the
Image of Mark Rogers, Head of Enterprise Content and Deployment Management, ASB Bank
Mark Rogers,
Head of Enterprise Content
and Deployment Management,
ASB Bank
Microsoft Partner Network—to deploy Microsoft SharePoint 2013. “We are deploying Microsoft Lync 2010, and already use Microsoft Office 2010 across the organization,” says Gary Wallace, Software Consultant with Enterprise Content Management at ASB Bank. “We are confident that we can use SharePoint 2013 to help build the collaboration environment that we need.”

To support its paper reduction goals ASB will eliminate many thousands of paper documents by building SharePoint 2013 Team Sites where individual departments can manage document scanning, storage, archiving, and security. Together the IT Team and the business prioritized the Human Resources, Legal, Tax, and Treasury departments to receive the new tool first. ASB then plans to identify and prioritize the requirements for all remaining bank departments.

As ASB adopts a new way of working, employees will eventually share information in new ways with social collaboration tools such as personal sites, team sites, newsfeeds, wiki sites, forums, and blogs. Later, by connecting via smartphones, tablet PCs, or desktop and portable computers, ASB employees can collaborate with colleagues companywide and retrieve the documents that they need from wherever they work, in or out of North

Image of Gary Wallace, Software Consultant, ASB Bank
Gary Wallace,
Software Consultant,
ASB Bank
Wharf. Managers will receive automated updates through newsfeeds so they can effectively monitor projects and provide input on deliverables.

As ASB employees use SharePoint 2013 to collaborate with colleagues or work on documents, it will allow users to see each other’s document histories, proficiencies, experience, and roles. Employees can use this information to locate thought leaders around the organization and identify the best available information resources.

In late November 2012, ASB will have deployed the new SharePoint 2013 environment, and by January 2013, it will begin delivering SharePoint 2013 capabilities to employees throughout the enterprise. It expects to replace more than 1,200 portals and webpages with a single SharePoint 2013 intranet by the third quarter of 2013.

By using SharePoint 2013 to contribute to a social collaboration environment, and reduce its dependence on paper, ASB is establishing a foundation for an innovative work environment where employees can share information effectively and efficiently, as well as reduce its impact on the environment.

Image of the ASB SharePoint 2013 workflow
Figure 1 - ASB departments will use SharePoint 2013 to share       
information using innovative workflow processes.                           
Innovative Work Environment
ASB will use SharePoint 2013 to help its employees maximize the potential of its new work environment at North Wharf. Employees can use social technologies to tap the expertise available in their teams and across the bank. They will soon use an array of mobile devices to communicate with colleagues and share information at any time from any location.

“We are building rich solutions with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 that will be critical to supporting the move to our innovative and exciting new building,” says Russell Jones, Chief Operations Officer at ASB Bank.

Streamlined Collaboration
ASB employees companywide will rely on a single source for accurate, up-to-date information. They can work efficiently and confidently with colleagues across the organization, and with partners and customers. Employees will be able to search for documents quickly and can easily navigate the information and expertise they need through personal sites, team sites, blogs, and wiki sites.

“We will help people work together natively and intuitively, without having to negotiate department boundaries or navigate multiple sources of information,” says Rogers.

High Performance
By organizing information with content management tools in SharePoint 2013, ASB expects to reduce paper storage by 75 percent and meet its ambitious paper reduction goals by 2015. ASB employees can more easily share information and focus on project-related activities, so they can streamline decision-making processes and get tasks done faster for less money. For example, the bank will deliver more value to customers with a wiki knowledge base in its online customer service center.

“Our research shows that we can increase our productivity up to 25 percent by using social collaboration in the enterprise,” says Rogers. “Until now, we did not have the social networking capability that we will be able to deploy with SharePoint 2013.”

SharePoint is the new way to work together. A simplified user experience helps you organize, sync, and share all your content. New social capabilities make it easy to share ideas, keep track of what your colleagues are working on, and discover experts you never knew existed.

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