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Artizone Artisanal Food-Delivery Website Speeds Time to Market with DevOps Processes

Artizone runs a growing online artisan food home-delivery service, and recently upgraded to Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 to implement DevOps process changes. Developers now update Artizone’s website several times a day to continually adapt to customer feedback and purchasing decisions. By taking advantage of advanced application lifecycle management capabilities and updated frameworks to refactor its code, Artizone has been able to successfully expand to a second market while remaining attentive to the needs of its customers and vendors.

Business Needs

Artizone built its online artisan food home-delivery business using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010. Visual Studio enabled the company to frequently update its e-commerce site to reflect changing tastes, products, prices and delivery options. “We knew that our speed to market depended on finding a more flexible environment that would streamline the entire application development process,” says Sagi Briteman, VP of R&D at Artizone. “Our developers needed to deliver code changes on a daily, not biannual, basis because consumers won’t return to a website that has slow performance, bugs, or outdated content.”

Artizone took advantage of several key features from Team Foundation Server, including out-of-the-box Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI), source control, work item tracking and build elements to support complete application lifecycle management. It also customized the built-in agile process templates to handle specific needs, such as establishing a clear way for marketers to ask developers for website changes in response to customer feedback. Since Artizone uses Team Foundation Server to manage all requirements, stakeholders have a complete view into the process and can check on the status on individual items.

The company used the load test tools to replicate its production environment, debug and analyze problems. “Our testing teams quickly identify a performance issue, focus on the database or specific scenario causing the problem, and fix it right away,” says Briteman. “The more we use Visual Studio to catch issues and automate testing, the more confident we can be in our website’s performance and appeal to customers in the e-commerce world.”

After successfully launching the business in Dallas, TX, the company made plans to expand to a second location in Chicago, IL. The addition of a second location vastly increased the complexity of the business and required new, more efficient development processes.

* We have great QA engineers and great specifications, but we need automatic regression testing to be able to manage a web application.  *

Sagi Briteman
VP of R&D


To enhance its development processes and handle the expansion to a second location, Artizone upgraded to Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 and Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012. It used the upgraded solution to implement DevOps concepts aimed at speeding the time to market for new features or bug fixes. “When a bug or change request is entered we classify it as one hour, one day, or one week, and that’s how long we have to get it deployed,” says Briteman.

The company now serves content based on the location of the person accessing the site. It also developed a mobile version that makes it easier to make purchases on a phone. Overall, the site expanded to more than 6,000 SKUs provided by 200 vendors from 2,000 SKUs provided by 100 vendors. Using DevOps principles, the company provided its developers with the tools they need to make updates, run tests, and deploy the code quickly and independently.

“We decided that to be successful we needed to make our developers lives easier,” says Briteman. “Since everything is in Visual Studio, the developers are able to view their tasks and create the code quickly. Then they can monitor it as it is tested and deployed.” To make the changes, developers utilized Entity Framework 5 in Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 to refactor its backend code. Code that was in a combination of stored procedures and Entity framework is now all in Entity. It is also using the Visual Database Tools and database projects to maintain its database scripts within Visual Studio.

Artizone uses version control changesets to isolate the code changes for each change request. The QA team can load a changeset onto a patch, load it into the pre-production environment, run automated web regression tests and coded UI tests, and deploy it. The company developed a one-click deployment within Visual Studio to upload the production build to its hosting site so it can be uploaded as soon as it is tested. “We have great QA engineers and great specifications, but we need automatic regression testing to be able to manage a web application,” says Briteman.

* We now deploy new code into production two to three times per day. These rapid updates are extremely valued by our marketing organization because we are able to tailor our offerings to meet customer demand as we see it changing.  *

Sagi Briteman
VP of R&D


With its upgrade to Visual Studio 2012, Artizone was able to add the additional functionality required to expand to a second location and provide better service to mobile users. The company is also able to keep customer satisfaction high with rapid response times to customer requests.

Faster Time to Market

Artizone streamlined its application lifecycle management processes by taking advantage of changesets and implementing automated testing and deployment capabilities. “We now deploy new code into production two to three times per day. These rapid updates are extremely valued by our marketing organization because we are able to tailor our offerings to meet customer demand as we see it changing,” says Briteman.

Rapid Bug Fixes

“Our vendors appreciate that we can bring their offerings up to date or fix a bug at a moment’s notice. With the changeset functionality our bugs are not dependent on each other so we can fix the most important issues first,” continues Briteman. “We are able to implement fixes in as little as one hour.”

Improved Maintainability and Performance

By utilizing Entity Framework 5 to refactor its backend code and database projects in Visual Studio to keep its database scripts with its code Artizone has improved traceability and made it easier to maintain its codebase.

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Artizone operates an online marketplace for specialty food shopping and home delivery in Dallas, TX, and Chicago, IL, with plans to expand to other major cities around the United States.

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