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AQS Inc. Service Provider Gains Confidence Through Understanding of Licensing Entitlements

After completing an internal review of license entitlements, the Director of IT at AQS Inc. wanted to confirm the licensing data and clarify additional nuances of the company’s licensing programs. After participating in a Software Asset Management (SAM) Assist engagement, AQS validated its license inventory results and gained a deeper understanding of partner licensing programs, helping increase confidence in the company’s licensing position. 

Business Needs
Insurance administration service and software provider AQS Inc. recently underwent some reductions in staffing, and Director of IT Tom Burriss took on the responsibility of managing the company’s software assets. “I wasn’t confident that our licensing counts were as accurate as I would like,” says Burriss. He completed an internal review of the company’s licensing but found that he needed further clarification.

* The Software Asset Management Assist looked like an opportunity for someone with an experienced eye to look at our licensing figures and sort things out. *

Tom Burriss
Director of IT, AQS Inc.

AQS had entered into a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, part of the Microsoft Volume Licensing program. While Burriss understood how to manage most of the company’s licensing through the Enterprise Agreement, he had questions about licensing entitlements granted through his company’s MSDN subscriptions and licenses granted as a benefit of being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

AQS learned about the Microsoft Software Asset Management (SAM) Assist program from large account reseller SoftwareONE, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with the SAM competency. “The Software Asset Management Assist looked like an opportunity for someone with an experienced eye to look at our licensing figures and sort things out,” Burriss says.

SoftwareONE installed a software inventory tool on the AQS network to capture data from all computers, including portable computers when users were logged on. AQS and SoftwareONE then held several conference calls to discuss the data that was reported. The final license inventory numbers matched the initial data almost to the digit.

AQS hosted a final meeting attended by both the SoftwareONE SAM specialist and a SoftwareONE licensing specialist who explained the finer details of the MSDN subscription and Microsoft Partner Network benefits. Burriss was pleased to learn that under the firm’s specific subscription, each developer with an MSDN subscription was entitled to use of certain Microsoft products within test environments, although licenses still must be acquired for products used in production environments.

The SAM Assist engagement was a positive experience for AQS. Benefits included:
  • Validation of licensing figures. Burriss received independent confirmation that his original software license tracking process delivered reliable information. Speaking of his inventory process, Burriss says, “It’s credible, and I can be confident delivering these numbers to my boss.”

  • Clearer understanding. AQS now has a better grasp of how to make the best use of the MSDN subscription. “The SAM Assist cleared up questions about MSDN, which plays a big role in our licensing,” Burriss says. The requirements and approved use of licenses granted to partners through MSDN is now clearer for AQS as well.

  • Increased confidence. Burriss appreciates the assurance that he has gained through the SAM Assist process. “Being confident in how we distribute licenses and what that will mean for our next Enterprise Agreement renewal—I feel really good about that,” says Burriss.

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