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AM-Soft Ukraine IT Services Provider Increases System Performance By 25% with Windows® 7

Since launching its business more than a decade ago, Am-soft™ has provided Ukraine-based government institutions and small businesses with IT products and services. While the majority of its revenue is generated through software development, hardware and software sales, its other specializations include help desk support, training, and information security. By deploying the Windows® 7 operating system, Am-soft was able to provide its clients with much higher levels of service, speed, and value. Tymoryna Oleksandr, the company’s Help Desk Engineer and System Administrator, is tasked with overseeing the technical support department. “Windows 7 is an excellent and stable operating system,” he says. “It combines the speed and stability of XP with the functionality and aesthetics of Windows Vista®.”


Since a majority of Am-soft’s clients did not have internal IT capabilities, one of Oleksandr’s objectives was to impress upon his customers the importance of a reliable third-party solution. “If a business has no technical services to help them, they run the risk of their system going down,” he points out. “And if their system doesn’t work, they can’t do business. When we explain this to clients, it helps them start to see the value in technical support.”

* Windows 7 is an excellent and stable operating system. It combines the speed and stability of XP with the functionality and aesthetics of Vista. *

Tymoryna Oleksandr
Help Desk Engineer and System Administrator,

As is the case with many technology companies in the Ukraine, one of the biggest challenges faced by Am-soft was its clients’ cost sensitivity. Impacted by the global economic crisis, small businesses in the region were very price-conscious, often basing their choices primarily on cost. In the Ukraine, it can be a struggle for IT companies to sell their services, as clients are generally reluctant to pay for intangibles.

In addition to value, Am-soft sought a platform that would provide both internal employees and clients with more speed and stability. Users were losing too much time waiting for slow re-boots and sluggish applications. Mobile power management was another area in which they sought improvement; limited PC battery life was resulting in frustration and idle time among mobile consultants.

Problem resolution was another key issue. In many cases, clients and employees spoke different languages or dialects, which made it difficult to pinpoint help desk issues. By reducing the amount of time spent troubleshooting systems at client locations, Am-soft could have more time to focus on research, development, and customer satisfaction.


With the release of Windows 7, Microsoft® has introduced a faster, more intuitive and stable operating system that enables users to save time and work more productively at the office and on the road. According to Mike Ybarra, Windows General Manager at Microsoft, “Windows 7 Professional is the recommended choice for small businesses and for people who work at home but have to operate in an IT-managed or business environment where security and productivity are critical.”


Speed and Stability

Windows 7 sFaster enables rapid boot-up, shut-down, and resume from standby. Users have also found that many applications are now running up to 25% faster and are more reliable than Windows Vista. “Speed and stability are the most important things for our customers,” says Oleksandr. “Windows 7 helps with both.”

Better Problem Resolution

The Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder has addressed the issue of more efficient problem resolution for Am-soft. This feature allows end users to quickly re-create and record their technical issues and send the data, along with supplementary screen captures, to support personnel for quicker diagnosis and resolution. Oleksandr’s team uses this tool to process help desk tickets remotely, instead of traveling to customer locations.

More Power for Mobility

The improved power management in Windows 7 is another big benefit. Power Management helps reduce energy consumption by shutting down unused applications and reducing screen display brightness to adapt to changing environments. Not only does this extend laptop battery life, it also helps save on overall energy costs.

“We’ve noticed that battery life is significantly better with Windows 7,” Oleksandr notes. “This may seem like a small thing, but it’s a big convenience when working on the road.”

Windows 7

Faster and more reliable: Windows 7 will help your organization use information technology to gain a competitive advantage in today’s new world of work. Your people will be able to be more productive anyway. You will be able to support your mobile work force with better access to shared data and collaboration tools. And your IT staff will have better tools and technologies to enhance corporate IT security, data protection, and more efficient deployment and management. For more information about Windows 7, go to:

For More Information

For more information about Microsoft products and services, call the Microsoft Sales Information Center at (800) 426-9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in the United States or (905) 568-9641 in Canada. Outside the 50 United States and Canada, please contact your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access information using the World Wide Web, go to:

For more information about Am-soft products and services, call +380 (44) 248-97-91 or visit the Web site at:

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Am-soft provides technical services and products, focusing on software development, GIS-solutions development, hardware and software sales, help desk support, and technical consulting and training.


The company needed a more stable, faster platform that would allow its budget-conscious customers to get more done in less time, without expensive equipment or software upgrades.


With Windows 7, Am-soft’s customers have enjoyed more efficient, feature-rich computing. Faster boot-ups, extended battery life, and improved troubleshooting are among the internal advantages.

  • System performance up ~25%
  • ~300 helpdesk hours saved yearly
  • Battery life extended ~10%

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  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows 7 technologies

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