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Pro Signs Visual Communications Company Sees Productivity Potential with New OS


There is an inherent need-for-speed in the graphic communications business— billboards, tradeshow booths, window signs, vehicle wraps—as customers expect quick turnaround. ProSigns, San Paulo, Brazil knows this challenge only too well. During busy periods, some customers cancelled orders because the firm had difficulty meeting deadlines. At the same time, employee costs were rising. And, another technology factor occasionally added to the challenging business environment: computer and network instability as any IT interruption put additional pressure on customer deadlines. According to Paulo Cesar Giatti, owner and general manager, ProSigns, something needed to change. “We had great equipment and great people, but we were losing customers, especially during peak periods, because we couldn’t always get the work done on time. We needed additional reliable technology to help us be more productive.”


* Being able to find and navigate files more quickly on a faster operating system has meant a 10 percent increase in productivity. This is exactly what we needed to keep customers happy and lower costs. *
Paulo Cesar Giatti,
Owner and General Manager, ProSigns Digital Press
ProSigns is seeing a positive effect on its productivity as a result of the new Windows 7 Professional operating system.

Bluetooth Pairing
Enables simplified Bluetooth connections for a variety of ProSigns devices. Aero Interface Features like Snap, Peek, Shake and Hover are part of the Aero Interface of Windows 7. All enable ProSigns users to manipulate desktop documents more easily.

Taskbar Customization
Jump Lists and Pinning features allow ProSigns users to customize the taskbar to have applications, files and recent documents immediately available on their desktop.

Federated Search
This enhanced search feature allows deeper, more comprehensive searches for ProSigns users. Because it can search at the command and control panel levels, users can also use Federated Search to self-discover features and capabilities.

Trigger Start Services
This new technology in Windows 7 more efficiently manages computer tasks making a variety of services available on demand. The result is that ProSigns users experience quicker response times at startup, resume and shutdown. The overall performance of a computer is enhanced as well.

Problem Step Recorder
Problem Steps Recorder allows ProSigns staff and customers to precisely capture and communicate a computer problem. It also enables ProSigns to document fixes, create tutorials or knowledge-based reference materials.


Productivity Increase of 10 Percent
Giatti is now getting jobs done faster because of more efficient application and file navigation found in Windows 7 Aero Interface—features like Peek, Shake, Snap and Hover. Also, Taskbar Customization features like Jump Lists and Pinning speed up workflow, saving ProSigns a significant amount of money. “Being able to find and navigate files more quickly on a faster operating system has meant a 10 percent increase in productivity. This is exactly what we needed to keep customers happy and lower costs.” “Across our staff of seven employees we estimate a minimum productivity jump worth $500 per month because of savings associated with the Windows 7 Professional operating system,” continued Giatti.

Overtime Reduction of 8 Percent
Project delays often meant paying employees overtime to meet customer deadlines. Windows 7 is now helping to get work done in a normal work day. “Not only are we able to complete projects faster, we can do it with less costs since we don’t have to spend additional money on employee overtime. We have seen overtime cost reductions as high as 8 percent in just the short time we have been using Windows 7 Professional.”

Faster Project Turnaround
The firm is tapping the power of the latest technology in response to customer needs as noted by Giatti. “ProSigns is finding the new Bluetooth Pairing allows customers to send image files direct to computers from a cell phone instead of using other limited file communications like e-mail or IM. Projects get done quicker.” Continued Giatti,” Also, ProSigns can immediately create graphic previews for the customer to approve on the spot. This capability helps keep our customer committed to using us instead of a competitor.”

Faster IT Solutions, Lower Costs
As more demands were being put on older computers and operating systems, the system became less reliable resulting in higher IT support costs. Just trying to identify and communicated the problem could result in downtime and delays which would affect project deadlines. Windows 7 had the answer according to Giatti. “Problem Steps Recorder not only helps us solve IT problems faster through clearer communications with our consultant, it helps lower tech support costs—so we benefit twice.”

Faster Searches
“Federated Search is particularly helpful finding previous customer projects which provide visual and content information needed for a new job,” said Giatti. “Our time is spent completing the new job not looking for files.”

Windows 7
Faster and more reliable: Windows 7 will help your organization use information technology to gain a competitive advantage in today’s new world of work. Your people will be able to be more productive. You will be able to support your mobile work force with better access to shared data and collaboration tools. And your IT staff will have better tools and technologies to enhance corporate IT security, data protection, and more efficient deployment and management. For more information about Windows 7, go to:  

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ProSigns is a visual communications company in San Paulo, Brazil with 20 employees and 17 computers.


Productivity and computer stability are two of the most important ingredients in ProSign’s desire to better service its customers and meet project delivery deadlines.


Windows 7 features such as Federated Search, Aero Interface and Taskbar Customization are speeding up customer projects and lowering overall costs with increased efficiency.

  • Productivity Increase of 10 Percent
  • Overtime Reduction of 8 Percent
  • Faster Project Turnaround
  • Faster IT Solutions, Lower Costs
  • Faster Searches

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