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Bedøm casen: Software AG Financial Software Developer Saves Nearly 4,500 Staff Hours Annually with Windows® 7

Now more than ever, investors are seeking more and better information about funds, trends, and investment performance from their financial institutions. That’s why more than 30 finance industry leaders in Austria turn to the regional branch of TeleTrader Software AG, a software development company that seeks to foster greater trust in the financial sector through state-of-the-art solutions. TeleTrader’s staff of 80 enables financial institutions to provide transparent, real-time solutions to customers. While quality comes first, the company also strives to create the most cost-efficient solutions possible. In deploying the Windows® 7 Professional operating system, the company found a high-quality, affordable solution that aligned with its vision. With faster core processes, the system has helped TeleTrader cut down on costly idle time and significantly boost productivity.


Financial institutions are expected to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information available. In order for TeleTrader to make this a reality for its clients, the company needs to create the most efficient, reliable software solutions that deliver accessible real-time data—and then ensure that these solutions integrate seamlessly with client systems. Downtime caused by delayed PC start-ups and resumes, in addition to inefficient file storage and searches was hampering this process significantly.

* It’s faster and more intuitive than previous systems, and by using it we’ve seen a savings of up to 30 minutes per user a day. It’s no wonder people love it. *
Gernot Spiessmaier, IT Coordinator, TeleTrader Software AG
To provide impeccable integration services that matched the company’s reputation for unsurpassed software solutions, the company wanted to find a way to improve its core processes quickly and economically.


When company leaders migrated PC systems to Windows 7 Professional, they knew that had found the solution they had been seeking. An improved user interface and faster starts and resumes reduces time users had to spend waiting for their systems, giving them more time to focus on crucial business tasks—and more opportunities to grow in exciting new ways.

According to Gernot Spiessmaier, IT coordinator at TeleTrader, productivity has been increased more than company leaders had imagined. “Windows 7 is really very impressive,” he says. “It’s faster and more intuitive than previous systems, and by using it we’ve seen a savings of up to 30 minutes per user a day. It’s no wonder people love it.”


Accelerating Core Business Tasks
With Windows 7 sFaster, PCs boot up and resume in seconds, so users no longer have to wait several minutes for their systems to respond and can dedicate more time to revenue-producing activities. As Spiessmaier puts it, “For businesses, it is very important how fast one’s computer boots up—every second you have to wait is too long. With Windows 7, Microsoft improved not just boot up time, but also the file handling and how the drivers load, so it really does feel like your system is ready instantly.”

The Taskbar personalization enhancements allow users to quickly and easily find commonly and recently used files and applications. Users can simply right-click on Jump Lists to see snapshots of their most recently accessed files, and can drag and drop files to the taskbar for fast, easy access using Taskbar Pinning.

“Jump Lists and Taskbar Pinning are really great features that everyone should be using,” Spiessmaier says. “Being able to preview files you’ve just used or keep them all in one convenient place for future access is instrumental in helping users save time and work more productively.”

Spiessmaier also points out that the improved Windows Desktop Search, which scours the entire PC, network, and even the Internet to locate files, helps users cut down on idle time and find what they’re looking for almost instantly. “The Windows Desktop Search isn’t just confined to one area of the system, so now I can find emails, documents, and applications in seconds,” he says.

Boosting File and Network Security
Data security is crucial to any business, as the unexpected loss or manipulation of a document due to network failures, hijackers, or malware can translate into hours of painstaking reproduction of these compromised files. With the Encrypting File System, files and folders can be encrypted at the user-level, giving users the peace of mind in knowing their files will be stored and transferred safely. “The encryption is excellent because there is hardly any maintenance or additional software to install,” says Spiessmaier. “It’s a state-of-the-art encryption system that works straight of out-of-the-box.”

Advanced Backup fortifies data security by automatically backing up data to a network locations and encrypting files on a user’s PC. And organizations can use Restore Previous Versions to return to a previous version of a file if accidentally deleted or modified.

“Everyone needs Advanced Backup,” Spiessmaier says. “With previous systems, it could be really difficult to back up files and folders, but with Windows 7, saving data or even the entire system image to a network or local drive is remarkably easy.”

Windows XP Compatibility
Engineered with compatibility in mind, Windows 7 includes Windows XP Mode, which allows users to work with XP-based applications alongside Windows 7 applications under a single desktop. And because nearly all software or devices working on Windows Vista work with Windows 7, organizations currently using Windows XP or Windows Vista can switch over to Windows 7 without worrying about compatibility issues. “With Windows 7 XP Mode, Microsoft has provided important backward compatibility that we use with many applications,” says Spiessmaier.

Revealing New Opportunities
Spiessmaier and his team are so impressed with Windows 7 performance and steadiness that they plan on deploying the system onto development workstations. While he believes that previous versions of Windows are good, Spiessmaier feels that Windows 7 is a huge improvement over previous systems. As Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft® Corporation, says, “Windows Vista is good; Windows 7 is Windows Vista with cleanup in user interface [and] improvements in performance. Look, I’m not encouraging anybody to wait; I’d go ahead and deploy it right away.”

Spiessmaier couldn’t agree more. “Windows XP and Windows Vista were both great operating systems, but Windows 7 combines the best of both—intuitive features with a clean, slick design—to create a fast, user-friendly system,” he says. “The whole system saves time, significantly enhances productivity, and allows us to focus more on deepening client relationships and developing forward-thinking strategies that strengthen our competitive edge.”

Windows 7

Faster and more reliable: Windows 7 will help your organization use information technology to gain a competitive advantage in today’s new world of work. Your people will be able to be more productive anyway. You will be able to support your mobile work force with better access to shared data and collaboration tools. And your IT staff will have better tools and technologies to enhance corporate IT security, data protection, and more efficient deployment and management.

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TeleTrader Software AG develops leading software for financial institutions that help them increase transparency and foster greater trust in their client relationships.


TeleTrader wanted to improve productivity with a faster, more intuitive operating system so employees could spend more time focusing on forward-thinking business strategies.


By deploying Windows 7, TeleTrader was able to cut down time and significantly boost productivity, while also fortifying network security, resulting in more time to develop innovative solutions.

  • 4,500 staff hours saved/yr
  • 20% faster file searches
  • Increased network security
  • More growth opportunities

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