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Aditya Birla Financial Services Leading Player in the Stock Market Expects to Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Efficiency with Operating System Upgrade

With a strong presence across various financial services verticals, the Aditya Birla Financial Services Group prides itself on its ability to quickly gain expertise with new technologies. Thus, it is contemplating on deploying the next generation operating system – Windows® 7. The company has found that the system is faster to deploy, simplifies management, and makes it easier to find information for increased user efficiency. With the power of the Windows® 7 operating system, the Group will be able to offer an enhanced user experience and also significantly boost productivity.


Aditya Birla Money Limited (ABML) is in stock and commodities broking in India. The company offers services, such as trading facility in equity segment and derivative segment on National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange; trading facility in commodity segment, including bullion, oils, gaur seed, and other related items; depository participant services of NSDL and CDSL; and online bidding for IPO, as well as distribution of mutual fund. It has a distribution network of approximately 221 branches and 687 franchisee branches.

ABML is part of Aditya Birla Financial Services Group (ABFSG), a financial power house that is in a range of businesses including Life Insurance, Fund Management, Security based lending, Distribution & Wealth Management, Insurance Broking and Private Equity.

With a Pan India presence, ABML is primarily retail focused business with larger presence in Tier II & Tier III cities. It now caters to over 1,80,000 customers.

ABML is using Dartstock™ - a robust and scalable Market Data Distribution System. Built and owned by DARTS India, Dartstock Market Tracker application is designed for the customers of the broking house. It is a state-of-the art software platform for delivering stock market information in real-time along with tools essential for decision making.

With stock market in India expected to reach new heights in terms of transaction volume in the near future, state of the art real-time market data delivery onto investors / traders desktop is a top priority. Thus, to lay the foundation for future growth, ABML decided to judiciously invest in the latest technology.


One of the hallmarks of Dartstock is its well researched user interface and content display system. The system comes with predefined views containing most frequently accessed information, while giving the flexibility to users to create their own views. All data in all views are updated dynamically in real-time.

Dartstock provides the Perfect Market Information platform for active traders, research analysts and serious investors to make informed investment decisions. The platform empowers investors with information and tools that helps spot opportunities and capitalize on them.

Some unique features of the product used by ABML and their customers are:
• Alerts: Users can set and receive various types of alerts including price, volume, change etc.
• Charting & Technical Analysis: A sophisticated Charting application that supports over 50 indicators and various line studies.
• Various Scanners: Tools that scan the market in real-time for opportunities based on a number of different criteria.
• Options Calculator: A must for option traders, it uses widely accepted Black Scholes algorithm.

“We have been using the Windows 7 version of Dartstock and it is really impressive,” says Ravishankar Gopalan, Chief Operating Officer, ABML. “It combines real-time data with advanced tools and functions and intuitive user interface to deliver unparalleled market experience in the comfort of your home or office.”

To address better audience reach and stickiness to the product, ABML also decided to adopt the Windows 7 operating system. The company wanted to derive the benefits of the new operating system and therefore started contemplating on rolling it out in due course.

“We had heard a lot of positive reviews about Windows 7. We were interested in the specific improvements that would be available with the upcoming release of the operating system,” says Ravishankar Gopalan.

Windows 7 is a fast, stable, and secure technology, designed for ease of navigation and use. It helps enable end users to work faster, without having to learn a new way of doing things. It ships with a range of new productivity features, plus a number of performance and energy savings capabilities, that together help people work faster and more efficiently.

The initiative will bring out the sophistication in terms of the way consumers view the market data on their desktop. Once deployed, this new age client would be the first of its kind, to hit the market on Microsoft platform with innovation in the area of user experience. It will provide real-time market data with enhanced user interaction elements. It is expected to motivate consumers in leveraging the tools that the software incorporates enabled by Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

One of the highlights of the newly released Windows7 version of Dartstock is to proactively push time critical information to users. For example, the Hotbar grabs the attention of users to scrips that are moving the market like scrips that have hit circuit breakers, or have breached resistance and support levels or have only buyers or only sellers.

“We are impressed with the performance and usability improvements in Windows 7. The user experience is absolutely great,” says G V Gopalakrishnan, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, ABFSG. “We are excited to adopt the new technology.”


With the upgrade to Windows 7, ABFSG hopes to benefit from improved system performance and user experience, simplified IT management, and enhanced IT security.

Improves User Experience
Windows 7 targets the basics that can impact the speed, reliability, and usability of the PC. It starts up, shuts down, resumes from standby, and responds faster, and users experience fewer interruptions because the platform is stable and more reliable.

“We are enthusiastic about Windows 7 because it provides a better experience than previous operating systems,” says Ravishankar Gopalan. “Specifically, the Windows Taskbar, which will allow the users to see and quickly access what they’re working on without guesswork, and to customize where they want programs to appear.”

Safeguards Security
Document security is critical to any business, but especially so for firms dealing with sensitive financial data. “For us, it is absolutely critical that we keep our files safe and secure,” says Ravishankar Gopalan.

The Group expects to improve its security capabilities and its ability to offer streamlined mobility with Windows 7. With Windows 7 Advanced Backup and Restore, users will not have to worry about losing their files when unexpected power interruptions occur. Additionally, the Encrypting File System will keep documents safe from harmful malware or other suspicious software that could expose or otherwise compromise privileged information.

Provides Greater Flexibility for Users
The Taskbar personalization enhancements will allow users to quickly and easily find commonly and recently used files and applications. Users would be able to simply right-click on Jump Lists to see snapshots of their most recently accessed files, and can drag and drop files to the taskbar for fast, easy access using Taskbar Pinning.

In addition, the improved Windows Desktop Search will scour the entire PC, network, and even the Internet to locate files, help users cut down on idle time and find what they’re looking for almost instantly.

The new Windows 7 Aero enhancements will also add a significant boost to productivity. With this new personalization feature, users can “snap” windows side-by-side, “shake” background windows to minimize them or bring them back, and “peek” to make windows transparent so users can see what’s hiding on the desktop.

According to Ravishankar Gopalan, “These improvements will help save a significant amount of time and improve speed. In combination, these features will facilitate a more efficient workflow, helping users streamline activities and accomplish more in less time. As a result, we are contemplating on migrating to the new operating system.”

About DARTS India
DARTS India is a new age software company that specializes in building time critical information delivery products and software applications. It is founded on the belief that time and information are the key resources for gaining competitive advantage in today's rapidly changing marketplace. Precise information delivered without time delay can place unprecedented advantage in the hands of the user. It enables users to make proactive decisions before decisions are forced on them.

About Aditya Birla Financial Service Group
The Aditya Birla Group has a strong presence across various financial services verticals that include life insurance, fund management, distribution & wealth management, security based lending, insurance broking, private equity and retail broking. The seven companies representing the Aditya Birla Financial Services Group (ABFSG) are Birla Sun Life Insurance Company, Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company, Birla Sun Life Distribution Company, Birla Global Finance Company, Birla Insurance Advisory & Broking Services, Aditya Birla Capital Advisors and Apollo Sindhoori Capital Investment. The vision of the Aditya Birla Financial Services Group is to be a leader and role model in a broad based and integrated financial service business. The company aims to be a total solutions provider to all the financial needs of its target customers. This has translated into the way the Group is structured and operates - ‘as one virtual brand – many real businesses’ – capitalising on the immense synergies across its businesses.

Windows 7
Faster and more reliable: Window 7 will help your organization use information technology to gain a competitive advantage in today’s new world of work. Your people will be able to be more productive anyway. You will be able to support your mobile work force with better access to shared data and collaboration tools. And your IT staff will have better tools and technologies to enhance corporate IT security, data protection, and more efficient deployment and management.

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For more information about DARTS India products and services, call +91 44 42110216 or visit the Web site at:

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Aditya Birla Money Limited (formerly Apollo Sindhoori Capital Investments Limited), is part of the Aditya Birla Group and a company under Aditya Birla Financial Services Group (ABFSG). It is a leading player in the stock and commodities broking businesses in India.


To stand out in the market, Aditya Birla Money Limited wanted an IT environment that was faster, more intuitive and one that would give its customers an enhanced user experience.


After having evaluated the features and capabilities of Windows 7 operating system and its likely rapid adoption in the market place, ABML decided to port one of their customer facing partner solution to Windows 7 environment.


  • Enriches user experience
  • Safeguards security
  • Provides greater flexibility for users

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