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Auriga Marketing Firm Uses Windows 8 Pro Ultrabooks to Boost Sales Productivity by 20 Percent

Auriga is a small marketing agency in Madrid, Spain, that competes against much larger firms. To help its employees work as productively and creatively as possible, Auriga is outfitting them with ultrafast Windows 8 Pro Asus Zenbook Ultrabooks. By using these laptops, the agency expects to increase sales productivity by 20 percent, deliver better customer service, and give employees more personal time. The devices support the firm’s “cool” image and enhance data safety.

Business Needs
The Auriga tagline is “cool marketing.” The Madrid, Spain–based marketing and special events agency explains on its website: “Being cool is having no fear of the new; to be groundbreaking, different; to set no limits; to be original, innovative, and tireless.” The 35 employees at Auriga are under pressure every day to come up with groundbreaking, creative ideas for Fortune Global 500 customers—ideas that are every bit as good as those from large multinational marketing firms. Auriga employees have to work as productively and professionally as possible to compete against these bigger players, and technology is a vital aid in doing so.

“Our employees are on their computers nearly all the time,” says Javier Pecci, IT Director at Auriga. “They are doing many things at once—email, spreadsheets, project management, graphic design—and they need their computers to perform lightning fast so that we can provide great creative services and fast response to our customers.”

However, most Auriga employees used older laptops that took an inordinately long time to start up and shut down, performed slowly when running multiple applications and large image-based files, and generally interrupted their fast-paced work. “With such a small staff, every minute of every day is critical,” says Cristina Hernandez, Sales Director at Auriga. “We have to respond very quickly to customers and be productive everywhere—at customer sites, hotels, and airports.”

Additionally, the older laptops conflicted with the agency’s image as a groundbreaking innovator, and Pecci was concerned about the security of customer data and creative ideas on those PCs.

In May 2013, Auriga joined a Microsoft program to evaluate the Windows 8 Pro operating system. The agency obtained four Windows 8 Pro Asus Zenbook UX21A Ultrabook computers and gave them to salespeople and account managers, who are among the firm’s most mobile and busiest employees. Hernandez has been using one of the thin and light laptops and loves the ability to have many programs open at once with no performance degradation. Instead of shutting down several applications to free up memory and processing power for another application, Auriga employees can keep multiple processor-hungry applications open at once and multitask smoothly between them. They can work on a presentation, revise a graphics-rich file, send email messages, and exchange instant messages with colleagues—all simultaneously and instantaneously.

* By using Windows 8 Pro Ultrabooks, we can spend more time with customers and less time fussing with computers. We believe these devices will help us increase sale productivity by at least 20 percent. *

Cristina Hernandez
Sales Director, Auriga

Barbara Agudo, Account Manager at Auriga, has been using one of the Windows 8 Pro Ultrabook devices and loves the clean, colorful layout of the Start screen. “All of my applications are right there at my fingertips, and I can switch between them easily,” she says. “I review our social media accounts every day, and those are pinned to the Start screen all the time, with updates viewable at a glance. Startup time and overall performance is much faster than earlier operating systems. The Ultrabook is much lighter than my old laptop, too, so it’s easier to take with me wherever I go.”

Veronica Vega, Head of Account Management at Auriga, echoes Agudo’s praise for the new devices. “We travel a lot and have to connect to office servers to access applications and files,” Vega says. “It’s easier and much faster with Windows 8 Pro. I would sometimes resort to using my phone to respond to email because using my old laptop was so frustrating.” Vega uses the Bing app to keep up with multiple news sources throughout the day, and she uses SkyDrive to store documents in the cloud for access anytime, anywhere.

Auriga uses Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption to provided added security for data stored on the Ultrabook devices. “We’ve been so impressed by these systems that we plan to deploy Windows 8 Pro Ultrabooks to all employees by the end of 2013,” Pecci says.

By adopting Windows 8 Pro Zenbook Ultrabook devices, Auriga has empowered employees to work faster, more productively, and with less frustration. “By using Windows 8 Pro Ultrabooks, we can spend more time with customers and less time fussing with computers,” Hernandez says. “We believe these devices will help us increase sale productivity by at least 20 percent. In this time of the European financial crisis, increasing productivity is more important than ever.”

Auriga employees work long days, and faster computers help free up more personal time. “If you work a 10-hour day, it’s very frustrating to waste minutes throughout the day waiting for an application to open or a computer to connect,” Hernandez says. “You want every minute you can get for your family and yourself.”

Like many Auriga employees, Vega frequently works from home, and having the Ultrabook helps her be just as productive there as in the office. To Agudo, the great performance of Windows 8 Pro means better customer service. “We need to respond to customers very quickly,” Agudo says. “With these computers, we can work anytime, anywhere. We don’t have to say, ‘I’m sorry—I’ll get back to you when I get back to the office.’ I can answer customers immediately, no matter where I am.”

The Windows 8 Pro Asus Zenbook Ultrabook devices also support Auriga’s “cool” image. “Because we are a marketing agency responsible for coming up with cutting-edge creative ideas for our customers, everything we do has to support our image as innovative and forward thinking,” Vega says. “Our Windows 8 Pro computers do that. They tell customers that we’re technologically savvy.”

While employees are achieving improved productivity, Pecci is at peace having these computers traveling all over Europe. “With BitLocker, I know that our creative information is safe from competitors,” he says. “Windows 8 Pro gives us the perfect combination of portability, ease of use, performance, and security.”

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