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Applied Information Sciences Major Jewelry Manufacturer Anticipates 300 Percent Annual ROI with Cloud-Based Solution

“We delivered the reliable, secure, scalable B2B application that the client wanted, and did so quickly and cost-effectively by hosting it on Windows Azure.”
—Kevin Griffie, Practice Manager, Northeast Operations Group, Applied Information Sciences

As Pandora USA—the US branch of the global designer, manufacturer, and retailer of quality, affordable jewelry—grew, so did its challenge in processing orders from independent retailers and the company’s own stores. Orders were sent by email and fax, and entered manually into the inventory and customer-relationship management systems.

Pandora wanted a faster, more consistent and productive solution—without the expense of building and managing a solution infrastructure.

The company turned to Applied Information Sciences (AIS), a Microsoft National Systems Integrator. Working closely with Pandora IT, AIS responded by creating a business-to-business (B2B) data exchange solution, called Pandora B2B Merchant Portal.

Retailers log on to the web-based solution and, after role-based authentication, view the Pandora catalog and can quickly order merchandise and promotion kits using standard templates. The orders are downloaded and processed automatically and updated in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The key to the solution is Windows Azure for cloud computing, which hosts Pandora B2B Merchant Portal. Windows Azure Service Bus connects the company’s on-premises systems with the cloud-based application. Microsoft SQL Azure and Blob Storage in Windows Azure support the product catalog and templates.

Platform Benefits
AIS says platform benefits include:
  • Anticipated 300 percent annual return on investment (ROI)
  • Time-to-market cut in half thanks to familiar Microsoft tools, ability to bring development servers up and down quickly for multiple iterations
  • More secure connections to on-premises systems without opening ports or firewalls
  • Immediate scaling to handle holiday sales and unexpected sales spikes
  • Reduced hardware/staff expenses, saving US$200,000 in the first year

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Applied Information Sciences, based in Reston, Virginia, has certified competencies in custom development with the Microsoft .NET Framework, SharePoint Server and Business Intelligence, as well as early adoption expertise using Windows Azure for cloud computing.

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  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Microsoft SQL Azure
  • Service Bus

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